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Things are starting to get underway for the development of a Canadian HVN! Maria Haarmans from Toronto, Ontario. Maria is the INTERVOICE representative in Canada and is bringing together organisations and individuals to stimulate development of hearing voices work across Canada.

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Quebec: La Pavois is mental health organisation based in Quebec, they work with the Francophonic community and have been developing work on hearing voices since 2007, including providing training and supporting groups, producing DVD's and conducting research and evaluation projects.. They have translated "Working with Voices", and are also translating ‘Accepting your Voices’. 

The Possibility of Collective Consciousness

As A Reality By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

First Written in 2004

This is an idea I would like all voice hearers to at least consider.

Now, before you contact me to suggest that I perhaps 'need a little something to reduce my awareness', stop, pause, and reconsider this.

What if telepathy (mind to mind communication) was, in fact, a reality in altered states of consciousness? What if everyone in that state was, in fact, talking to other altered people, (whatever the precipitating cause of his/her reaction) who were also in the same state? I acknowledge the existence of many causes of the reaction commonly defined as 'schizophrenia' but that is not the point here. The point of what I am saying here is that once altered, what then? How does one deal with the state once IN it, no matter what ''it'' may or may not, actually be?

I would like people to consider this as a workable theory, which is one that occurred to me when I myself, was in a non-ordinary state.

Now read this please and just think a bit:

I once mentioned a documentary I had seen on the Learning Channel on near death experiences. In it was a woman talking about her near death experiences in childbirth and about how she had started hearing voices during it. With one male voice in particular she had become involved and she had joined him in a two way conversation that went like this:

Male Voice: Who are you?

She told him: "Jane"

MV: What are you doing here?

Jane: I am having a baby.

MV: You're not having a baby!

Jane: What do you mean I am not having a baby?

MV: You're not real. You don't exist.

Jane: (getting frightened) What do you mean I don't exist? I am a real woman with a husband and now I have a baby.

MV: You don't have any baby! Your baby doesn't exist either.

Jane: What do you mean my baby doesn't exist?

MV: I just let you "think" you exist. I let you think your baby exists. You only exist because I allow you to exist.

Jane said this was the most frightening and perplexing experience she ever had in her life. The doctors then managed to save her life and after that the voices stopped. Jane had had a near death experience. When she was telling her story though, I started hearing it from the perspective of the other voice: the male voice. You see, I have also talked to voice-hearers who have told me they have handled the voices in THEIR minds by telling them off just like that so they would go away. I have in fact, urged them to stop the ''attack style'' coping and suggested they treat the other voices as equals; neither more nor less, as I believe this is an internal mirroring of an external experience.

When I was in psychosis I told the voices once, "Calm down. This isn't helping either you or me. It's just us. We are the voices!

How about anyone who is still hearing, try saying the same thing and see what happens.

Just as a possibility now, what if the woman who was the subject of this documentary conversation on near death experiences was on the OB unit of the hospital at the same time as a young man who was freshly in the psych. unit of the same hospital?

Now, read that conversation again and this time, imagine the psychiatrist's explanation to the young man on the psych unit. How do you hear it now? Does it sound more familiar? Does it make a sort of sense to you now?

If the reality is that all people are actually connected together on a psycho spiritual level then, what we do as individuals in that state would physically and metaphysically affect the collective 'us.' That would then mean that we all need a win/win solution wouldn't it, not a winners/losers split in reality.

As a labelled person said to me recently, 'That's the Golden Rule.': 'Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.' That's true. But that rule does not mean that when we are being abused by others we either say nothing or else act like we are enjoying it, or like it doesn't matter. It means, we state our objections to it as calmly as possible, maintaining our belief in equality and saying so, and that we don't BECOME what we hate by doing the same thing to the abuser that he/she did to us.

We need this not only for our OWN sake as individuals but also for the sake of our existence as a whole group, a whole society. For, in a collective state, either everybody is 'winning' (and aiming for that) or everybody is losing and heading for that outcome together.

We can pass along to others the spirit of equality or the spirit of domination and submission. We might all be wise to consider our own survival before making the choice. If there is even slim chance that we are all quite literally connected to the same fate, then we really need to pay close attention to what we do in the scheme of things if we want to survive as a species.

Perhaps, the labelled people who recognize their own spirits as PART of the spirit of a messiah, or saviour, like a cell in the body of a greater spirit are a lot more in touch with the spiritual reality of life than many 'normal' people would ever suspect or really want to believe.


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The People Who See What Others Do Not 

Every generation has within it some people who see the group behaviour and the collective insanity for what it is. If you looked at the metaphors of their times without declaring them to be meaningless as YOUR defence mechanism, you would see that. You might also see that those people represent a minority in their own time and as such, the majority who don't see what thy minority sees, declare them to be crazy. Every generation creates and defines reality by group consensus.  It is also known that the MAJORITY of people are followers and not leaders. That is why the minority write fairy tales like The Pied Piper, Through the Looking Glass, and the Wizard of Oz. The majority need to  talked to in metaphor as they routinely reject genuine direct communication as “normal.” It is too scary for them. So we must resort to “Once upon a time...”


Madness Radio

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Madness Radio:
Violent Voices Erica van den Akker




People who hear voices are no more violent than anyone else -- but what about the small number of voice hearers that do actually commit violent crimes? Are medications and locked wards the best way to help those who act on their aggressive "command hallucinations?" Dutch psychologist and Hearing Voices Movement member Erica van den Akker discusses her innovative counseling work with violent offenders in the Netherlands. alpouvar1(at) tomaatnet(dot)nl


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