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 On Stigma-
This one was sent to me as a creation by one of the "Less Than Thrilled" psychiatric survivours in Canada Clara Hughes he is NOT. I can also relate to much of what he is saying here. Margaret Trudeau I am Not.
The point is there are alway two sides to imperfect "help" and when one side is suppressed and invalidated we open ourselves up to dictatorships, and dictatorships abuse power as if it was their "right" to do so. 

Last Nights News February 2012

Researchers are searching diligently for the cause of “mental illness.” They are doing this by searching through the brains they have kept in jars for just the telltale “anomalies” that show the differences between the “normal” and the “abnormal.” They wear white coats and check thin slices of the brains of people like me, now deceased and no longer complaining, many of whom who “thought” they have been “harmed by others” or who “think” they were child sexual abuse victims and, as Freud told us...really such tales from children only indicated the desire of the victim to seduce the “imagined” aggressor. (the opposite of what the “supposed victim” was “claiming.”)

Moving on to other news, in the same report: 200 men were arrested in the biggest child porn ring yet to date including two of them in my own city. Sixty have now been charged. At last count 22 of the children used and abused like irrelevant objects have been identified. At least for these ones, being diagnosed with a “mental illness” for “imagining” they have been harmed by others or “just” SAYING that to “seek attention” won't be added to their current overwhelming trauma. They are the “lucky” children if you can describe anything in this as “better” than not being seen and heard at all.

What “illness” will the 200 men be diagnosed with?

Some of these children will have, or will develop, what will be defined as “mental illness.” Many of them will experience altered states of consciousness (psychosis) as a direct result of the abuse, the pressure, the inescapable stress and the horror of what they have been put through. Many of those not identified by the police with concrete evidence of it will not be believed and then will be blamed by “others” for inventing “stories” and will be further psychologically and/or verbally attacked by their families, often including the abuser who denies such things could be done by a family member. Many will also be blamed and be on the receiving end of shows of contempt and outright hatred by the public for being a horrible child who is inherently 'defective' for saying such things, especially about someone who is so well liked by others. Labelling tends to turn a temporary state into a permanent one for after all, if a DOCTOR says that reality is a certain way, who can believe otherwise right?

A few of these children, for whom rescue comes too late or not at all, will become serial killers who will no doubt be defined by some psychiatrists as inherently “defective” human beings; genetic defectives who could be “fixed” if ONLY researchers can locate that gene that causes these things. Could it be that what causes these things has something to do, in part, with the “No One Must Be Blamed Game”?

Forensics cops know that most serial killers are essentially acting out their own abuse. WHEN is this society going to come out of it's idiotic denial and start focusing on the real problem which is a lack of personal boundaries, a lack of any real empathy and an ongoing dysfunctional relating pattern which is passed off as “normal” and unresolvable? You have to face the reality of what these children are being put through and the true horror of it if you are going to deal with it and put a stop to it. If you don't the world is going to stay psychiatrically split between the abusers who “can't help it” because they are “ill” with a bad brain and the victims who can't help “claiming” they are abused by others, including family members, because they TOO have a bad brain that and their bad brains are causing them to think they were abused when “really” they weren't, as it would not be “reasonable” for abusers to behave that way.

Like DUH!

You police agencies need to SHOWevery general psychiatrist in Ontario right now, the PICTURES of what children are put through. Nothing penetrates resistance to reality like concrete proof does it? “Proof is the bottom line for everyone.”

It will be very hard for them to hold onto the Family Romance after the images are burned into their brains in the cases, of loving family members getting their jollies or making money from horrendous child abuse that often drives their own children into madness, the more so after the behaviour of the perpetrators is denied while the children are blamed and labelled “mentally ill” for the effects on them of intolerable abuse, while trapped in hopeless and helpless situations where there is no escape possible.

As one of those involved in this latest roundup up put it on the morning news; “The child abuse victim is often disempowered as part of the abuse.”

Often they are told there is something wrong with THEM for objecting to it or “whining” about it, they are told not to talk about it and that no one would believe a child over an adult, and many are threatened with beatings, or an INCREASE in the level of abuse and even death if they try to talk about it.

The news anchor responded:

“So it creates a circle of abuse...”

Hear It? THE CIRCLE. Infinite loop thinking; the Dark side.

In this report there are now 8900 known adult participants in Ontario alone.

Get over the No One Must Be Blamed game. This is not about diseases BRAINS. It is about dis-eased MINDS and you cannot “fix” the metaphysical by physical means. EXPOSE the reality of this and stop excusing it; or worse, denying it's existence because it would not be “reasonable” for adult humans to behave this way. It is the “covert” behaviour, the secret keeping that enables and perpetuates it.

REASON has nothing to do with this.

There is another point I would like you psychiatrists to consider. Did you know that there is now some concrete evidence by other “researchers' that changing one's MIND also changes the brain? Another opposite viewpoint. Look it up. Then speculate; if that is true, what implications does it have for all your current reductionism?

Do you who are looking for genes as the cause of everything now have a bad gene that mistakenly causes you to actually believe that everything can be reduced to it's physical properties and definitions and that this allows you to understand everything perfectly?

The danger that exists is the same old one: One group of people decide they represent all that is “normal” and correct about being human and anyone who deviates, in any way, from the superior people's understanding of reality needs to be “fixed.” “Fixed” always means being made to be more like the Fixer; the “ideal” to which the Fixer, who is holding the concrete power, believes all others should aspire to be like, and if they do not, they should be forced to do so, for THEIR own ”good.”

Whenever someone is telling someone that what is being done TO them, BY someone else is for their own good, a warning bell should be sounded as more often than not, the one doing the good, is doing it to defend his or her own position, whether right or wrong and presented as “normal' in all inclusive abstract terms.

It is ALWAYS about personal boundaries in one direction or the other. The “cure” is going to be self focus on a premise of mutual respect for boundaries. There is no problem, and no crime, that is NOT about a lack of mutual respect for personal boundaries between ANY two people, in any circumstance of life. Try to think of one problem, from relatively mild to criminal extremes that isn't about that.

Call child porn what is is:ExtremeChildAbuse and tell those downloading it that they are participants in extreme child abuse by creating a “market” for the destruction of the lives and minds of children as a form of deviant, sadistic “entertainment” for themselves and others.

Don't keep the abusers “secrets”. Bombard the public with the reality of it in general terms without any personal identities but in graphic detail including the emotional reactions of the children. Don't mince words or protect the public from the truth and the horror of it. Drive it home. It is far too easy to minimize the effects of what is “hidden” or denied to exist and doing so empowers the abuser at the same instant it dis-empowers the victims.

I still think police agencies should have a weekly column in which you talk about your work in general but in lots of detail and about the ripple effect the failure to solve human problems, relationship issues and boundary violations has on everyone in an endless variety of forms and to various degrees from relatively mild to the extremes of every kind of murder and torture. Connect the dots for them.


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