While Those "Observers" Observe Me...[1] 

[1]  While making sure they, as the 'others',  don't get blamed for anything, of course.

Included on this page is a featured series  I now call: 

Therapeutic Chats- for the Acutely Normal 

A Psychiatrized Individual Observes and Assesses the Disordered Mob from HER point of view. This is the same mad mob which has defined her as “inherently defective” and the same Mob Members who “hide” in plain sight, while defining themselves as the “normal” and as the standard to emulate.  Are these observations born out of my “paranoid delusions and hallucinated conversations” as assessed by my observers, or are they just an account of every day reality which is being stated as it is by the individual while being denied by the delusional “normal.”  

Let's just look at it and see what truths may emerge from the looking without the usual defence of the dysfunctional status quo blocking the view.  

Is this Psychiatric Fiction or Unrecognized, Unadmitted Fact? 

Let the reader decide for him or herself.

More Covert Ops?

My Lack of Interest in Most People on a Personal Level.

The "hidden" people often don't understand my lack of interest in them. Simply put, people who talk AT me, or ABOUT me, to anyone and everyone, rather than TO me, or WITH me, while leaving others out of it, as if they had some respect FOR me, get ignored BY me, for the obvious reason.

You can't be "friends" or anything else, with those who prefer to define you by group consensus with THIRD parties who decide FOR you, who you are, what you know, what you want, and how you will feel about everything, or anything. Relationships which involve ongoing input and assessments by others, especially when the others come first, are consulted BEFORE the individual being discussed, whether "covertly" or not, don't work. There is NO intimacy or even a half decent friendship when it is debated and defined by group consensus, with one of the principle people left out of it. So you see, whether in relation to friendship of more, I prefer people who, rather than talking AT me,or ABOUT me, to other people, prefer to talk TO me, or with me, while leaving all the others OUT of it. I am funny that way. I also find that such people are quite rare; especially in places like Neuroticville where defining reality by group consensus is widely accepted as a "'norm."


The Awareness Gap
See if you can decipher the mysterious difference in meaning between someone who no longer bothers speaking to you, even though she has no idea what you have to say to others about her, “covertly,” and the same person who knows everything you have to say about her, which is not “covert” at all.
Perhaps a committee of experts could help all of you find the hidden meaning in that.
Of  course those SAME experts will tell you that if you are looking for “hidden 
meaning”  that means you need an anti-psychotic. So be careful what you say, and to 
whom, while you look so hard for that which has  never actually been “hidden.”

Reality Swallowed Up by The DSM

(Delusionally Subjective Matrix) 

I told my last psychiatrist, who I actually liked as a human being, that what psychiatry is actually doing, is including what actually happens to people in relation to dysfunctional groups, in our sick SOCIETY, as a part of their evaluations inside the parameters of the diagnostics as if it were “symptoms” when it is, in fact, REALITY which is being denied. I meant it then and I mean it NOW.


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