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Locating Topic Material 

One of the other things you can do on this site is use the on site search engine to locate topic material. If I have anything posted about certain ideas, groups, news pieces or organizations etc. the search engine will locate the titles and pages where they can be found. You just type in some useful search term like “alternatives” or “The Matrix” or “Brave New World” etc and see what it finds for you. It usually takes a few minutes to do.


 On Stigma-
This one was sent to me as a creation by one of the "Less Than Thrilled" psychiatric survivours in Canada Clara Hughes he is NOT. I can also relate to much of what he is saying here. Margaret Trudeau I am Not.
The point is there are alway two sides to imperfect "help" and when one side is suppressed and invalidated we open ourselves up to dictatorships, and dictatorships abuse power as if it was their "right" to do so. 
Please Watch the Tone of Your Posts 02/13/2012

 On the Public Board

I want to say that I would like everyone to keep the language and the potential slanderous remarks well toned down OK? I really want to keep this board up without any threats from people with power to change that.

I know people are angry, resentful and frustrated for many legitimate reasons but please speak from your OWN personal experience and how you felt about it and not from other people's stories or gossip. If you have not read the PDF files above regarding the use of this board please do. You can download them to your own computer or flash drive. It is pretty simple and leaves lots of head room to communicate honestly.



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Does Having Someone fill a Role as an Active Listener Change Outcomes?
Do many of you wish that you could just find someone who would just listen to you and take you seriously? Does being diagnosed and labelled in ten to fifteen cost effective minutes remind you of...
212955/29/2013 12:29:21 PM
Getting Started on Talking Back- the Other Perspective
On Clara Hughes and the “Let's Talk Campaign”  For those of you not in Canada who have never heard of this, here is a reference to what I am talking about here.  Clara Hughes
222264/3/2012 1:07:37 PM
The No One Must Be Blamed “Game”
Currently I have seen that at the first hint that the psychiatrized person even suggests that someone in their life is to blame for something which has had a negative impact on the psychiatrized...
11040733/29/2012 1:26:56 PM
Communication Problems: Words and Meaning
I believe that much of the problem with the system comes from splitting the “difference” in words and meaning.  Words like; “God, set up, strangers talking about me, being watched, abused,...
323512/18/2012 4:00:36 PM
Metaphors for Experience
Whether we use metaphors deliberately and consciously, as ALL human beings do, to try to explain our experiences to psychiatrists and others in the system, or whether they come unbidden and...
216702/15/2012 1:25:41 PM
Delusional Reversal of the Presumably 'Sane' Ones?
How many of you who have been psychiatrized for your reporting of personal experiences got to the point where you realized that your reality had been turned into what appeared to be the exact...
110292/15/2012 1:09:36 PM
Let's Talk Back
This is the Forum for Psychiatric Survivours Who Want to Tell the Mental Illness System How They REALLY Feel about all the Help. Let's Talk Back to Those About the reality of the Reductionism and...
71803212/14/2012 1:28:08 PM

Pat's Disclaimer: the posts of other participants on this public board do not necessarily express my own personal beliefs, experiences or opinions. I agree with some things expressed by others as they experienced it, with some ideas for change and not with some others. However, I do believe in the right to the honest expression of experiences with some simple limits, delivered in a non threatening manner. If we all offer our ideas and suggestions, others may find something they can use too for their own recovery and growing well being. I also believe that the best support can come from those who got all the way through their own experience and managed to come out the other side of it. We can't always see where we are heading, but we can see where we have been. Talking about it openly and honestly just may help BOTH the talker and the listener. So welcome to a place of mutual support with good boundaries part of the mutual goal. Maybe we can create a better way or relating and communicating by our own example. It is worth a try.

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