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Whatever Happened to Our Friend Flicka?
New Swedish Meatballs
Whatever Happened to Our Friend Flicka? Answer: New Swedish Meatballs

Do You Want to Believe?

By Patricia Lefave Monophrenic

This one is directed at my own city's population in particular.

Remember when you are getting together in various groups to discuss and evaluate me, my character and my perception of reality FOR me, that you must also DENY that you are discussing me in groups, because if you DON'T deny what you are doing while you are doing it, you will be affirming my perception of you and you "don't want to encourage her."

Besides not encouraging me though, and more importantly, you would be discouraging yourselves from operating with "hidden" agendas and discouraging the "fooling' of people like me who "think" we have been "harmed by others" who are operating with hidden agendas.

Worse than that!

If you come to agree with me that my perception of you is actually accurate, that can only mean that YOU have the same "mental illness" that I do, and will also need to be forced out of your jobs, as nurses, doctors, cops, lawyers, and psychiatristsfor your own good of course, since obviously you have no insight into your own condition and never have.

Now my advice to you is:

Plug your ears and hum loudly anytime you get to feeling uncertain about your certainty. Of course...I'm nuts, so you don't want to start listening to me.

Save yourselves normal people!



Amanda Jayne MacLachlan- Born 1968
Vid Recorded on October 21st, 2012
Is This Explanation Just Symptoms? Or is it a Common Truth?
Let's Listen to the Metaphysics of Amanda’s Reality for Three Minutes 
Date of Sudden Death – October 23rd, 2012
Two Days After She Made This Video
At the Age of 44.
Good Bye Amanda
You Are Missed by Many




Do you know what life form needs women to be “charming” as the first order of business? 

Answer:  (Hover)

The snakes in the grass.

(if that is your top priority in this I would like to suggest you call a snake charmer as your obvious choice of friend or companion.)