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This page is about connecting all the dots in a way that just doesn't get done since many of those 'dots' are excluded from the information used to facilitate the  consensus reality. It is done that way of course, in order to keep the normal people, who are only trying to help genetic defectives such as myself, blame free and above reproach. Of course while overlooking information, adding some, altering some, ignoring some and spinning some, we humans tend to reinvent reality to accommodate that need. If we believe we already understand something, we tend to make reality fit into the current beliefs so we don't have to look any further and perhaps see something we would just rather not. Nevertheless, on THIS page for the local participants at least, we are going to look, listen and teach some old dogs some new tricks.


Though my readers elsewhere will not be able to get the same entertainment value out of this page like you locals will, I know they can relate to it on a certain level just the same, as many of them 'think' they have had similar experiences where they live also. We whack jobs sure all think alike don't we? But that's how you know we ARE whack jobs now isn't it? So for them, it will ring true and hopefully give them a few laughs at the absurdity of you normal folk where I live and your never ending capacity for 'hiding' in plain sight.


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From Now on the Local "Communities A.C.T.ing Out" stuff and the Municipal Enquirer type "Story" telling and Rumour Spreading (while it is being denied of course) will be posted on my Personal Facebook page for the entertainment of the people who need their daily fix. That is the page on which I do not accept any FB "friends" as my actual friends,  like psych survivours and activists, many of them professional as well, are connected to me elsewhere.  For you "National Enquirer" type minds though, please feel free to assess, interpret  and evaluate me, and my life, as defined by others, including total strangers, here:

Out of The Analysis of Dale T.'s est Training

By Dr. Sheridan Fenwick, Columbia University

in Getting it: the Psychology of est from 1976

FAIR USE NOTICE: This may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available for educational purposes, to advance understanding of human rights, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law. This material is distributed without profit.

A Few Relevant Excerpts

Chapter 10: Is est Brainwashing?

...a psychological view of their aims would describe the purpose of est as changes in beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. They do this through “manipulation” which merely means planned, purposeful actions intended to produce a desired effect. This process is, in other contexts, referred to as persuasion and is encountered every day by human beings who interact with other human beings, either in the flesh or through spoken, written, or televised messages.

Chapter 12: Why do They Train 250 People at Once?

...the influence people have on the behaviour of others is a well studied phenomenon. A good deal of what we know about social influence suggests that the effects of something like the est training are greatly enhanced by the group setting.

The Crowd: LeBon 1896

...he observed that people in groups behave quite differently than they would when alone. Individuals begin to feel invincible in groups because they are anonymous. Responsibility is diffused. Feelings, thoughts and actions are contagious.

LeBon compared the condition of an individual in a group to that of a hypnotic subject. He thought that people become more suggestible and impulsive under the influence of the group mind. He observed that the individual's capacity for critical thought is reduced in the group. LeBon said, “Isolated he may be a cultivated individual; in a crowd, he is a barbarian.”

A group has the power to stir people emotionally...

...McDougall too writing in 1920 about The Group Mind, noted the exaltation or intensification of emotion produced in every individual transformed into a member of a group...(like the Homewood “Family”?)

...does the demonstration of conformity to the perceptual judgements of others have anything to do with what goes on in the est training? Other researchers.....demonstrated that group consensus can result in the acceptance of totally absurd statements and personal and political opinions. Social pressure influences people to conform to the judgements of a group.

In the Asch conformity experiments, it was thought likely that people change their judgements to agree with the group in order to obtain the rewards of social approval or avoid the punishment of social ostracism.

Chapter 16 Why est?

...the obfuscation in the est training, the quick sidestep to avoid confronting an issue that is the heart of the estian shift, the exhortation to “transcend your mind,” to move away from reasonableness into an estian definition of “enlightenment”...

THIS family is a classic, patriarchal and autocratic...the training is a precisely articulated series of manipulations carefully designed to produce the desired effects...the trainer tells you when to talk, when to eat, when to drink, when to applaud when to sit and when to stand.

The authoritarianism in the training is a beginner's course in the totalitarianism you will be subject to if you join the est organization.

...In the training we can regress to the earliest phases of life... The price of obtaining her (the est organization as “mother”) nurturance is surrender of autonomy to the all controlling father.  The est trainees in their agreements have contracted for dependency upon the trainer for the very definition of reality...

The seduction has an enormous appeal. “Fairy tales can come true it can happen to you if your young at heart.”

And very young indeed; what the surrender buys us is the narcissistic omnipotence of infantile fantasies. The infinite power we obtain is real, and it works, but it is a Pyrrhic success.  The power of est sustains us in our imaginations only as long as we pay daily devotion to the household gods of our family romance. The trainer, or Werner, or the training are parental imagoes idealized and enshrined. The est point of view must invalidate those of others in order to sustain its monotheistic appeal....also, once understood, the estian conversion and its accompanying behaviours would be stripped of their ability to provide the gratification which caused and maintained them.

...the appeal of the cathartic release that occurs both in the “sharing” and in the est “processes” is based on the existence of something to cathart....those who sit back as voyeurs obtain the vicarious, sadistic gratifications of their identification with the aggressor. These est graduates have been too modest in sharing their experiences of the training. The “satisfaction” they report is a euphemism; what the training produces is an intense orgasmic euphoria.

Isn't it worth all this though to make the world work? The more I envision the goose-stepping corps at the centre of the est organization, the more virtue I see in anarchy. The last person who made the trains run on time participated in the creation of a nightmare. The only way to stop a nightmare is to wake up. Sheridan Fenwick, PhD Psychopathology, Columbia University 1976

Addendum by PL


When all the followers of It finally accept that "reality is NOT that which is defined by authority or group consensus", as it is stated
INSIDE the 'secret' est training, THAT is when you will be "finished" these "est exercises and processes" in one wayOR another.

Here is a possibility to which you might decide to open yourselves up. The possibility I mentioned long ago that you end up catching yourselves in the snare you set for me. Ask Mr. T. (aka P.J.) if he ever considered the possibility that one day, he might just pick the wrong “item” to “experience out” and that if that were the case, the only way out would be to go full circle with her right back to the real starting
point where it all began with the “switched positions” that caused others to believe that “reality” was the opposite of itself. What a great JOKE! Let's all laugh at the est-hole who tried to create and define reality itself for me and everyone else....

har har har har har

HERE comes your Booby prize est-hole!

Do you Get “It”? Or is “It” about to Get YOU? (as the cover of Fenwick's book jacket puts it) har har har... we sure are having ''fun'' now; aren't we?

Give IT The "Switch"

Instead of finding something wrong with me for KNOWING what is happening, who is involved, why and how, try something new. Find the something that is wrong with the aggressors, their supporters, the liars and the two-faced wonders who deny it all, as a part of the "fun" and/or for taking care of their own, dysfunctional group, "interests."

The change of DIRECTION, though painful at first, will do us ALL good. Who knows? Maybe the whole planet will learn to give up murdering children as an "acceptable" means of problem solving. Currently so often excused and justified as eradicating "them."

It's not the world's children who are the problem. It is the eradicators of "defectives" who JUSTIFY IT.

Dictionary definitions:

Narcissistic: excessive admiration of oneself.

Omnipotence: Unlimited power, authority or force.

So one might say one who admires his own delusions of unlimited power and control over others, right? Please Mr. T, correct me if I am wrong.

As for all of you others who are alleged to be going along with this and covering up for the participants, I promise you that if I get a REAL investigation done by cops who are actually interested in doing good detective work, I will be more than delighted to post any necessary retractions here that are based on false rumours and information acted out by the public.

You know what I always find so fascinating though about all the chronic gossips and the dominating abusers, verbal or otherwise? They always have to TELL third parties how clever they are to dominate their “inferiors” the way they do.

Messages from the movies, which crazy people, like myself, believe have some not-so-hidden meaning connected to our own experiences.

From the movie Inception

”The stronger the issue, the more powerful the catharsis. We've got to get out of here.”

“The projections are closing in quick. We've got to get out of here or we are going to be boxed in.'”

Say...I've Got an Idea

Why don't we all just ask Dale directly what he thinks he's got now, regarding what he is alleged to have told his co-workers is “the best investment he ever made”?

Related fallacies- from wikipedia

Begging the question is related to the Fallacy of Circular Reasoning. The distinction between the two concepts is as follows:

Circular Reasoning is the basing of two conclusions each upon the other (or possibly with more intermediate steps). That is, if you follow a chain of arguments and conclusions (a proof or series of proofs), one of the conclusions is presumed by an earlier conclusion. Begging the question can occur within one argument and consequent conclusion. In strict sense, Begging the question occurs if and only if the conclusion is implicitly or explicitly a component of an immediate premise. It is usually accepted, though, to use the term begging the question in place of circular argument.

Begging the question is also related to the Fallacy of many questions--a fallacy of technique that results from presenting evidence in support of a conclusion that is less likely to be accepted than merely asserting the conclusion.

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Yes you charming folks, I actually DO believe that I can 'see' things that others can't and that my ability to 'see' them makes it possible for me to 'see' a bit ahead in time. So let us have some 'fun' here listening to some of my idiotic predictions shall we? ...Just for the entertainment value of it. I know you can relate to that as look at all the 'fun' you have had with me already...


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