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The Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Medications.


pro- nor anti- medication, the guide provides valuable information for making wiser decisions, and supports people coming off as well as staying on meds. It was developed with the editorial involvement of 14 health care professionals, including psychiatrists, registered nurses, and acupuncturists, and published by The Icarus Project and Freedom Center. You can find out more about the Guide by clicking on the link in the Title. PLease make sure you scroll down far enough.

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Gianna's Corner



The Beyond Meds Archives

 By Gianna Kali,

Social worker/
Psychiatric Survivour

Gianna is going to take some well earned personal time to live a life.

She goes off line from her very personal, open and shared journey and withdrawal from psych meds. (drugs) After several years of the daily sharing of that struggle and all the genuine emotions expressed that have gone with it, she has now reclaimed her own power.  

Anyone who is still struggling with such issues should drop by and perhaps travel along the road to hope and recovery. It is a well travelled road with plenty of signs along the way to help you know that you are not lost and alone. Hopefully, you too will find the information and supportive voices you need to make it easier. 

Now it is time for a personal and private time. I wish her all the best and a great soul restoring and indefinite vacation from 'recovery.'


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The Psycho-Social Spirit of the Essential Problem

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

Are the problems we all have really about the concrete details or are they about the psycho-social-spirit of the human problem which are described in a variety of ways with concrete details? What is the central problem with humanity?

I believe that everything we struggle with is about the same basic theme. By ''we'' I mean all human beings and not the psychiatrized and labelled ones as apart from the ones currently unlabelled . I say''currently'' as by the time the DSM committee gets the DSM-V catalogue of 'illnesses' completed, there will be no one anywhere who cannot be defined as ''mentally ill'' with those who protest, of course, having ''no insight'' into their own illness since having no insight into ones own mind and thought processes is PART of all the illnesses! How very handy, and how absolutely empowering to those doing the diagnosing. You can't ever be wrong when no one can legitimately disagree with you now can you?

I believe that everything we struggle with is about personal boundaries; the imposition of wills, abuse, and about those with power, or at least, the illusion of power in some cases, using that power to control and define those without it. But when you get right down to it, it is always about the boundaries and the illusion of 'them' and 'us.' it is either about someone violating the boundaries of another and usually doing so with a self serving and false sense of entitlement OR, it is about being the one being violated by others who cannot be reasoned with or stopped for one reason or another. It is much more often the one who is violated that breaks down under pressure than the one doing the violating since the one doing it feels justified in what s/he does. Society generally tends to blame the victims and excuse the abusers citing 'normality' as the reason. Though ''we can't blame others'' and ''no one's perfect'' are very common platitudes used in status quo maintenance, ''we must stop the abuse and the abusers'' and we ''must improve ourselves and our apathy about dysfunction' are pretty much unheard of and sound really strange. We like to avert our eyes quite a bit.

Psycho social aggression and abuse will be stopped only when those doing it get the negative consequences for doing so rather than the ''overlooking it'' bit they get for it now. Aggressors do what they do for the pay-off of superiority and power it gives them. They could care less about the results to those they victimize. To change this, we need to change the pay-off and that can be done with full exposure in detail. People who operate with hidden agendas want those agendas KEPT hidden. The emotional reactions that will change the pay-off for them are embarrassment and humiliation, the same emotions they want from others. That can be done without behaving the same way just by repeating back to them their own behaviour and all the reasons for it.

If someone ridicules you while they are nudging their idiot friend and saying watch this, just before making a mocking remark in order to get a reaction from you, you can't reason with that as it is not reason based; it's emotion based for THEM too. What you can do is parrot it back and also expose the motivation for it. It works better if you have someone with you too so that like the ridiculer, you can talk to your friend ABOUT the mocker as if s/he was the fascinating specimen the two of you were observing. Sort of like this:

Oh look. It is one of those guys who is such a sad case that he needs to mock targets like me as his means of deluding himself that he is my superior. The poor guy. ..He is like a throw back to another time period in which people were always in 'contest' mode, back in the days when their limbic reptilian brains ruled the earth. . Imagine what it must be like to have your identity and feelings about yourself and your worth dependent upon such child like ideas as trying to make someone else feel bad? It is just so the only means of feeling OK about yourself? I wonder if that is genetic? Do you know that half the time, ''they'' don't even realize that the people they mock and ''test'' for reactions are fully aware of them and all the motivations for what they do?

Don't forget to sound calm and just slightly patronizing while you do it. Being calm and cool about it is important in making the change happen. Be persistently understanding about the reptile brain that is causing the mocker to act out. Maybe even suggest some research might be dedicated to digging around in there, looking for the anomaly that causes adult human beings who appear to be normally formed to be unable to grow out of their defective condition of sibling rivalry and territorial style brain disorders. Are they perhaps 'Emotionally Challenged''???


Following the Leader


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For individuals, members of a people can have a sense of 'belonging' to people's 'reality', only if the others around them are prepared to respond to what they do and say seriously; is if the are treated as a proper participant in that people's 'authoring' of their reality, and not excluded from it in some way. For only then will they feel that the reality in which they live is as much theirs as anyone else's (39)..

John Shotter's

Conversational Realities
Constructing Life through Language

Sage Publications, 1993

Part I: A Rhetorical-Responsive Version of Social Constructionism

Wellness is About Understanding Personal Boundaries; BOTH Yours and Others and Knowing What is in Your Power to 'Fix" and What is Not. If You are from a Dysfunctional Family You May Never Have Really Known This.