While Those "Observers" Observe Me...[1] 

[1]  While making sure they, as the 'others',  don't get blamed for anything, of course.

Included on this page is a featured series  I now call: 

Therapeutic Chats- for the Acutely Normal 

A Psychiatrized Individual Observes and Assesses the Disordered Mob from HER point of view. This is the same mad mob which has defined her as “inherently defective” and the same Mob Members who “hide” in plain sight, while defining themselves as the “normal” and as the standard to emulate.  Are these observations born out of my “paranoid delusions and hallucinated conversations” as assessed by my observers, or are they just an account of every day reality which is being stated as it is by the individual while being denied by the delusional “normal.”  

Let's just look at it and see what truths may emerge from the looking without the usual defence of the dysfunctional status quo blocking the view.  

Is this Psychiatric Fiction or Unrecognized, Unadmitted Fact? 

Let the reader decide for him or herself.

A Message off the Internet

From one of those "Inferiors" you hold in such contempt.

When you, of all ages, treat your neighbours one way to their face and the exact opposite behind their backs, and define this as "normal", you are demonstrating beyond words, how those who look to you as their example, (like children and grandchildren) what "normal" thinking and behaviour really is and how to get the stamp of approval from you for it. They then get this by recreating, the same thinking and behaviour, over and over again, generation after generation, so they too can feel like the 'belong' to a group defined as "normal."

Change your OWN minds and stop trying to change the minds of those who can see you and hear you as you obviously are, and who dare to state the perfectly obvious.

It doesn't matter who you say you are. It matters who you SHOW yourselves to be. That is what you are modeling for those you presume to teach and that's and that is what those you teach, ACT OUT on buses, in the town square, the food courts, the library etc. And they direct this acting out AT those whom you have defined FOR them, "covertly" as YOUR "inferiors.'

In reality, inferior IS as inferior ACTS OUT and demonstrates "out here in the world of reality," as a demonstration of the duplicity taught to them as normal behaviour.

Of course what "normal" (healthy) is and what "normal" (common behaviour) means, is not always the same thing.

Splitter Commentary

These are a couple of my favourite Splitter performances.

They always make me laugh for no reason, no matter how often I get to see and hear them.

Now visualize two superior reality splitters in conversation with each other. I, their topic, am four feet away looking right AT them as they do this. Got the visual there?

Splitter comment maker 1: (lowers eyes and talks out of the side of the mouth)

"Be careful what you say in front of her."

Me: (smiling to myself and they don't know why??? Thinking of an internal response which I don't say out loud as I am not "allowed" to confront any superior people in public, or any hospital staff ever....

"Yes...DO be careful, as you would not want me to hear you saying anything about me, like I am not really here..."

I actually COULD say that to the superior 'careful" people as they would not be able to "make sense of it" anyway. Of course I can't either, running in the other direction, but then, this is always about WHO is, or is not, "making sense" and not WHAT is making sense.

Splitter commentary 2:

My all time favourite "Theatre of the Absurd" performance from my superiors.

Two or more people strike the observation pose together. (like two female university students did for me once at the bus depot as a little 'test." If they all had beards, they would be stroking them as they assessed my mental state for me...)

"The all think people are talking abut them. I would bet she thinks we are talking about her right now..."

Hint for rookies on the receiving end of this: They AREN'T joking. Seriously. So if you laugh, it will be perceived BY them as YOUR defective mental state.

My mental response to my assessors:

"You're right again geniuses. I DO think you are talking about me right now. Now I used to believe that you were joking, pretending to be stupid, or trying to drive me insane on purpose for the "amusement" of it. But with a few exceptions to that last bit, I know better now.

In reality, you're imbeciles, often with high I.Q.'s whose split minded state of awareness is causing you to project your own split, in order to create an alternate reality, in which, no matter how absurd, how ludicrous your evaluations really are, you never have to see or hear your OWN irrationality.

Of course that is what those who believe they are superior human beings MUST do, since the premise used to promote yourselves as inherently superior to others just like you is based on your own irrationality. And of course that is also why it ia absurd to see you and hear you doing it. It makes no sense.

So the senseless superiors then define being unable to make sense of THEM, as the inferior mental status in those who are "having trouble making sense" of the senseless.

Are you confused by that?

Well, if you are cast in the role of the inferior, whatever you do, don't SAY so, right out loud as it will then be heard as a "symptom." of course if you have cast yourself in the role of the superior, it's OK as THEN, it is the inferior ones who are CAUSING your confusion, which is then understood to be legitimate confusion and NOT a symptom. Are you getting the point here? The state of "confusion" is always either In or caused BY the inferior one. It is never in or caused By the superior one. Got that? It is NEVER the other way around-EVER. That's the way the 'game' is played.

So if you are cast in the role of the superior one, then to maintain that state of Splitter reality, you MUST see the problem as being contained WITHIN the mentally inferior one, as defined by YOU, and having nothing whatever to do with you, or your own faulty perceptions, about yourself, or the other.

Just to lighten this lesson up here a bit with a joke I like to tell- a variation on the chicken joke:

Why did the psychiatrist on his side of the shared reality say,

"There is no reality; only perception"?

Answer: so HIS perception of reality will always be the "correct" one and he will never have to cross over to the other side."

Yuk Yuk.


The Awareness Gap
See if you can decipher the mysterious difference in meaning between someone who no longer bothers speaking to you, even though she has no idea what you have to say to others about her, “covertly,” and the same person who knows everything you have to say about her, which is not “covert” at all.
Perhaps a committee of experts could help all of you find the hidden meaning in that.
Of  course those SAME experts will tell you that if you are looking for “hidden 
meaning”  that means you need an anti-psychotic. So be careful what you say, and to 
whom, while you look so hard for that which has  never actually been “hidden.”

Reality Swallowed Up by The DSM

(Delusionally Subjective Matrix) 

I told my last psychiatrist, who I actually liked as a human being, that what psychiatry is actually doing, is including what actually happens to people in relation to dysfunctional groups, in our sick SOCIETY, as a part of their evaluations inside the parameters of the diagnostics as if it were “symptoms” when it is, in fact, REALITY which is being denied. I meant it then and I mean it NOW.


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