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Whatever Happened to Our Friend Flicka?
New Swedish Meatballs
Whatever Happened to Our Friend Flicka? Answer: New Swedish Meatballs

What's a Cult?

Did you ever notice how cults don't call themselves cults and get really upset if anyone else calls them cults? Is the denial that one is running a cult, or a cult like organization, or that one is IN a cult or cult like organization, part of the cult programming?

I don't know. I am not part of a cult...or AM I?

estian-shift style riddles:

Q: You know what Redeemers do don't you?

A: They "get you back."

(you won't take that the wrong way, will you?)

Q: Do you know what happens to those who take too much Power when they don't know how to use it properly and it is more than they can really handle?

A: They get charged! Then later on, they get "grounded."

(You won't take those the wrong way either will you?)

Oh.... the first part of this post has nothing at all to do with the second part. I am just saving time and space[1] on posting. So if you believe there is any connection between part one and part two, let me assure you; you are just reading too much into things and really there is no reality; only perception. Please don't look for meaning in the meaningless.

[1] Making my own 'space' you jargon lovers!


Amanda Jayne MacLachlan- Born 1968
Vid Recorded on October 21st, 2012
Is This Explanation Just Symptoms? Or is it a Common Truth?
Let's Listen to the Metaphysics of Amanda’s Reality for Three Minutes 
Date of Sudden Death – October 23rd, 2012
Two Days After She Made This Video
At the Age of 44.
Good Bye Amanda
You Are Missed by Many




Do you know what life form needs women to be “charming” as the first order of business? 

Answer:  (Hover)

The snakes in the grass.

(if that is your top priority in this I would like to suggest you call a snake charmer as your obvious choice of friend or companion.)