Large Group Awareness Exercises

Guess Who is in THIS "Large Group"--- Go Ahead all You "Covert" Operators...Guess...

What Makes MY 'Exercises' Different?

My 'exercises' are different than the LGAT
[1] which 'trained' the psychiatric nurse as they are they are aimed at waking you up to reality rather than manipulating you to give up discernment and blindly follow the leader who can't ever be questioned or blamed.
Here I will demonstrate the concrete reality in which you live but which you also deny. It is your denial of this reality allows psychiatry to 'diagnose'
for claiming it exists.
Homewood, and the psychiatrists who have 'helped' Homewood to deal with me, and my complaints about the staff there whom I claimed were playing estian head games with me, have done what psychiatrists are
to do as well and that is to see 'signs' and to hear 'symptoms' of mental illness in the identified patient's story of real experience. My experience with them and with this community has been denied to exist anywhere other than in my defective brain.
Do you Get that?

Perhaps one day you will, if enough of us who have had this horrifying experience with large groups, or mobs, tell you all the details often enough and for long enough. As they used to say in the X-files, all we can do is keep trying.

Sometimes the hardest thing anyone is ever going to have to do is to further simplify, to make MORE obvious than obvious, the Truth That is Out There already, and which always has been.





[1]  Large Group Awareness Training

Free Handout for Reprogramming Awareness

Awareness Exercise No. 44

  •  11/21/2015
  •   Lefave, Patricia
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Weekend Awareness Exercise Spend 48 Hours monitoring your own speech patterns. Keep it simple. You may talk as much as you like about ideas and/or yourself. You may use the personal pronouns, 'I' and also 'you,' provided you are talking directly in a two way conversation TO (not 'at' or 'about') those you are identifying as 'you.' You may not say: He, she, they, think, are, want, believe etc.  You may only say, 'I' attached to ideas, or concrete experiences, of your OWN. At the end of the...
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Today's Awareness Exercise -Awareness Exercise No. 43

  •  10/30/2015
  •   Lefave, Patricia
  •    views
Self Focus For this session, look into a mirror and focus on asking your own image, and ask your mirrored self these questions, while insisting that s/he give you a straight answer. No need to tell anyone else at all. Just keep your Self therapy session between you and you. Notice how much time you spend every day, talking about people in the third person- those whom you know, know slightly, or don't actually know at all. Now ask yourself, 'Why do I do this? What am I getting from this? ...
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Awareness Exercise No. 42

  •  7/11/2015
  •   Lefave, Patricia
  •    views
A Shot of Awareness Here is a little awareness game for you: If someone says their father is a liar and manipulator, what is your first, knee jerk reaction, to that? For most, especially if the father so accused seems nice to YOU and is calm cool and collected, and even acting shocked and mystified by the accusation, that he could ever tell a lie, the majority will find the fault in the accuser and that has a whole lot to do with what is sometimes called, “The Family Romance.”  In the Fami...
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Awareness Exercise No 41

  •  3/18/2015
  •   Lefave, Patricia
  •    views
March 18th 2015 Mini Awareness Exercise I would like you (both perspectives) to self-focus and think about this; What do you think the difference in MEANING would be between these two perspectives on the SAME reality? Being someone who is secretly testing someone to see what kind of a reaction you can get AND Being the one being tested who KNOWS that you are 'testing'' him, or her, to see what kind of a reaction you can get. Hint: It is about who is most aware. It is about how realit...
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Awareness Exercise - 40

  •  7/12/2014
  •   Lefave, Patricia
  •    views
To Do at TOP SPEED (as I know who this profession values 'speed diagnosing.' So think of this as another contest like the kind you are used to these days.) Here we go: If I 'think' that bus drivers are talking about me does that prove I am delusional or Does it prove that bus drivers are delusional if they 'think' I don't know they are talking about me, even if I say I do know? As they say in my est-ee nurse protagonist's training, 'It is all a matter or perspective.'...
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Awareness Exercise No 39

  •  1/19/2014
  •   Lefave, Patricia
  •    views
For Their Own Good In the U.S. which is determined to define sanity for the whole world it seems, (read “Crazy Like Us” by Ethan Watters) there is an organization of families and “friends” of the psychiatrized, heavily influenced in their beliefs by Fuller Torrey, called N.A.M.I. (National Association for Mental Illness) At their meetings they have been known to tell new members, who have family members labelled with illnesses, and who resist being drugged, or who claim they do not need to be ...
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Current Blog Article: Awareness Exercise No. 44


The PDF File below is Written by, and produced here
with the full permission of
Pat Risser, Survivour/Advocate

The Power
The most effective thing that Evil has done to increase it's Own Power to the Infinite is to deny It's own existence. If you believe there IS no Evil, you will SEE no Evil, even if it is standing right in front of you, smiling at you, with twisted satisfaction.


How the Premise to Which Information is Attached
Changes the Meaning of the Information


Here is a quickie exercise for you.  

Recently it is being suggested that a star who uses drugs all the time is “Bi-Polar.” This is now becoming a knee-jerk response to any instance of erratic behaviour displayed by anyone. The public LOVES psychiatric diagnosing.  

Here is what I would like you to consider in relation to this topic. 

Is the erratic thinking and behaviour, including drug use/addiction, caused by an underlying cause which is making the individual choose to use these drugs OR are the drugs the individual is choosing to use causing the erratic thinking and behaviour?  

I want you to think about the differences n treatment and outcomes, both short and long term, depending upon WHICH premise of thought and belief you use and the action you take as a result of these beliefs.   

I also want you to think about ideas like; hopelessness, helplessness, dependency, recovery, responsibility and resolution in relation to both of those premises of belief. 

THINK about it.


University is about finding out and telling everyone

Doug Larson 2010


Yes I would say it seems to be about that, as it is from university faculty, staff and students that I got much of my own information. PL

Following Authority


People who loyally and blindly follow authority, without question, are most respected and appreciated by the authority who wants to be loyally and blindly followed without question.


Hidden in Plain Sight


I never cease to be amazed at the capacity for self delusion in those who believe they can talk about me from six feet away, over and over again, with many others, who have done the same thing, and yet remain completely convinced that they are not seen, heard, or understood by me.


As with everything else on this site, which offers ideas which do not originate with me, I do not necessarily agree with everything said but believe the ideas offer food for thought and should be treated, and considered, in that way.
If it is here, it means that I see at least SOME virtue in the ideas presented though I am not necessarily endorsing, or promoting, every word.

What the Bleep Do We Know?

Another Perspective on Experience
Recommended for Psychiatrists and
( as long as you are staying connected) . ..

Should Quantum Physicists be 'helped'?
They sure do like to go off on that dangerous tangental thinking don't they?

Excerpts from:


We can become psychically numb…we are unable to differentiate our own thoughts from those indoctrinated into us... we learn to recite without question the facts and details of what was read, said or inferred. Spreading of gossip or incorrect information is an example of psychic numbness.

Punishment delivered as a form of control, reduces our awareness. With reduced awareness, we are less adept at feeling obvious signs of violation. Violations can continue easily once our awareness is down. The natural signal, PAIN, is interrupted by a spasm, a tick or a total bypass of the nervous system into nervous BEHAVIOR ?irritation, excitement, hyper excitement, hysteria, giddiness, mania etc. All reactions TO stimuli are either self created, administered, or as a result of a collective identity (culture).

 We can set ourselves up as a healers and go ahead and heal those we believe are needing us, or we can set ourselves up to allow others to heal themselves (if they feel the need.)

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