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Things are starting to get underway for the development of a Canadian HVN! Maria Haarmans from Toronto, Ontario. Maria is the INTERVOICE representative in Canada and is bringing together organisations and individuals to stimulate development of hearing voices work across Canada.

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Updated 16/02/2013

Quebec: La Pavois is mental health organisation based in Quebec, they work with the Francophonic community and have been developing work on hearing voices since 2007, including providing training and supporting groups, producing DVD's and conducting research and evaluation projects.. They have translated "Working with Voices", and are also translating ‘Accepting your Voices’. 

The Devil's in the Details

But the understanding of the GROUP phenomenon is in the metaphysical "play" or structure. The details are all but irrelevant.

Concretely: It is not about being Jewish, or black, or white, or ANY religion ,or NO religion, or being female, or sick , or old etc. So does that mean that NO ONE in any of those concrete categories is an a-hole? No. It doesn't. There are a-holes EVERYWHERE on the planet. Does it then mean that EVERYONE in one of those categories is an A-Hole? No. It doesn't. It means that there is a-hole representation in all of those categories but that does not mean the category itself or anyone's presence in any of them "proves" that person is an a-hole.

It's about people USING any of those concrete details to JUSTIFY abuse, control and domination over those they have defined first as their "inferiors." The DETAILS change; the "play" remains the same.

The Original Bait and Switch Con

The "breech-birth" (Born ASS first) gets together "covertly" with Eve to tell her not to listen to God, as God only SAYS something bad will happen to you in order to deceive you..."really" God is just afraid you will take his power.

( the deceiver deceives BY projecting his own traits onto his "opponent." He is in a contest with God as the breech birth understands IT. )

The bi-polar, split vortex has now been generated. Now of course, Eve starts to doubt her ability to know the truth about the reality she is in- so Satan "reassures" her.

Evie......baaabbbyyyy...would I lie to you? What REASON would I have to do so???

Eve: Hmmmm she says to herself... it is true it would not be logical to do such a thing....

Satan: (thinks to himself) these inferior offspring- always looking for "logic" while denying purpose can exist without "logic." Since they are stupid enough to be manipulated by such a lie, they "deserve" what they get...and so the Dysfunctional Family is born and firmly established.

Next generation of "winners and losers"- Cain kills Abel in the "competition." Or perhaps it should be "Cane kills Able" as Able is the the threat to the "game" that needs to be disabled.....

Now if you don't know what this MEANS in relation to REAL life, here and now, do not ASSUME it means nothing at all or that it is just "symptoms" produced by the "religiosity" of a sick mind.

Our religions are all about spiritual ideas and understanding. If you focus on the concrete details APART from the metaphysics of it, or visa versa, you miss the point.


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The People Who See What Others Do Not 

Every generation has within it some people who see the group behaviour and the collective insanity for what it is. If you looked at the metaphors of their times without declaring them to be meaningless as YOUR defence mechanism, you would see that. You might also see that those people represent a minority in their own time and as such, the majority who don't see what thy minority sees, declare them to be crazy. Every generation creates and defines reality by group consensus.  It is also known that the MAJORITY of people are followers and not leaders. That is why the minority write fairy tales like The Pied Piper, Through the Looking Glass, and the Wizard of Oz. The majority need to  talked to in metaphor as they routinely reject genuine direct communication as “normal.” It is too scary for them. So we must resort to “Once upon a time...”


Madness Radio

First Aired 4-2-2010    Duration: 48:28 


Madness Radio:
Violent Voices Erica van den Akker




People who hear voices are no more violent than anyone else -- but what about the small number of voice hearers that do actually commit violent crimes? Are medications and locked wards the best way to help those who act on their aggressive "command hallucinations?" Dutch psychologist and Hearing Voices Movement member Erica van den Akker discusses her innovative counseling work with violent offenders in the Netherlands. alpouvar1(at) tomaatnet(dot)nl


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