Where Everything Old is New Again!
or So I would have you Believe
Everything on this page is already on this site somewhere and is being reposted on this page temporarily along with the link  where it is, and where it will remain, permanently for future reference if interested. I am doing this because most of what I am talking about is now pretty much a repeat of the same old efforts to penetrate the resistance of people  and psychiatry and/or because I have other things to do and can't write as much as usual. In any case, hope you enjoy the reminiscing....as THAT's the way it WAS.

Awareness Exercise No 2- Eyeglow

Permanent Link May 23rd 2010



When I 'claim' that I am aware of people I do not even know standing around smirking at me, their eyes glowing with amusement, and gossiping to each other with me as their target of their gossip, am I denying the reality of my 'mental illness' or are YOU denying the reality of your group behaviour and also denying my awareness of it?

As it is said: 'Reality is a matter of perspective.' It is also said that "reality is that which you experience, that it is substantial, and that it will knock you on your ass."


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