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 On Stigma-
This one was sent to me as a creation by one of the "Less Than Thrilled" psychiatric survivours in Canada Clara Hughes he is NOT. I can also relate to much of what he is saying here. Margaret Trudeau I am Not.
The point is there are alway two sides to imperfect "help" and when one side is suppressed and invalidated we open ourselves up to dictatorships, and dictatorships abuse power as if it was their "right" to do so. 

Can All You Supposedly, "Normal" People HEAR Your Own Confessions?

This is going to go as part of my personal campaign pointing out the absurdities of the system, as a counterpoint/expansion to Bell Canada’s “Let’s Talk” Campaign promoted for January 28th. We could all use this as a means of PUBLICLY talking about the harm done by psychiatry and how the labelling itself creates the “stigma”.

On January 28th Bell Canada Now Promotes a “Let's Talk” Campaign supposedly used to end “the Stigma” of “having” a mental illness. I Propose that We all Join in as those with another point of view to that of the happy consumer.

The Bell Canada "Let's Talk" ads now running and aimed at "getting rid of the stigma" associated with "mental illness" demonstrates groups of people, “third-personning” others and acting out their contempt and verbal abuse, assumed to be "hidden", toward those people who are often "diagnosed" for "thinking” people, including people they do not even know, are treating them that way.

So, what exactly are you trying to CHANGE here?

Is it the labeled person's perception of that and reactions to it?


Is it the GROUP/societal behaviour and the ongoing DENIAL of that which you want to change?

Number 4. on the list of things to do to get rid of that "stigma" is Listen and Ask.

OK then. LISTEN.

Perhaps one of the things you could do would be to stop labeling people for "thinking" (erroneously according to experts) that his is how people REALLY behave and it is, in fact, very common.

Either that or perhaps you need to get the "Let's Talk" campaigners, something to reduce THEIR awareness so that they won't tell others that people actually behave this way. Because if they really do, then those you psychiatrize for saying so, for their own good, need to help you to psychiatrize the campaigners who must also be delusional for seeing the same thing. Either that, or those you currently psychiatrize for seeing and hearing the same thing, must be helped to get that "illness" label removed. That should go a long way toward getting RID of the stigma that causes people to be talked about, by people, who you say don't do that, and if we think they do; we are crazy.

All too often, the people who are MOST aware of the reality in which we all live are silenced (silencing those imaginary "voices" (they have often been forced to internalize) by giving them the most invalidating and controlling psychiatric labels used to explain this all AWAY.

So counter to, or expanded beyond, the "Let's Talk" campaign, as being promoted by Bell Canada, on January 28th Let’s talk about group dysfunction and denial. Let's talk about the process of stigmatizing, itself. Let's talk about the harm done by psychiatric diagnoses and labels, and let's use the #LetsTalkTruth to counteract the glowing, overly praised ,unquestioned effects, by those acting as our representatives, from the promotional position of Getting the Help You Need, by asking the questions that DON'T get asked, and by sharing our OWN experiences on being psychiatrized and the real effects that has had on our lives and why.

Questions for example may include:

Why do you need to get the public generally to STOP behaving this way when according to you most of us reporting this to you experts only “imagine” that?

This is the Let's Talk Agenda- Break the Silence


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Pat's Disclaimer: the posts of other participants on this public board do not necessarily express my own personal beliefs, experiences or opinions. I agree with some things expressed by others as they experienced it, with some ideas for change and not with some others. However, I do believe in the right to the honest expression of experiences with some simple limits, delivered in a non threatening manner. If we all offer our ideas and suggestions, others may find something they can use too for their own recovery and growing well being. I also believe that the best support can come from those who got all the way through their own experience and managed to come out the other side of it. We can't always see where we are heading, but we can see where we have been. Talking about it openly and honestly just may help BOTH the talker and the listener. So welcome to a place of mutual support with good boundaries part of the mutual goal. Maybe we can create a better way or relating and communicating by our own example. It is worth a try.

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