While Those "Observers" Observe Me...[1] 

[1]  While making sure they, as the 'others',  don't get blamed for anything, of course.

Included on this page is a featured series  I now call: 

Therapeutic Chats- for the Acutely Normal 

A Psychiatrized Individual Observes and Assesses the Disordered Mob from HER point of view. This is the same mad mob which has defined her as “inherently defective” and the same Mob Members who “hide” in plain sight, while defining themselves as the “normal” and as the standard to emulate.  Are these observations born out of my “paranoid delusions and hallucinated conversations” as assessed by my observers, or are they just an account of every day reality which is being stated as it is by the individual while being denied by the delusional “normal.”  

Let's just look at it and see what truths may emerge from the looking without the usual defence of the dysfunctional status quo blocking the view.  

Is this Psychiatric Fiction or Unrecognized, Unadmitted Fact? 

Let the reader decide for him or herself.

Paranoid Patty in Wonderland

When I don't contact the police, they claim I called them, come right over at 9 am, buzz me to be let in, enter on their own, (though they can't get in) as I pull my jeans on, so I can go out to the door to see if that is really them, and not yet another ass-hole trying to gain entry to the building by telling us s/he is "the Police".) Then they ask me why I called THEM?...and if I did not call them, as I "claim", why would I wave them over to come and talk to me, while they are busy just sort of lurking and watching n the hallway?.. (last week)

Answer: "You buzzed me to let you in."

Of course when I actually DO call them (in the past) and try to get them to talk directly to me, they then ignore me completely. This is a concrete example of MY reality as experienced BY me from MY point of view..

Down the rabbit hole we all go together, yet AGAIN.

So my point of view looks and sounds like this, based on the reality of MY experience and knowledge, which is not identical to that of all my assessors and evaluators:

Since I did NOT call the police (a male and female team) and of course I already KNOW that since I am aware of ME, then either,

A. The police constables already KNOW that and they are lying to me which they also know..


B. Someone else actually called the police and then lied about WHO was calling, claiming to be me...


C. Another one of the "Pats" in the neighborhoods called the police and the police assumed, as I hear they have done before, (not that I hear a damned thing of course) that it was, in fact, me. (

after all why would any of the sane citizens of Wonderland lie? For do yo not see....they would have "no reason" to do so....

In any case of course this COULD be proved one way or the other at least to SOME degree since the police have the authority, and the means, to check phone numbers and find out from where the call originated if indeed, there really WAS a call. But of course, this likely won't be resolved either since in the atmosphere of Wonderland, "stories" are ll too often accepted ahead of, or even apart from, actual evidence, even when evidence is handed to those pretending they are looking for resolution. After all, in Wonderland, no one can be blamed....well...no one who really MATTERS anyway. Keeping up appearances, in Wonderland, as Hyacinth Bucket (that's "BOUQUET") could tell us, often requires the suppression of truth....just like it does in EVERYOTHER dysfunctional GROUP

Repeat phrase of the week: "Poor (name of psychiatric est-ee nurse)."

Oh yes the poor "falsely accused thing"... if only he had not produced any concrete evidence the "fun" he gets out of the "recreation "(get it? double entendre there)...snort snort...) would never have to end .....

City Employee Group Evaluations

Many city employees have assessed together also that I seem pretty much average to them, or nothing special. Many of my current neighbours concur...of course this is all "covert" so don't let on you got this from me from whom it is all being concealed)

I actually accept this assessment as a move in the right direction. Toward a goal that works for everyone. I don't need to be EITHER inferior no superior, so "average", which is dangerously close to inherently equal isn't it, and "nothing special", hopefully means that you are pretty much starting to see me as basically JUST LIKE YOU...that being the case, then either ALL of us must be in need of psychiatric help.,. (five cents) or NONE of us average, non special, people are in that kind of need.

Hopefully this will be a wake up call that keeps ringing until we answer it and come out of our collective long nap. Set your "alarm" (get it?) on blaring racket.

To the psychiatrized male who looked me in the eye and silently mouthed, "thank you"; You're welcome. Please pass my reality along to others like us and keep All of your fingers and toes crossed in the hope that a REAL and lasting Change of Life (mine is all done) based on equality of BEING, not identical existence, will result for the lesson given so generously to me for my "UNDER-standing."


The Awareness Gap
See if you can decipher the mysterious difference in meaning between someone who no longer bothers speaking to you, even though she has no idea what you have to say to others about her, “covertly,” and the same person who knows everything you have to say about her, which is not “covert” at all.
Perhaps a committee of experts could help all of you find the hidden meaning in that.
Of  course those SAME experts will tell you that if you are looking for “hidden 
meaning”  that means you need an anti-psychotic. So be careful what you say, and to 
whom, while you look so hard for that which has  never actually been “hidden.”

Reality Swallowed Up by The DSM

(Delusionally Subjective Matrix) 

I told my last psychiatrist, who I actually liked as a human being, that what psychiatry is actually doing, is including what actually happens to people in relation to dysfunctional groups, in our sick SOCIETY, as a part of their evaluations inside the parameters of the diagnostics as if it were “symptoms” when it is, in fact, REALITY which is being denied. I meant it then and I mean it NOW.


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