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The Wind Never Lies
By Steven Morgan

Reproduced here for free with permission of Steven Morgan



Much of this page is courtesy Madness Radio and the Freedom Center Massachussetts under a Creative Commons copyright. I include what seems most relevant to me and my own experience. To see much more please click on the Icon below or go to:
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Stop The Murphy Bill
Leah Harris | Madness Radio    First Aired: 01-25-2016 -- LeahHarris The Families in Mental Health Crisis Act HR 2646 — The Murphy Bill –proposes drastic changes to US mental health policies. Will the Murphy Bill curb violence and improve care? Or will more forced ... More>

Mad Movement Strategies
Mad Movement Strategies: Gabriella Coleman First Aired: 02-02-2009 --   Psychiatric survivor activism is a vital force changing American mental health care, leading the way in human rights reforms and challenging pharmaceutical company corruption long before the scandals of ... More>

Risky Pills: David Healy
Risky Pills: David Healy First Aired: 03-01-2014 -- Adverse effects from prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death in America. How can we know if the pills we take are actually safe? What can we do if they aren’t? Dr. David Healy, internationally renowned ... More>

Madness Radio- Communicating With Psychosis
Communicating With Psychosis | Dina Tyler First Aired 10-09-2014 | Are there ways to reach people in states of madness? How do talking with ghosts, hearing voices, and seeing visions — as well as enduring family turmoil — relate to ... More>

 Yoo Hoo...Police Officers

The Mobbing Portal

University Of Metaphysical Sciences 
This page has free audio downloads which I and others have found very relaxing and calming. Even if 'angels' etc. is not your thing, the delivery and cadence of these meditations may be helpful to you.

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