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the Best Victim

Many years ago locally a man I do not know at all spewed his contempt at me on the streets here saying,

Congratulations lady. You make a really good victim.”

Let me respond to that once again now.  Actually, stranger to me, who feels entitled to act out like that... I make a really LOUSY victim, as you are about to find out.

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“Left handed people can use both sides of their brain at the same time, so they can usually process more information than right handed people.”
Mehmet Oz, M.D.
(Did you know that I am left handed? I wonder how many more left handed people than right handed people get labelled as compared to the general population? Did you know that I once described other people's idea of the meaning of 'psychic' as really just the ability to pick up more information than most people? Did you know that when I said something similar to a psychiatrist, and said I thought I got more information than most people, I got offered something for my delusions? It was something to 'reduce my awareness.')

I Recommend 

I recommend for psych students (and others) a few books available at our local public library. These are:

The Cure of Folly

and Daggers of the Mind: Psychiatry and the Myth of Mental Disease

by Gordon Warme, M.D.

I include these NOT because I agree with every word and in fact, I find much of this disturbing, but because they offer some insights into how the minds of psychiatrists have been trained to work.

Also available locally are:

Toxic Psychiatry By Peter Breggin, M.D.

Agnes's Jacket By Professor Gail Hornstein
A Schizophrenia Breakthough by Al Siebert, PhD.
Who was psychiatrized while TRAINING in psychiatry. 

I hope that these will help to get you to questioning and rethinking the psychiatric status quo.



Out of My Experience of 95

In the Beginning there was nothing

Then God said, “Let there Be Light”

...and there was still nothing

But now, there was a light on

So you could see It...

Dave Thomas, SCTV

Message off the TV, Just for me

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Critical Thought Questions

(Try Something New)

Is being ''a real nice guy'' a steady state of self contained being, apart from any changes in life experiences or circumstances ?

Did Eva Braun think Adolph was a real nice guy?

Did all Adolph's buddies and loyal followers concur?

Did the woman who was used as an experiment in "medicine" and then murdered when Adolph (and Mengele) was done with her, also think he was a real nice guy?

If she didn't, is that because she was a genetic defective just like the real nice guy said she was?

How many serial killers and cult leaders do you think get described as ''real nice guys''?

Did you catch Criminal Minds this past week? This tautological argument, I describe, this infinite loop of self justification, used by all abusers, "from Hitler to the lone wife beater," was mentioned on it in just these terms.

Is a neighbour who openly mocks and ridicules her other neighbours, to third parties , who then pass it along as "entertainment," a real nice gal?

If she does it right in their presence, like they aren't really there, is she even "nicer."

Is she "normal"?

Is she mentally "healthy"?

If I don't think she is a real nice gal, does that prove I am a mental defective "just seeking attention," accusing her "falsely," since those whom she mocks are not the same people as those for whom she performs the mocking?

..(well, MOST of the time anyway)

Should I aspire to be just like her? If I did, and flattered her with my imitation, would I then be considered to be a real nice gal too? Or would that only be true if the ones I mocked, ridiculed and told such entertaining "stories" about, were not the same people as those who are telling the stories about those "others"?

I guess I will have to understand WHO exactly, I may mock and ridicule to others, if I am to be a member in good standing of the mockers/splitters club. After all, it is really about who and not what. When it comes to being a success as a splitter/mocker I must keep in mind it is always personalities above principles. That is, after all, one of the foundation stones of the dysfunctional group.

No Sign of Awareness

Perhaps the reason many of you performing as my critics all these years "see no signs" of intelligence or awareness in me, is because you lack the intelligence and awareness to see me, seeing you, talking about my lack of intelligence and awareness, while 1 10 feet away from me. This is called "projection" and no, "stupid," inferior me does NOT think we are, like... all , sitting in a big movie theatre or something...(Beavis and Butthead) That is the local Beavis and Butthead "interpretation" of what I think (mean); it is not what I think. (mean)

Projection is a common defence mechanism, used to basically unload your own traits by projecting them onto those you need to reduce to a level you can handle. It is often a trait assigned to the wrong people . A somewhat less articulate way of SAYING that, that "others are projecting their own traits or flaws" might be, something like this:

"They were trying to "insert their thoughts into my head." (Hmmmm)

Of course I'm sure I don't have to tell all of you highly intelligent and aware people involved, anything as obvious as I?

What I have found fascinating, are the contradictions of the Psychiatric Faith and of dysfunctional groups of people in general. For example, a psychiatrist on my TEAM (as some nuts are harder to crack than others) has told me that if I expected those involved were going to admit to anything, I would have "unrealistic expectations."

Now conversely, the SAME profession also believes that if groups of people, which an identified patient "claims" have done harm, don't "admit" that they have done any such thing, then psychiatrists don't believe the patient who "claims" they have. That is because a GROUP of people you see, claimed that nothing happened and why would a group lie?

Fascinating isn't it? Can you hear any of the splitter logic in that? Same experience; opposing viewpoints; two distinct definitions. "It would not be in a group's interests to admit to anything" AND "why would a group of people lie, when they would have no reason to do so?" Heads you lose; tails the group the "game of life."

So the same people who know that groups lie, as a group, also denies that groups would lie.

This is when one of us "defectives" sometimes say weird stuff like. "There is something wrong with psychiatry's thinking."

Guess how psychiatrist's respond when we say that? Go ahead. Guess.

The same people who often deny that prisoners and psych patients are actually abused by those who have power and control over them, ALSO ran the Stanford Prison Experiment and know the results.

The same people who psychiatrized those patients who think they are being harmed by "covert" government agencies, also ran the covert CIA, (a government agency) "psychic driving" experiments, on patients in Montreal, at the Allen Memorial, aided by Ewen Cameron, M.D.

Reality is NOT an abstraction, in absolute terms, which can clearly distinguish "them" from "us." The idea that it is, and that it can, is itself, a delusional idea.

The CIRCLE, often sensed, even if not fully understood, by those who break down under pressure and feel trapped in a maze ( or Matrix) from which there is no escape to be found, no matter what they think, say, feel or do.

Fascinating isn't it?

Message off the T.V. Just for You

from Series "Hannibal" Lechter

"Jack, he fits the profile. They are attracted to medical and psychological jobs because they offer power over men."

(and so do other positions like cops, prison guards, politicians, cult leaders and psych nurses. In all cases of course these same jobs attract people who want the power to try to help as well as the people who want the help to gain power over others; and that can't be judged using a one size fits all abstraction either.)


Regarding the Speaking Monophrenese series

of articles here

...To the Splitting, Projecting, Denying "Normal"

This is a (probably) hopeless attempt to teach “Face Value Communication” to Those Who are Entrenched in the Long Time practice of Searching for Hidden Meaning where there is none .

I will make the attempt to explain the language and reasoning of the Monophrenic species, such as myself, using as clear and concise descriptions and definitions, as simply expressed as I can, and in as much pedantic detail as is possible. Hopefully this will help us to bridge the gap between the schizophrenic projectors[1] and the Monophrenic receivers, which currently tend to be seen and understood most often in opposite terms and with switched identities.  
I will try to explain to you what it is like to be from another planet like Monoterra (or at least to FEEL like you are from another planet) by using the most gut wrenchingly obvious language I can come up with delivered without giving in to the urge to scream it into anyone's face.
(We Monoterrians sometimes DO that as we tend to come to believe you Earthlings must be deaf as you don’t seem to be able to hear us. I have tried to tell some of my fellow “off world-ers’’ that shouting into the wind in the town squares is not working for any of us, no matter what planet we may come from, as it is defined simply as a ‘symptom’ and therefore meaningless to the observers. Some of them now believe I am on the ‘side’ of the Earthlings, while the Earthlings still tend to believe they too must protect themselves from me and my unwanted ‘awareness.’ 

What’s a Monoterrian to do? ...Well I will try this method here and see how it goes so stay tuned, no matter which planet you may be from...


[1] This I.D. should not be confused with the people labelled on Earth with the same term. from MY point of view it apples to the NON labelled people who are projecting their own split minds onto the people to whom they are applying the label. i.e. Psychiatrists are often ‘secret’ projectors.

Your Emotions Are Not Diseases

 They do not need to be eradicated. They are more like the brain’s OnStar system, used as guides to help you navigate your way through life. They signal you that something may be amiss and that there may be a better alternate route to take on your journey. It is up to you though, to LOOK at the map of your personal terrain and decide what may work better than the route you are currently following, in a way that will keep you from crashing and also avoid hitting anyone else along the way.