A.K.A.  Endorphin Therapy


Say did you hear the one about the doctors who were hired to get the E-Health system online? They had downloaded at government expense, an assortment of Star Wars games and extreme fighting videos...I sense a new mental illness being invented...Let’s see now for the DSM V how about…oh I’ve got it!... Star Wars/Jedi Knight Disorder?


“Why would anyone want to leave a pony packed country to go to a non pony country? It just doesn't make sense!”

Jerry Seinfeld


Poor Jerry. He is “having trouble making sense of things” and we who have been diagnosed with the same symptom know what that means now don't we?


Whimsical Women's
Psychiatrist Silvertone Leather Strap Watch



Because EVERYTHING Has To Be



“A real intellectual can listen to the


William Tell overture and not even


THINK of the Lone Ranger.”

Vic Lee

Why Cell Phone People Just Can't Cope
As well as hearing this kind of thing here about myself, I have also heard this same kind of thing about others, like me, who continue to use equipment that the cell phone people have thrown out and, apparently, need to believe everyone else has too, or ... More>

McGyver is Coming Back!
This takes me back... "Does anyone have a piece of string, a button, 3 peanuts,  and a wad of well chewed Hubba Bubba? If so, I can make a timer out of it which will allow us to blow this steel door off it's foundation, as long as I can find something to use as blasting ... More>

SNL Cartoon- A “Dora” Clone
Dora takes us on an adventure with her sidekick, a cat named Mittens While on this heroic adventure, a huge boulder started rolling downhill towards a Baby Penguin and our hero Mittens dashed into the rescue just in to time to push Baby Penguin out of the way to ... More>

Chris Hadfield Helps Me with My New Paperless Tax System
It is now time to learn the new paperless tax program I just downloaded as a standalone and then see if I can use it to upload to Revenue Canada after doing it at home offline. So I am on a new learning project right now.     If you are Canadian perhaps Commander Hadfield can help you too as he has myself and Rick here.

“It is important for human beings to feel popular and well liked amongst a large group of human beings that we don’t really care for at all.”

Jerry Seinfeld

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