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 On Stigma-
This one was sent to me as a creation by one of the "Less Than Thrilled" psychiatric survivours in Canada Clara Hughes he is NOT. I can also relate to much of what he is saying here. Margaret Trudeau I am Not.
The point is there are alway two sides to imperfect "help" and when one side is suppressed and invalidated we open ourselves up to dictatorships, and dictatorships abuse power as if it was their "right" to do so. 
The System Will Not Tell You
This is the opposing viewpoint that people are intimidated into keeping silent about, because it does not promote the mental illness system and in fact has something negative to say about it. This was sent to me by a Canadian Psychiatric Survivour and though personally I ... More>

Try Thinking About it
By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic  (who is “seeking your attention” on this matter)  ...Instead of just accepting your “training” without question.. To all of you determined to “help those people” You are “those people” and “those people” are YOU. It is only ... More>

The Collective Level
Psycho-Spiritual Experience and Generic Meaning By Patricia Lefave....Monophrenic  How do does that translate into concrete reality on an individual level? Well, all words have multiple meanings depending upon the context in which they are used. This is equally true for ... More>

Please Watch the Tone of Your Posts
On the Public Board I want to say that I would like everyone to keep the language and the potential slanderous remarks well toned down OK? I really want to keep this board up without any threats from people with power to change that. I know people are ... More>


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Lefave, Patricia
Why Some of Us Psychiatric Survivours Want to Talk Back

Clara Hughes is the representative of choice in the Let's Talk campaign in Canada.  

Clara Hughes

I recently saw her doing a short piece on a Canadian magazine style show. She looked quite happy and stated something like this: 
(I am paraphrasing here and not quoting directly as I did not get it written down at the time.)
This last year has been the best. I feel better than I have for years, especially during this last year. (Clara is promoting treatment for “depression”) and it is because sharing my experience with others gives me a real purpose in life now which gives me a better feeling than I ever got from winning Olympic medals. (Roughly stated) People walk up to me and tell how grateful they are that I am speaking out this way. 

Whenever I hear things like this I hear hints given regarding what the person was depressed ABOUT. In my own way of hearing it is about    psychological/events/relationship (psycho-social)  problems in life that perhaps went unresolved and often were never identified at all. But bio psych of course does not understand “depression” in this way. In fact, most psychiatrists now believe the person's actual life experience is largely irrelevant and that is why many of us fight against this system. The bio psych system tends to reduce pretty much everything to chemical, electrical, synapsing or genetic problems...in other words, mechanics. For a longer version of this post see the PDF file at the top of the Board.


Pat's Disclaimer: the posts of other participants on this public board do not necessarily express my own personal beliefs, experiences or opinions. I agree with some things expressed by others as they experienced it, with some ideas for change and not with some others. However, I do believe in the right to the honest expression of experiences with some simple limits, delivered in a non threatening manner. If we all offer our ideas and suggestions, others may find something they can use too for their own recovery and growing well being. I also believe that the best support can come from those who got all the way through their own experience and managed to come out the other side of it. We can't always see where we are heading, but we can see where we have been. Talking about it openly and honestly just may help BOTH the talker and the listener. So welcome to a place of mutual support with good boundaries part of the mutual goal. Maybe we can create a better way or relating and communicating by our own example. It is worth a try.

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