Dysfunctional Realities


Regarding the 'Imbalance'

I believe there
IS an imbalance but it is not in the brain chemistry. It is in the psycho spiritual or metaphysical realm of relating. Human beings tend to protect and defend dysfunctional values and boundary violating behaviour as though their lives depended upon it. We love 'the devil we know' simply because we are used to it. It takes effort to change that and we will not win any popularity contests by doing it. We are so accustomed to having how we all LOOK and SOUND to 'others' as the top priority, defined as 'normal,' that we object to anyone who tries to state openly that how we ARE is twisted and self destructive. So rather than hear the truth, the majority engage in a contest with those 'others' who are 'not like us'  believing that the only way to preserve the group madness we know and love is to dominate all the 'others' who are as mad as we are for doing exactly the same thing!

Dysfunctional Power Struggle

Aggressor: Don't listen to HER! She is only SAYING I did that to seek attention.

Opposite side, rarely heard: Don't listen to HIM. He is only SAYING “don't listen to her,” to avoid having any unwanted attention focused on him.

Main Feature of Group Abuse

One of the main features of group abuse of a target is the delusional belief of the group members that that they are not "really" seen heard or understood by those they target. This is essential to their cathartic acting out and to the sense of bonding with group members that is part of the the pay off for joining in. It is the old needing to "belong" bit in all it's warped glory. Abusive groups start with the premise, the target is "inferior" to ''us'' (in some way) and therefore cannot see, hear or understand ''us'' as we really (and obviously) are and that premise is then used to''hide'' and also justify, the group abuse. The old dysfunctional platitude for that is ''what you don't know can't hurt you.'' So the dysfunctional group decides FOR you, what you will see, hear, know and understand and then treats you ''as if'' that is who you actually are. They HAVE to define their targets in this way as that is vital to the self serving tautological argument that allows them to act out as they do and get the pay-off for it that they are after.

In reality, the targets of the group- think, group behaviour, are, for practical purposes, irrelevant; like props in the group's dysfunctional ''play.' (structure AND ''fun'') This is why those targeted by this kind of group-think and group abuse often express feelings like, ''I felt like I wasn't really there.''

They AREN'T really ''there'' as the human beings they actually are because they are only ''there'' as the fantasy ''defectives'' the group wants them to be, as justification for the group behaviour which is the premise of thought in the dysfunctional group AND the goal. Premise and goal rest on the same point. This is also why this can be seen and understood as a self fulfilling prophecy. Resting on the same point creates the ''circle'' which the psychiatrized often say they sense. Because those who see them as ''less than'' and therefore speaking ''meaningless nonsense''' or ''word salad'' (a favourite contemptuous reductionist phrase) who are sensing the circle ''transform'' that into a symptom in the one who senses it, since the senseless group members never, ever, include themselves and their own crazy thinking and actions in the event. They prefer, as the dysfunctional construct dictates from the START to perceive themselves as ''superior' and therefore objectively observing an inferior.

The parallel concept for this in my own protagonist's est training is phrased like this;

''First you win; THEN you play the game.''

Inside the training, the contents of which are kept secret by the good loyal followers, who don't question authority, especially if they want to ''belong'' to a superior group, that has ''the'' answer to life, it is said, ''you set your goal FIRST.''

Now of course, all the word groupings used are essentially ''meaningless' BECAUSE it is HOW you hear them, and the individual motivations, and intentions connected to concrete goals that gives them the meaning, provided by context, or in some cases by, the con-text. (nudge, wink, smirk)

That is also why it is said inside the training, in answer to those who say, ''I don't get it'', that ''There is nothing to get, so you get It.''

This is why Fenwick poses the question in her analysis, ''and what does the sociopath get out of IT?''

Well, read all of the SAME words again, thinking like one, attached to a premise of inherent ''superiority'' and with a goal of domination, power and control, over the 'item'' of your own choice.

''It's about domination'' as they also say inside the est training. The next question that needs to be asked is, ''WHAT about IT?'' or sometimes, WHOSE over WHOM? Who is in total control and who is being totally controlled?

(as they also say in est as it pertains to the ''choice'' the followers are making. For ''out here in the world of reality'', (est concept) group-think and dysfunctional group bonding is very common

Let me give you a recent one with me as the ''subject.''

(if it makes you feel better pretend I am just ''fabricating'' this since in reality people would ''have no reason'' to behave this way......nudge, wink...). This is recent comment acted out for me which has apparently been ''shared'' by some of the superior group members in one of the bonding sessions.

''She is trying to make us believe she can get TV reception with an indoor antenna..''

( the amused contempt for stupid, inferior me was then enjoyed together)


I am not trying to get anyone to believe anything. I have not even mentioned this to anyone. One of my constantly assessing, neighbours has seen my antenna. I don't give a flying Duck what these geniuses do, or do not believe. I am not interested in either their approval nor disapproval, nor in ''getting through'' to them, nor in convincing them of anything. It is in fact, similar to the group debate on my age.

In reality there is nothing to debate, so these performances just look to me like exactly what they are; group dysfunction and always with the group members deluding themselves that they are ''hidden'' from an ''inferior'' who is not going to be able to understand THEM, even if they act out right in my presence like I am not really there.

There is a LEVEL of TRUTH in that statement above. It qualifies as a nexus statement, meaningful and meaningless at the SAME TIME, depending upon the premise to which it is attached. In reality, and in the past, I have NOT been able understand them, nor to make 'sense' of what they were doing or saying or WHY they were acting that way. When you ASK the ''superior people'' directly they either don't answer, or they share a bonding moment together like you aren't really there, used to reinforce their group delusions of grandeur, ''she doesn't understand why we are doing it.' (smirk wink)....

Of course that is the past when I did not have a missing piece of information; that the people who act out like this basically see THEMSELVES as ''hidden' in plain sight from an ''inferior'' who is (listen carefully to the words) ''not going to have any idea what they are doing.''

As they also say in est, ''everything that is being said is true, EXCEPT that what is driving it has been switched.''

The truly delusional ones, those that rarely get labelled, are proving their superiority to themselves. The dysfunctional routinely ''recreate'' reality; they invent an alternate reality which allows them to be ''always right and never wrong.''(as they ALSO say in the est-ee nurse''s training)

This is taken to the point where they will deny the obvious and promote the illusion until they break people; especially those who try to point out the error. You don't point out any errors to those who have to be ''always right and never wrong'' unless you really want to become one of their favourite group targets. If you TRY to do so and don't, or won't, let go of the attempt to ''get through'' to them as they want you to do, you will be pressured by the whole group to do so. If you then just top talking and give up, there will STILL be something wrong with you, and never them. Dysfunctional groups want compliance and submission TO the dysfunctional structure and the leader(s) that ''creates and defines reality itself'' for everyone inside the group. You are either with them, or you are against them. PERIOD. Dysfunctional group members do not WANT to become too self aware, nor do they want to become aware of what they do to others, or that the ''others'' they malign are in fact, aware of them. Perhaps that is why they so often want to give ''us,'' the genetic ''defectives'', a ''little something to reduce our awareness. '' They certainly don't want the defectives to be aware of THEM; even though we are already far MORE aware of them than they can handle.

Here is a little example of concrete reality for you which, like my age, is fact based.

It is still possible to pick up TV channels, with limits, as to how many (no ''fuzzy'' reception; it is either there or it is not,) with an indoor antenna. You just have to understand HOW it is done. Your beliefs about it have nothing to do with it, any more than your beliefs about my age, determine my age. My age is also fact based and directly related to a single factor: DATE OF BIRTH.

Your defence of your beliefs, which are emotion based, and not fact based are, however, typical of people who defend the dysfunctional status quo and the feeling of ''superiority'' that goes with that and which is often the motivation for it all in the first place. The masses are followers. Studies have proven it to those who don't recognize their OWN "follower" nature...lots of paradox in this.

It is very often the people who are MOST in touch with reality, who pay, and pay dearly, for the refusal to co-operate with the denial of it all which is the CURRENT ''norm.''

I don't care what the masses believe or don't believe. I care that they think they have a 'right' to behave the way they do, that they believe they are ''superior'' human beings for doing so, that they deny the harm they do to those they target, and often even ADD to the harm already done. They often love to employ the imposition of their will as a common tactic used for power, control and domination..

Mostly though, I do this,and will continue to write about it all, because I care about both myself and the people on the receiving end of this group-think and group abuse, and what is happening to them as a result (being ''at effect'' as it is phrased in est) of the ongoing group crap. MY intentions and motivations are to help THEM understand It and to bring IT out into the light of day where it can be seen for exactly what It Is.

(est in Latin)

Hopefully, like in our human mythology of the blood suckers in life, (vampires) when the daylight hits those who ''hide'' in the shadows, in order to continue their blood sucking routine, they will shrivel up and disappear just like the walking dead that they really are and which they really always have been.

To all my local critics and inventive story tellers......Really though, let me try to get you to like me by being more like you.........Have a nice day.


The Trees of the Forest 

I live in a Community Full of Trees who have turned to each other and agreed together that there is no Forest. I am the only one, it seems, who can see a Forest. I perceived this Forest to exist also while in the Home Wood. The Trees in the Home Wood perceived my perception of them as warped and ridiculous, and my 'claim' that I saw those Trees as nothing but a bid for attention.
That is how the Trees know that I am stupid and/or crazy you see. That and the fact that all the Trees know that reality, is that, which is defined by majority vote. What the Majority votes into existence is obviously what is normal. What the majority vote against is abnormal. So there is no “Forest.” So say the Trees.



What would have happened if Neanderthal, certain that he represented all that was right, normal and complete in creation/evolution, had decided, and had the capability to; 'fix,’ modify and control Cro Magnon for his own good?




Would those of us with taller foreheads been understood to be suffering from severe birth defects and assumed to be too stupid to know it?



"A mobbing is like a tornado spun off from a spring rainstorm
- a fervent, collective assault that escalates from
an ordinary conflict."
-Kenneth Westhues
qtd. in "Mob Rule"
by John Gravois


“It is important for human beings to feel popular and well liked amongst a large group of human beings that we don’t really care for at all.”

Jerry Seinfeld

Schizophrenic Zen

 The people who are talking about us exclude THEMSELVES from the identification process regarding the people who we “think” are talking about us.  These are the same people who lower their eyes and talk out of the sides of their mouths as the means of rendering themselves invisible and inaudible when talking about us, from one to ten feet away. Having achieved this state of being through the use of the cloak of invisibility and the cone of silence, they then know they cannot be the people doing all the talking. They think it must be awful to have a disease that causes us to think people are talking about us and they are sure glad they don’t have an illness like that.

Don’t laugh. They will help us if you do.