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The Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Medications.


pro- nor anti- medication, the guide provides valuable information for making wiser decisions, and supports people coming off as well as staying on meds. It was developed with the editorial involvement of 14 health care professionals, including psychiatrists, registered nurses, and acupuncturists, and published by The Icarus Project and Freedom Center. You can find out more about the Guide by clicking on the link in the Title. PLease make sure you scroll down far enough.

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What the Dalai Lama has to say
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Gianna's Corner



The Beyond Meds Archives

 By Gianna Kali,

Social worker/
Psychiatric Survivour

Gianna is going to take some well earned personal time to live a life.

She goes off line from her very personal, open and shared journey and withdrawal from psych meds. (drugs) After several years of the daily sharing of that struggle and all the genuine emotions expressed that have gone with it, she has now reclaimed her own power.  

Anyone who is still struggling with such issues should drop by and perhaps travel along the road to hope and recovery. It is a well travelled road with plenty of signs along the way to help you know that you are not lost and alone. Hopefully, you too will find the information and supportive voices you need to make it easier. 

Now it is time for a personal and private time. I wish her all the best and a great soul restoring and indefinite vacation from 'recovery.'


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Four Ways to Get Over Trauma
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Connects to Religion

Adult Bullying:

Is it Happening To You

How You Can

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Taking Personal Control: Mind, Body, and Soul

Creating Connections Through Dialogue

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FREE Speech Means Free (genuine direct) SPEECH

Destroying other people's property or flipping over police cars and setting them on fire are NOT SPEECH. Speech is what comes out of your mouth, in WORDS and how you use words matters. Also stop mocking and ridiculing people you don't actually know, even if you disguise it as "humor" as it does not really do anything for you other than make you look like an abusive jerk, and it doesn't do anything for them eitherunless of course, it is OK with you if they do the same thing to you(as equals) Some of those who like to mock me for example have actually provided me HUGE amounts of "comedic" material that I have not actually used yet; but I COULD. I know how, as they have shown me how it is done by modeling it for me very well.

You must be honest but without screaming and name calling or you won't be heard at all because all attention will be on the fact that you are screaming and not on the words you are using to scream your messagegot that? Good messages get lost or overlooked because of that.

Also disagreement in all things must be tolerated, PROVIDED that what you are disagreeing about is not anything that violates other people's boundaries or their right to disagree with you. We need the right to disagree as having that ensures that someone, somewhere, may come up with a new idea, or piece of information which we don't have yet that may change things for the better for ALL of us. If everyone is silenced and not "allowed" to disagree, we miss huge amounts of information that get buried because not offending someone who is "important" or our "superior" becomes MORE important than our collective self-actualization process. As I like to say to my assessors and evaluators, "Nothing makes sense if you don't have enough information but everything does if you do."

That is true on the concrete level and I also happen to believe it is true on the metaphysical level as well. Feel free to disagree with me but don't feel free to spew your contempt at as you pass me in the street, me because you do, or to have the thought police pick me up so I can be made to think in ways that are more to your liking. Both of those are boundary problems in you. Many people of high status with big bank accounts suffer from them too just like us lowly nobodies. It is not the disagreement that is the problem. It is the abuse that comes from some because of it or the imposition of wills by those who must be right and try to control everyone else.

So many times you will not agree with other people's point of view BUT (and that's my big but!) as long as you are not accepting something you don't believe, or pretending to accept it, so that the other will like you if you pretend you do, and you are also not trying to impose YOUR beliefs and your will on them, then we can enjoy the benefits of free speech and the collective learning process it provides for us. This means that the atheist and the devoted theist can live in the same world or the same place and because it is not seen as a contest between them of who is right and who is just an idiot; a contest which one of them must "win," both can learn some new things from the other, and strangely enough, often both find a new thought in the conversation they never had before that is a different way of saying the same things. These can produce some interesting moments of an amazing type of synchronicity which that contest mode of being would not have allowed either one to see or hear before.

This can be a bit tricky to get used to though as it is not something the majority does right now. So there is going to be some trial and error to this. We must get out of that contest mode of being to do it as remaining in it, like a family tradition, is killing us all. Popularity is overrated when we allow horrible things and events to exist or to come into being because the group to which we "belong" might not like us if we say anything against it. Say something and keep your focus on the fact that the real group to which you belong and the one that matters most is the population of this planet in its entirety. The One True Faith.

Here is a metaphor for you: (hold the Haldol please)

What if we were to perceive everyone who ever lived, all over time as part of one big universal brain with each individual similar to one brain cell with a certain function within this "brain"? What if the only way the universal brain (which some of you might call God, can really be happy and fully functioning is if, or when, all the cells are healthy, unique and doing their own job as they were intended to do? Sort of like The Big Bang reintegrating itself into a new kind of wholeness.

Now if I had some new age music and the ability, which I am working on as one of my retirement projects, I could create a meditation podcast talking you through it with added visuals, maybe the O.J.s singing "Love Train, softly in the backgroundPeople all over the world, join hands

I know; too much, too soon, but ONE day..oh dear there go my "unrealistic expectations" again ....


Following the Leader


Coping Video Below is 49 minutes long



For individuals, members of a people can have a sense of 'belonging' to people's 'reality', only if the others around them are prepared to respond to what they do and say seriously; is if the are treated as a proper participant in that people's 'authoring' of their reality, and not excluded from it in some way. For only then will they feel that the reality in which they live is as much theirs as anyone else's (39)..

John Shotter's

Conversational Realities
Constructing Life through Language

Sage Publications, 1993

Part I: A Rhetorical-Responsive Version of Social Constructionism

Wellness is About Understanding Personal Boundaries; BOTH Yours and Others and Knowing What is in Your Power to 'Fix" and What is Not. If You are from a Dysfunctional Family You May Never Have Really Known This.