Dysfunctional Realities


Regarding the 'Imbalance'

I believe there
IS an imbalance but it is not in the brain chemistry. It is in the psycho spiritual or metaphysical realm of relating. Human beings tend to protect and defend dysfunctional values and boundary violating behaviour as though their lives depended upon it. We love 'the devil we know' simply because we are used to it. It takes effort to change that and we will not win any popularity contests by doing it. We are so accustomed to having how we all LOOK and SOUND to 'others' as the top priority, defined as 'normal,' that we object to anyone who tries to state openly that how we ARE is twisted and self destructive. So rather than hear the truth, the majority engage in a contest with those 'others' who are 'not like us'  believing that the only way to preserve the group madness we know and love is to dominate all the 'others' who are as mad as we are for doing exactly the same thing!

Dysfunctional Power Struggle

Aggressor: Don't listen to HER! She is only SAYING I did that to seek attention.

Opposite side, rarely heard: Don't listen to HIM. He is only SAYING “don't listen to her,” to avoid having any unwanted attention focused on him.

Not Understanding Our Superiors-

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled D.D (P) in 11 cost effective minutes

Most especially not understanding why they think they ARE our Superiors, or why they feel the need to be...

When we are on the receiving end of the group crap, we don't understand what the superior ones think they are doing. If we ask them directly, they won't tell us. If we ask them WHY they are doing it, they won't tell us that either or, they MAY tell us, "because we can" or sometimes, "because you 'deserve' it."

The reason we can't get any straight answer from them of course is because what they are doing is "fooling" us or "testing" us as their "inferiors." So they give us little "tests" to see what kind of a reaction they can get from the testing, often while their deluded little eyeballs glow with amusement and little smirks appear on their faces. Sometimes the even tell a partner, or buddy, involved in their superior delusion and acting out that they ARE testing us and may even do so, from a few feet away.

Of course we can see and hear all of this since it is perfectly obvious, but the "superior" ones in the state they are in, usually don't KNOW that. It is in fact, so idiotic that we often believe they MUST be "joking" and that we are included in the "joke." The amused eye-glow they display for us tends to reinforce our perception of that. Either that or, we decide, usually a bit farther on, that they must be TRYING to drive us insane on purpose for the obvious enjoyment and entertainment value they are getting out of what they do. And sometimes, we are right about some of them involved in that, for unlike the psychiatric faith's belief in the "good intentions" of everyone, there are actually people on this earth, as shocking as that my seem to them, who do not have good intentions and who, in fact, DO get real enjoyment of of doing harm to others. Some of them are even RELATED to other people.[1] Some of them use sustained, psychological/verbal/emotional abuse to gain power and control over their victims, usually why playing wide eyed and mystified for third parties.

It does not occur to most of us being put through this kind of group action that anyone over the age of ten could possibly be this stupid and legitimately lacking in self awareness at that level; but you see, that's the dysfunctional "norm."

So as a result, on the receiving end of this you get two or three people who lower their eyes as they approach you, and then talk out of the sides of their mouths from five feet away, "Let's see what she does when she sees us together....(smirk)

Then, one foot closer, they raise their eyes and deliver their little "test" and when we looked puzzled in response, or, eventually bored, and perhaps disgusted by the ongoing stupidity, they can't see the reaction they GET as DIRECTLY related to their obvious behaviour and to the FACT that they are "testing" us. That is because they consider themselves to be "superior" human beings and therefore "hidden" in plain sight, from those they can see just "don't understand" how to be more like them, because they assume that we would want to be if only we knew how. The "don't understand" part of course, is A TRUE statement at the nexus of meaning.

We DON'T understand, (or didn't anyway) how to split our reality in two and then manage to be and stay unaware of it, as we do it, and also unaware that those to whom we do it, can see us and hear us from one to ten feet away! It seems to us IMPOSSIBLE, and again, that is WHY we assume that it MUST be some kind of "joke" that includes us and is intended to include us, even if the suggestion is not made directly to us. For it is either that, or it must be a deliberate and conscious act of psychological abuse performed by those who are "pretending" to be stupid.

In reality, they aren't pretending.

Once a dysfunctional group gets this going by targeting someone, everything the target thinks, says, feels or does AFTER that gets "interpreted" in whatever way is needed to make it "fit" into the group delusion of grandeur, the dysfunctional groups need to feel "superior", which is the PREMISE upon which the whole routine is based in the first place. This creates a tautology, a circular argument, which psychiatry, more often than not, and even more so with bio-psych, SUPPORTS rather than resolves. The "real disease" bit or the "genetic defective" bit ensures that. After all if a person is really just a walking disease process or a genetic anomaly, then what they are experiencing, or "think" they are experiencing, doesn't have anything to do with their real life, with external events or with other people and sick relationships, does it?

Being told that we must deny the existence of the abusive "voices" in external reality obligates those under control to internalize them on a collective level. If we fail to comply with this instruction, we soon find out that "resistance is futile,"[2] for the people who dictate to us the "true" nature of our personal reality, have the concrete power to force us to comply with their definition of us whether we like it or not. Often then we are pushed even farther DOWN into the collective unconscious, often by drugging those so defined into a state normally entered only when asleep or when actually unconscious, for no one in our external reality wants to admit that groups of supposedly "normal" folks, like those sweet, soft spoken friends and neighbours we know, could possibly behave this badly, or this abusively, and then compound all the damage done to their victims by lying about it all and proclaiming it to be non-existent. For that would not be reasonable at all, now would it?

Resolution is NOT the goal in dysfunctional groups. Preventing any real resolution is the goal and they work very hard indeed to achieve that outcome, sometimes, not always or never, to the point where they become willing to lock their "loved ones" up for life for trying to tell others that what they have experienced is reality and not just their "imagination."

Message off the T.V. Just for Psychiatrists

Doctor involved, explaining the help being given to a child locked up in a laboratory:

You don't understand, he is not a person to them. He's the subject, 352.

from the Current series "Zero Hour"

(Nazi experimentation being a large part of the theme in this)

From me, the Subject now known as 301, and of course treated by others as if that is who I really am..so why would I not be grateful for all the "help"?

[1] Gasp here....

[2] Like being assimilated into the Borg collective where the individual's identity is removed by force and they become part of a machine-like collective .


The Trees of the Forest 

I live in a Community Full of Trees who have turned to each other and agreed together that there is no Forest. I am the only one, it seems, who can see a Forest. I perceived this Forest to exist also while in the Home Wood. The Trees in the Home Wood perceived my perception of them as warped and ridiculous, and my 'claim' that I saw those Trees as nothing but a bid for attention.
That is how the Trees know that I am stupid and/or crazy you see. That and the fact that all the Trees know that reality, is that, which is defined by majority vote. What the Majority votes into existence is obviously what is normal. What the majority vote against is abnormal. So there is no “Forest.” So say the Trees.



What would have happened if Neanderthal, certain that he represented all that was right, normal and complete in creation/evolution, had decided, and had the capability to; 'fix,’ modify and control Cro Magnon for his own good?




Would those of us with taller foreheads been understood to be suffering from severe birth defects and assumed to be too stupid to know it?



"A mobbing is like a tornado spun off from a spring rainstorm
- a fervent, collective assault that escalates from
an ordinary conflict."
-Kenneth Westhues
qtd. in "Mob Rule"
by John Gravois


“It is important for human beings to feel popular and well liked amongst a large group of human beings that we don’t really care for at all.”

Jerry Seinfeld

Schizophrenic Zen

 The people who are talking about us exclude THEMSELVES from the identification process regarding the people who we “think” are talking about us.  These are the same people who lower their eyes and talk out of the sides of their mouths as the means of rendering themselves invisible and inaudible when talking about us, from one to ten feet away. Having achieved this state of being through the use of the cloak of invisibility and the cone of silence, they then know they cannot be the people doing all the talking. They think it must be awful to have a disease that causes us to think people are talking about us and they are sure glad they don’t have an illness like that.

Don’t laugh. They will help us if you do.