While Those "Observers" Observe Me...[1] 

[1]  While making sure they, as the 'others',  don't get blamed for anything, of course.

Included on this page is a featured series  I now call: 

Therapeutic Chats- for the Acutely Normal 

A Psychiatrized Individual Observes and Assesses the Disordered Mob from HER point of view. This is the same mad mob which has defined her as “inherently defective” and the same Mob Members who “hide” in plain sight, while defining themselves as the “normal” and as the standard to emulate.  Are these observations born out of my “paranoid delusions and hallucinated conversations” as assessed by my observers, or are they just an account of every day reality which is being stated as it is by the individual while being denied by the delusional “normal.”  

Let's just look at it and see what truths may emerge from the looking without the usual defence of the dysfunctional status quo blocking the view.  

Is this Psychiatric Fiction or Unrecognized, Unadmitted Fact? 

Let the reader decide for him or herself.

The Most Fascinating Thing to ME as a "Topic"

..is the ongoing inability of the dysfunctional groups, who spend their days gossiping, spreading rumors and repeating "stories", to CONNECT what they "cause" with the largely predictable "effects" of their group behaviour. Of course as we know from the est analysis, "individual responsibility is diminished because of the large number of people involved".... read the book laying out the training exercises and processes.....it's just fascinating.

They same people will say, "where are all these rumours and stories coming from? Then those who spread the rumours will respond, "I don't know...why it must be someone vicious or someone who is 'not all there.'" (If the rumours are about them.) Of course if the rumours are about those "others" whom the story tellers talk about, ONLY among themselves, then they must be true since the stories are about those others." See it is important that you understand these "distinctions."

"We can't blame others" gets put out as an abstraction in absolute terms but of course in practical terms it depends upon WHO is being identified as the "others" and WHO is doing the blaming. That can be quite tricky to understand the difference as there does not seem to BE any difference but there actually IS; it's just not succeeded right out loud. Sometimes it is expressed like this though: "Did you ever work someplace where the politics is MORE important than the work itself?"

That will help you to understand the "difference" in a "rule" that appears to be absolute but which isn't really.

So since at least 93, I get to observe and listen to absurd conversations often, (but not exclusively) with myself as the topic of debate, and often being the topic is why people LIKE me, "think" that the people DOING all the talking, are talking about them.

Of course since the people doing all that talking are "hidden" then they CAN'T be the people being referred to by the people who "think" people are talking about them. Can they? That is because the people being talked ABOUT don't KNOW they are being talked about by the talkers. (still with me in this absurdity? ) That is because "we" (being talked about) are too dull witted to see or hear the talkers, even when they are a few feet away. WE are too dull witted. US. Not "them". NEVER them; the "sane" people who are so very happy they are not crazy, like "them", those people we talk about like they aren't really there and who "think" people are talking about them. You're right though; you aren't crazy like "them." You are crazy like YOU.

Confused are you?

Well I have proposed to psychiatry that instead of giving "us" a "little something to reduce our awareness" (I foolishly stated that I was probably a bit more aware than most people"- symptom! Not allowed. ) Perhaps though they should actually try giving the "mystified" ones, the "others" who can never be blamed, psychiatrists included of course, a little something to INCREASE their awareness.

Hopefully then they will get to the point where they can make the connection between being the people talking about us and us hearing them doing all the talking. Of course I already know better than to have any unrealistic expectations about that.

Right now of course they can't make the connection because they suffer from O. O .S. (Objective Observer Syndrome) These are people who perceive themselves as apart from a common reality.

Superior people do not relate genuinely and directly to those they define as their inferiors. Instead, they engage in endless "covert ops" and boundary violating behaviour, then they deny that, and claim the "inferior" ones are only "claiming" they do that, or just saying that to "seek attention." or sometimes their inferiors actually "believe" that ..(delusional dahling) BECAUSE they are "inferior."

This is a self serving tautology used by "superior" people to justify the control of "inferiors" as defined BY THEM.

"Religiosity": the "devil" is said to be the "father of the lie." (the lie that often SOUNDS so sincere) that TOO is about the "position switch." It is also about why religion talks about "the foundation stone" on which your "house" is built. And why it talks about how "there is a way that SEEMS right to humanity but the end of it is death." These are metaphysical concepts expressed from within concrete frameworks. Feel free to pathologise THIS too. Never leave any room for escape from the control of the superior people who are entitled to create and define reality itself, FOR us.


The Awareness Gap
See if you can decipher the mysterious difference in meaning between someone who no longer bothers speaking to you, even though she has no idea what you have to say to others about her, “covertly,” and the same person who knows everything you have to say about her, which is not “covert” at all.
Perhaps a committee of experts could help all of you find the hidden meaning in that.
Of  course those SAME experts will tell you that if you are looking for “hidden 
meaning”  that means you need an anti-psychotic. So be careful what you say, and to 
whom, while you look so hard for that which has  never actually been “hidden.”

Reality Swallowed Up by The DSM

(Delusionally Subjective Matrix) 

I told my last psychiatrist, who I actually liked as a human being, that what psychiatry is actually doing, is including what actually happens to people in relation to dysfunctional groups, in our sick SOCIETY, as a part of their evaluations inside the parameters of the diagnostics as if it were “symptoms” when it is, in fact, REALITY which is being denied. I meant it then and I mean it NOW.


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