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the Best Victim

Many years ago locally a man I do not know at all spewed his contempt at me on the streets here saying,

Congratulations lady. You make a really good victim.”

Let me respond to that once again now.  Actually, stranger to me, who feels entitled to act out like that... I make a really LOUSY victim, as you are about to find out.

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“Left handed people can use both sides of their brain at the same time, so they can usually process more information than right handed people.”
Mehmet Oz, M.D.
(Did you know that I am left handed? I wonder how many more left handed people than right handed people get labelled as compared to the general population? Did you know that I once described other people's idea of the meaning of 'psychic' as really just the ability to pick up more information than most people? Did you know that when I said something similar to a psychiatrist, and said I thought I got more information than most people, I got offered something for my delusions? It was something to 'reduce my awareness.')

I Recommend 

I recommend for psych students (and others) a few books available at our local public library. These are:

The Cure of Folly

and Daggers of the Mind: Psychiatry and the Myth of Mental Disease

by Gordon Warme, M.D.

I include these NOT because I agree with every word and in fact, I find much of this disturbing, but because they offer some insights into how the minds of psychiatrists have been trained to work.

Also available locally are:

Toxic Psychiatry By Peter Breggin, M.D.

Agnes's Jacket By Professor Gail Hornstein
A Schizophrenia Breakthough by Al Siebert, PhD.
Who was psychiatrized while TRAINING in psychiatry. 

I hope that these will help to get you to questioning and rethinking the psychiatric status quo.



Out of My Experience of 95

In the Beginning there was nothing

Then God said, “Let there Be Light”

...and there was still nothing

But now, there was a light on

So you could see It...

Dave Thomas, SCTV

Message off the TV, Just for me

Free Handout- Print at Will

The ·Court· of Public Opinion

Based on "Story" Telling and Rumour Spreading Involving Large Groups
The reason forensics cops are likely to understand this a BIT BETTER is because they are forced to deal with CONCRETE reality on the job and cant live in a world of theory APART from concrete evidence. They CAN'T be right all the time, in theory only, because if they try it their cases will get thrown out of court where actual proof of a crime is necessary.

In psychiatry though, generally one is tried by the court of group opinion, especially if they can reach a group consensus on it, and actual evidence may have little, or even nothing at all, to do with it. In some cases, evidence is even suppressed in favour of the opinion of the group and expert theorists.

More often than not the presumably inferior minded subject has no voice at all in his/her own experience of life and is expected to defer, preferably demurely and obediently, to the authority who is holding the, all too real, CONCRETE power over him/her. Compliance in all these cases is considered to be a virtue because the one who wants it and expects it has declared it to BE one. One does not argue or disagree with those who hold such power over you, when perceived by them, as a defective human being, over whom they have assumed the right of CONTROL . Democratic it's not; as you could see if you just really LOOKED and stopped holding onto the comforting belief that this could not happen to you because YOU are not sick. When dealing with this kind of authority that cannot be questioned nor blamed, claiming you are not sick has been defined as part of the proof that you ARE sick; just as saying anything like you are a bit more aware than those around you has as well. So the MORE you protest the situation in which you are trapped, the tighter the snare gets as a result. After all denying you are sick and protesting treatment are ALSO symptoms proving how right the authority is. In fact, pretty much ANYTHING you can say can also be used to prove that, since your controller is in a position that is, by definition, always right as an expert on life, which has been defined as an abstraction in absolute terms. If you get upset about your situation and your inability to escape from all the overwhelming control, isolation and invalidation, your emotions will most likely then be invalidated as well, seen as not real emotions, but only inappropriate affects (one of the many distinctions used in creating them and us) being produced pretty much willy-nilly by your faulty, chemically imbalanced brain. That is what the DSM, the psychiatric bible as many call it, which they wrote themselves, and voted into existence, does, for the experts. By the time you recognize that there is no way out of the situation and that it really does not matter to anyone WHAT you think, say, feel or do, it is already too late.

(if this description of events and your psychiatrization fits you, connect to others online who share your experience and at least your isolation and the predictable effects it has on you, will be relieved. There are many non violent positive connections of support and encouragement now on the WWW for which there was previously limited, or no, access only a few years ago. As in all support groups, people who have actually HAD the experience and managed to get through it and come out the other side, understand it much better than those for whom it is a mystery or a fantasy being denied to exist. So if you have given up on being heard by 'experts try being heard by some experienced amateurs and crazy bitches as an alternative. You just might save your own life and even help others in the same kind of trap do the same thing.

As for the cops and others involved in my OWN case, try getting the missing information you need to sort out all the contradictory stories'' and opinions coming from anyone, and everyone, BUT me. If you don't have the framework used to recreate the power, domination and control game which allows you to understand HOW IT works you too will be overwhelmed by too much information you won't be able to sort out, nor makes sense of, though it will not be as debilitating for YOU, since you are with the supposedly, objective observers and are not the individual BEING screwed around with, observed and assessed from a supposedly objective position by those isolating and invalidating you as part of the means of taking care of their own interests..

Here is the information you need and to which you must attach the effects. This is the cause, the starting point,which you must know in order to understand HOW you PERCEIVE what is happening. For as is said inside this training, what you believe is happening depends upon from WHERE you see the START of the action. This kind of group behaviour goes on all the time, all over the planet, with or without, an official name' for IT .

If you read this and watch these, there is enough information to allow you to see how and why this happens and the prefabricated PLAN used by those who want power, control and domination to bring it into existence using perfectly normal people, in groups, to accomplish IT. My protagonist already understands it. You need to understand what HE already knows and for which he followed the script to recreate It using the wish switch' and the estian shift.

As in Bait, balance at the nexus of meaning/meaninglessness, and switch (positions) with your item.

(Whatever that thing is you think you might like to get rid of)

This is all the information you need to sort it out and see the connections to what happened here in concrete reality which is still being denied to exist and is ignored by the experts involved in IT .

One more thing: The statement, I am being set up to look like I am crazy does not require any interpretation. Take it at FACE VALUE despite the programming of psychiatrists to never accept ANTYHING the (identified patient) the person in distress says, at face value.

Reference: Gordon Warme, M.D. Psychiatrist in self revelation .

As they also say inside the est-ee nurse's power training, DO something about IT. Preferably something OTHER than taking care of the interests of those who are seen as the ones who really matter. This is the problem; personalities ABOVE principles just LIKE in any other dysfunctional group.

These people are supposed to be ABOVE the dysfunctional masses. If they are not, then they should not even HAVE this kind of power and control over others, who are being defined BY them as inherently inferior. But that IS the kind of power they have and most of them want even MORE of it.

By the way...I am aware that the CURRENT owners of Homewood have very likely been kept in the dark ALSO about this event that preceded their ownership. I do take that into consideration. But that does not mean I am not STILL being harmed by the group behaviour including, the pathologizing of my statement that I have, in FACT, (not fantasy) been HARMED ..

If you get these things as tools for understanding this event, as it has taken place here, since as far back as 93, and the ongoing effects of It, on me as the target as well as others, you will then recognize it as being connected to the concrete results, which will become much more obvious when seen connected to the master plan. (generic version of the domination game.)

Get these :

The Wave -connection

This is a similar structure with another concrete name but is basically the same model of group behavior and the tendency of the majority to follow the leader who tells them how superior they are to other mere mortals for being a part of that particular group. The NAMES change; the play remains the same.

also watch the film, Captive Minds; Hypnosis and Beyond

Next, note the opening line matching the answer I got from Dale, the self-defined est-ee, in his hand writing. This was first found by me in the book Getting It in 99 and later found this one below online as well.

Getting It

Also read, Outrageous Betrayal by Steven Pressman

But better than that to see the hidden concepts of power and control as they occurred in the training, is found in the Book, Getting It by Sheridan Fenwick from '76


Regarding the Speaking Monophrenese series

of articles here

...To the Splitting, Projecting, Denying "Normal"

This is a (probably) hopeless attempt to teach “Face Value Communication” to Those Who are Entrenched in the Long Time practice of Searching for Hidden Meaning where there is none .

I will make the attempt to explain the language and reasoning of the Monophrenic species, such as myself, using as clear and concise descriptions and definitions, as simply expressed as I can, and in as much pedantic detail as is possible. Hopefully this will help us to bridge the gap between the schizophrenic projectors[1] and the Monophrenic receivers, which currently tend to be seen and understood most often in opposite terms and with switched identities.  
I will try to explain to you what it is like to be from another planet like Monoterra (or at least to FEEL like you are from another planet) by using the most gut wrenchingly obvious language I can come up with delivered without giving in to the urge to scream it into anyone's face.
(We Monoterrians sometimes DO that as we tend to come to believe you Earthlings must be deaf as you don’t seem to be able to hear us. I have tried to tell some of my fellow “off world-ers’’ that shouting into the wind in the town squares is not working for any of us, no matter what planet we may come from, as it is defined simply as a ‘symptom’ and therefore meaningless to the observers. Some of them now believe I am on the ‘side’ of the Earthlings, while the Earthlings still tend to believe they too must protect themselves from me and my unwanted ‘awareness.’ 

What’s a Monoterrian to do? ...Well I will try this method here and see how it goes so stay tuned, no matter which planet you may be from...


[1] This I.D. should not be confused with the people labelled on Earth with the same term. from MY point of view it apples to the NON labelled people who are projecting their own split minds onto the people to whom they are applying the label. i.e. Psychiatrists are often ‘secret’ projectors.

Your Emotions Are Not Diseases

 They do not need to be eradicated. They are more like the brain’s OnStar system, used as guides to help you navigate your way through life. They signal you that something may be amiss and that there may be a better alternate route to take on your journey. It is up to you though, to LOOK at the map of your personal terrain and decide what may work better than the route you are currently following, in a way that will keep you from crashing and also avoid hitting anyone else along the way.