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Whatever Happened to Our Friend Flicka? Answer: New Swedish Meatballs

Could You Pass a Lie Detector Test?

Would that be a good thing?

Well, let's look a little more closely shall we?

Do you know that some people can pass lie detectors and that is because, according to some psychiatrists, those people have a brain disease called Objective Transference Disorder. (Try not to snort as you read this one)

So this means that as a suspect, you can be guilty and therefore fail the interpretation of your test results or, you can be guilty and PASS the test.

Oh look. Another escape proof snare. Doesn't this SOUND scientific though?

Right now, this profession is involved in debating if it is "time" or not to move AWAY from the objective tome of their own creation called the DSM, which is all based on real diseases, of course, and move now into genetics.

Oh look. Just like they did in Nazi Germany.

I do find I have some questions though.

For example...if the DSM is a manual of objectively observed disease processes then how can those of you who put that together objectively move AWAY from that, for if it is truly objective, and objective MEANS, fixed, that which cannot be moved, or changed, then moving AWAY from that would be a subjective move; would it not? So I am now wondering if perhaps those of you who have identified Objective Transference Disorder, were able to identify it through some form of self-observation. Of course if you have that disorder of the brain yourselves, perhaps we should not be too sure you have it, or not, since if you have it you are obviously not objective enough to really know if you do.

If there is anyone out there who is truly sure s/he does not have a broken brain, could you please wave a flag or something? We all desperately need you to observe the objective observers carefully to see if they are suffering from Objective Transference Disorder or if they only think they are, or that they aren't, because they have lost all genuine objectivity, if they ever had any, and how can we be sure, now that they have discovered this previously unknown brain disorder. After all they could have had this real disease just like diabetes, the WHOLE time they were writing the DSM and not have known it! The poor things.

We've got to find out so that we can help them. We can't expect the objective observers to help themselves when they have no insight into their own condition because their condition causes that lack of insight by fooling them into believing they are objective. They will just keep marching around proclaiming their objectivity and innocence and most people will believe them because they look and sound so sincere since that is the nature of their disorder.

Why we could ask them directly, while hooked up to a lie detector, if they have ever harmed anyone and they will say no never, and be able to PASS the test!

Gee, it must be just awful to have a brain disease that causes you to think that you are too objective to be lying when you ARE lying. It seems to me to be similar to Victim Blaming Disorder which causes some people, including some psychiatrists, to actually believe that victims cause their own victimization by "taking a victim stance which brings it all down on their own heads." (Gordon Warme. M.D.) Such poor people actually believe also that really there are no aggressors operating with hidden agendas. It is quite sad really and we need to help them to face reality.

I understand that this kind of disorder is so insidious though that MANY psychiatrists have been infected with it unaware that they are ill. They often believe that people who smile at them and talk sweetly, or with soft little tones of voice and who agree with them all the time to be incapable of aggression. That is quite sad really if you think about it as it is almost like they have no real understanding of life on earth. I wonder if they ever get to feeling like they must be from some other planet?

I have an idea about how to help them.

Perhaps some of you who are recovering chronic liars, smiling con artists and practised, but recovering, victim blamers could speak out publicly and try to help those still in denial about their own disorders and syndromes? Maybe you could form a self help group called something like Pretenders or Splitters Anonymous. You could begin by giving public talks about how who you pretended you were to everyone's face and who you really are, and how often your "stories" would bear no resemblance at all to each other and are frequently diametrically opposed positions which you used to defend your various positions to everyone, while creating utter chaos and confusion used to hide the truth about yourself. You know like when you tell others they must always be positive and then spend your entire day negating everyone else for everything they do to third parties, whom you later discuss in derogatory terms with the same people you previously discussed with the other people, whom you instructed to be positive. Maybe you could do some public talks on the amount of confusion and chaos you created for others by trying to be right all the time, even if you had to constantly contradict yourself to keep yourself believing you were ???

If so we may all eventually get over the Victim Blaming Disorder and maybe even the Objective Transference Disorder which seems to be closely related and if so, the liars won't be able to pass the lie detector tests when the truth tellers often cannot, because the truth tellers FEEL guilty, even when they are not.

All help offered from recovering liars and bait and switch con artists will be appreciated.


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Vid Recorded on October 21st, 2012
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Good Bye Amanda
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