Dysfunctional Realities


Regarding the 'Imbalance'

I believe there
IS an imbalance but it is not in the brain chemistry. It is in the psycho spiritual or metaphysical realm of relating. Human beings tend to protect and defend dysfunctional values and boundary violating behaviour as though their lives depended upon it. We love 'the devil we know' simply because we are used to it. It takes effort to change that and we will not win any popularity contests by doing it. We are so accustomed to having how we all LOOK and SOUND to 'others' as the top priority, defined as 'normal,' that we object to anyone who tries to state openly that how we ARE is twisted and self destructive. So rather than hear the truth, the majority engage in a contest with those 'others' who are 'not like us'  believing that the only way to preserve the group madness we know and love is to dominate all the 'others' who are as mad as we are for doing exactly the same thing!

Dysfunctional Power Struggle

Aggressor: Don't listen to HER! She is only SAYING I did that to seek attention.

Opposite side, rarely heard: Don't listen to HIM. He is only SAYING “don't listen to her,” to avoid having any unwanted attention focused on him.

An Alternate Reality Invented to Maintain the Dysfunctional Status Quo

The reason an alternate reality HAS to be invented is because the controllers cannot allow themselves to know that those they have cast as their "inferiors", justifying that control, can see them and hear THEM, as they OBVIOUSLY are, acting out their split minded attitudes and beliefs.

So, if their "inferiors" think "people are talking about them" those DOING all that talking, can't BE the people being referred to, since the Talkers are "hidden' from those they are talking about. Therefore, It must be "imaginary" people (not them) that their inferiors are referring to, which then "proves" just how inferior the minds of those cast as their "inferiors" really are, for seeing and hearing things which their "superiors" don't see or hear at all.

So if you (as the inferior one) say, "Is that supposed to make some kind of sense?"

your question will be cites as more proof of your inferiority. That is because EVERYTHING is proof of that to the reality controllers.

"Oh," they say to third parties, "they all have trouble making sense of things."

"Things" being the generic identity of anything you're talking about. This is unlike the "superior" controllers who can make sense of anything and everything, as long as it supports their point of view and what they perceive as their right to control any "inferiors" who might try to challenge that. For the last thing the controllers want to understand is that this is two sides of the SAME reality, from opposing viewpoints. They want it to be two separate and DISTINCT realities, because if it ISN'T, then they will be forced to see their OWN delusions of grandeur.

Double Binds and Controllers

So, double binds used by controllers work like this;

If you DON'T speak up and defend yourself, then you deserve what you get,


If you DO speak up you're just BEING defensive and getting what you deserve.

Got that? The controller is always right.

This is also what "loaded language" is all about. What words MEAN is whatever the controller/superior one DECIDES they mean. Now the role opposite the one who is "always right" is that of being "always wrong." REASON has nothing to do with it. There is no reason IN it yet there IS a reason FOR it.

The reason for it IS....Power, control and domination focused on as if the controller was ENTITLED to that and this is the self delusion of the "superior" ones. It is the premise of thought from which they operate, AND the goal, and NOTHING any "inferior ones" think, say, feel or do, is going to deflect them from achieving that. Because in REALITY, it has nothing to do with the "inferiors." The "inferior" ones are just props in their "play" about themselves.

This is why I say, over and over again, the way to deal with this kind of irrationality, seen as "normal," is to focus on exposing the construct ITSELF, including the group co-operation with IT and stop trying to "get though" to those who have no interest in having you, or anyone else, "get through" to them. For to THEM, we are irrelevant factors in our own lives and identities. It's about the contest THEY are in and not about you, as you really ARE.


The Trees of the Forest 

I live in a Community Full of Trees who have turned to each other and agreed together that there is no Forest. I am the only one, it seems, who can see a Forest. I perceived this Forest to exist also while in the Home Wood. The Trees in the Home Wood perceived my perception of them as warped and ridiculous, and my 'claim' that I saw those Trees as nothing but a bid for attention.
That is how the Trees know that I am stupid and/or crazy you see. That and the fact that all the Trees know that reality, is that, which is defined by majority vote. What the Majority votes into existence is obviously what is normal. What the majority vote against is abnormal. So there is no “Forest.” So say the Trees.



What would have happened if Neanderthal, certain that he represented all that was right, normal and complete in creation/evolution, had decided, and had the capability to; 'fix,’ modify and control Cro Magnon for his own good?




Would those of us with taller foreheads been understood to be suffering from severe birth defects and assumed to be too stupid to know it?



"A mobbing is like a tornado spun off from a spring rainstorm
- a fervent, collective assault that escalates from
an ordinary conflict."
-Kenneth Westhues
qtd. in "Mob Rule"
by John Gravois


“It is important for human beings to feel popular and well liked amongst a large group of human beings that we don’t really care for at all.”

Jerry Seinfeld

Schizophrenic Zen

 The people who are talking about us exclude THEMSELVES from the identification process regarding the people who we “think” are talking about us.  These are the same people who lower their eyes and talk out of the sides of their mouths as the means of rendering themselves invisible and inaudible when talking about us, from one to ten feet away. Having achieved this state of being through the use of the cloak of invisibility and the cone of silence, they then know they cannot be the people doing all the talking. They think it must be awful to have a disease that causes us to think people are talking about us and they are sure glad they don’t have an illness like that.

Don’t laugh. They will help us if you do.