While Those "Observers" Observe Me...[1] 

[1]  While making sure they, as the 'others',  don't get blamed for anything, of course.

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Therapeutic Chats- for the Acutely Normal 

A Psychiatrized Individual Observes and Assesses the Disordered Mob from HER point of view. This is the same mad mob which has defined her as “inherently defective” and the same Mob Members who “hide” in plain sight, while defining themselves as the “normal” and as the standard to emulate.  Are these observations born out of my “paranoid delusions and hallucinated conversations” as assessed by my observers, or are they just an account of every day reality which is being stated as it is by the individual while being denied by the delusional “normal.”  

Let's just look at it and see what truths may emerge from the looking without the usual defence of the dysfunctional status quo blocking the view.  

Is this Psychiatric Fiction or Unrecognized, Unadmitted Fact? 

Let the reader decide for him or herself.

Focus on the "Game" Itself AS the Problem 3/8/2018 18:22

Let me tell you why.

As some of you cops like to point out, one of the common ploys of criminals is to claim to be the victim. They DO that because it creates doubt at to who is whom and creates confusion.

However, whatever anyone else may know or not know, the victim and the aggressor BOTH know who is whom, even if it can't be proven and even if the group and the bystanders don't know for sure, or think that they do know.

If you focus on exposing the 'game" itself though, in its entirety, the perp. will not like it at all AND the victims will appreciate it.


To TRULY understand It is to dis-empower It.

(No one will want to "play the game" that everyone already KNOWS is a manipulative crock of shit.)

Many years ago, one of the people involved identified by those acting out as "he", had allegedly said to others, "She's looking for the third thing."

  1. If you mean from the "drama triangle"? No.
I am the 4th "thing." The Converter: Aggressor, Victim, Rescuer, CONVERTER.

There ARE people on Earth who know it needs to be a Quadrangle.

I am the one who converts the premise, switches It BACK, turns the "breech-birth" ( another euphemism for Satan, or "the devil" or "The Source") around in my "psychic womb" so that he will be born head first, instead of ASS first.

There are many forms of symbolism that can be used to say the same things in terms of meaning. Pick your own fave.

So "Shifty" is the estian Shift

The dysfunctional "normal" (what the group votes on  as "normal") get rid of their own duplicity by projecting it onto those who can SEE BOTH sides of them and have the audacity to SAY so, right out LOUD. We are the ones who threaten the con artists. For the power of duplicity is threatened when it is pointed out to those who have not admitted/will not admit, it is there and that is it OBVIOUS.

"The Emperor has no clothes," states the "abnormal" child stating the obvious and who must be suppressed to please "authority."  Nowadays of course, he would likely get "diagnosed" with O.D.D. (Oppositional Defiance Disorder)

Nothing assures  a happy productive life like literally being labeled as ODD for questioning "authority" while still in your childhood. Something I once pointed out to the late Jean Harvey.

The Point

The bully operates from inside his own circular argument. The premise and the goal are the same thing and that IS: He is "proving" his "superiority" to himself. The distress reaction he gets from the target of his bullying IS the payoff.

Still, as the target, you can't choose to show distress, reason with the bully, OR say nothing as none of those will change anything. To the bully all of these possibilities as reactions from you, "prove" to HIM that he is "superior."

To break the "spell" and it is like a hypnotic induction, you have to talk about it, as a structure, on the meta level; just LIKE I am doing it right here and now. You do it this way so that the bully can see and hear, beyond any doubt, that his act is perfectly obvious and therefore definitely not "superior," since it is by no means "hidden" from anyone.

When they go low; you go high. Sometimes despite that, the bully succeeds for awhile longer. But it won't last. For the more people there are who recognize the "game" the less effective it will become until finally everyone just stops playing It. So go from the level of the relationship between you to the structure that includes BOTH of you.

Two Types of People Get It

(I have said THIS before too and had it defined by others as part of my "obsessing" about it)

That is because you see the opposite of "always right and never wrong" (estian concept) is "always wrong and never right."

The people MOST likely to "get It" are those who have had some similar experiences before, on one side OR the other.  The difference in what, and how, they get it, has more to do with motivation. Those who want to use It for power and control over others will keep their understanding a secret to keep It viable.

Those who want to help to keep the targets from being controlled by the first group, will shine a light on IT and shout it from the rooftops, so that the whole structure becomes visible.

Both sides of that know "It works"  BECAUSE it is kept concealed.  The rest of the trainees, the majority in fact, just don't get It at all.  That being the case of course makes them, just seeing themselves as being in a large group, all saying TOGETHER, "Huh? I don't get IT...what is THAT all about?"  makes them "normal." (as defined by group consensus) for one of the most common remarks heard from the group is, "It doesn't make any sense at all." For they do not understand that "sense" has nothing to do with IT.

In reality of course, the one the controller and the controlled live in TOGETHER, it is understood by both that it is the obfuscation and the group support which is keeping It going in an infinite state of being/non being.

STOP the "game": not the people who TRY to TELL you about an experience of It that YOU deny exists. In THIS reality, saying "NOTHING Happened," EITHER denies It's existence, OR, Is a statement of It's power, depending upon your "perspective" on IT.

Power, Control and Domination IS the end game.

REVEALING that is the end OF "the Game."

As I have also said, 4,000 times before,  the goal in this is NOT resolution. The goal of the controller, is to PREVENT any real resolution from ever occurring. For if it is resolved, it just ruins all of his "fun."  After all, he does it for the "recreation" of It.


The Awareness Gap
See if you can decipher the mysterious difference in meaning between someone who no longer bothers speaking to you, even though she has no idea what you have to say to others about her, “covertly,” and the same person who knows everything you have to say about her, which is not “covert” at all.
Perhaps a committee of experts could help all of you find the hidden meaning in that.
Of  course those SAME experts will tell you that if you are looking for “hidden 
meaning”  that means you need an anti-psychotic. So be careful what you say, and to 
whom, while you look so hard for that which has  never actually been “hidden.”

Reality Swallowed Up by The DSM

(Delusionally Subjective Matrix) 

I told my last psychiatrist, who I actually liked as a human being, that what psychiatry is actually doing, is including what actually happens to people in relation to dysfunctional groups, in our sick SOCIETY, as a part of their evaluations inside the parameters of the diagnostics as if it were “symptoms” when it is, in fact, REALITY which is being denied. I meant it then and I mean it NOW.


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