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This page is about connecting all the dots in a way that just doesn't get done since many of those 'dots' are excluded from the information used to facilitate the  consensus reality. It is done that way of course, in order to keep the normal people, who are only trying to help genetic defectives such as myself, blame free and above reproach. Of course while overlooking information, adding some, altering some, ignoring some and spinning some, we humans tend to reinvent reality to accommodate that need. If we believe we already understand something, we tend to make reality fit into the current beliefs so we don't have to look any further and perhaps see something we would just rather not. Nevertheless, on THIS page for the local participants at least, we are going to look, listen and teach some old dogs some new tricks.


Though my readers elsewhere will not be able to get the same entertainment value out of this page like you locals will, I know they can relate to it on a certain level just the same, as many of them 'think' they have had similar experiences where they live also. We whack jobs sure all think alike don't we? But that's how you know we ARE whack jobs now isn't it? So for them, it will ring true and hopefully give them a few laughs at the absurdity of you normal folk where I live and your never ending capacity for 'hiding' in plain sight.


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From Now on the Local "Communities A.C.T.ing Out" stuff and the Municipal Enquirer type "Story" telling and Rumour Spreading (while it is being denied of course) will be posted on my Personal Facebook page for the entertainment of the people who need their daily fix. That is the page on which I do not accept any FB "friends" as my actual friends,  like psych survivours and activists, many of them professional as well, are connected to me elsewhere.  For you "National Enquirer" type minds though, please feel free to assess, interpret  and evaluate me, and my life, as defined by others, including total strangers, here:

Local Theatre of the Absurd

Last week at a library branch:

A guy I used to know who works (or worked, he is likely retired now too) for the city at waterworks, was observed and heard by me, discussing me with a library employee.

The library employee turns out to be married to a man who used to talk about me, with others, in the food court at the mall. He was THEN a complete stranger to me and at first, back then, he did not know that it was me he was talking ABOUT, in relation to what was going on with the "est-ee" game boy at Homewood.

Now last week's comments went like this:

"She thought people were talking about her and now they are..."

Both faced me as they did this and I looked right at them.  Did they see me seeing and hearing them THAT time? 

My first question for you two is, "Are you two of the people who are among those talking about me, right at THAT moment, as you made those comments? Yes or no"?

The rest of you please note the "loaded language" of the comment itself.  The word “now” is a linguistic hint. It suggests that “people,” (including these two) were NOT talking about me, back THEN when I “claimed” they were.  Yet, these are the SAME people from then AND NOW. The only thing that has changed is a slight shift in THEIR perception – not MINE. They are not quite in touch with the group reality just yet or the obvious part they have played in it.

Also, the question needs to be asked, “Was this recent commentary just acted out, understood by these two to be seen and heard by ME, from ten feet away? Or do these assessors of me and my reality still consider themselves to be “hidden” in plain sight on this occasion as well and therefore STILL NOT among “the people” who are talking about me NOW, which they now partially admit is in fact, reality?

Now multiply this by thousands of people, all acting out together with NO genuine, direct communication, from ANYONE involved, in any way, on any level, and you BEGIN to get a sense of what it is like to be on the receiving end of this very common brand of groupthink. Unfortunately, of course, it does not stop there.

In order for everyone “normal” to remain “superior” and therefore “hidden,” the reporting of the experience itself by the “subject” gets pathologized right out of existence. Of course that is how all “blame” is avoided isn’t it? That is what the people who always tell us we “can’t blame others” are trying very hard to make sure it is impossible to DO.

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Paranoid Patty Predicts 

This is a new feature I am adding here for those of you who like to 'test' me to see if I am 'psychic.' As the social worker and a nurse once acted out for me on H3, “she really believes that doesn't she......” of course, I can't roll my eyes with disdain here like one can in person, but I am sure you get the idea.

Yes you charming folks, I actually DO believe that I can 'see' things that others can't and that my ability to 'see' them makes it possible for me to 'see' a bit ahead in time. So let us have some 'fun' here listening to some of my idiotic predictions shall we? ...Just for the entertainment value of it. I know you can relate to that as look at all the 'fun' you have had with me already...


Look below in the blog section for new predictions.

Psychiatric Zen

Simple yet not easy

Your gossiping and rumour spreading and my paranoid delusions and hallucinated conversations are

Wow. Ever amazing.

 For All of the Locals with So Very Much to Say...

...and Who Have all Those Opinions You Feel Entitled to Express 

This is especially for those of you who have so enjoyed giving me little ''tests'' to see what kind of a reaction you can get... 

This website IS my reaction.

I hope that you enjoy ''getting it'' (har har har,   nudge, wink, right back at-cha) as much as I am now enjoying giving it to you.

Now....you won't take that the wrong way; will you?