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The Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Medications.


pro- nor anti- medication, the guide provides valuable information for making wiser decisions, and supports people coming off as well as staying on meds. It was developed with the editorial involvement of 14 health care professionals, including psychiatrists, registered nurses, and acupuncturists, and published by The Icarus Project and Freedom Center. You can find out more about the Guide by clicking on the link in the Title. PLease make sure you scroll down far enough.

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Gianna's Corner



The Beyond Meds Archives

 By Gianna Kali,

Social worker/
Psychiatric Survivour

Gianna is going to take some well earned personal time to live a life.

She goes off line from her very personal, open and shared journey and withdrawal from psych meds. (drugs) After several years of the daily sharing of that struggle and all the genuine emotions expressed that have gone with it, she has now reclaimed her own power.  

Anyone who is still struggling with such issues should drop by and perhaps travel along the road to hope and recovery. It is a well travelled road with plenty of signs along the way to help you know that you are not lost and alone. Hopefully, you too will find the information and supportive voices you need to make it easier. 

Now it is time for a personal and private time. I wish her all the best and a great soul restoring and indefinite vacation from 'recovery.'


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Creating Connections Through Dialogue

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Quantum Positioning

Switching the Bait

Changing the Catch

Real change occurs that lasts, when people learn the difference between TAKING the bait and knowing they are BEING baited. You cannot change those who are always baiting others in their attempt to get a distress reaction, also often described (while doing grinning idiot) as "getting her going" or "getting at her." They do this because they are pathetic individuals, constantly comparing themselves to others, often in idiotic ways, so they can feel better about themselves, by steeping on someone else. These re the perpetual children on Earth playing "King of the Castle. Many of them will be 85 years old and STILL thinking and behaving the same way. You cannot "reason" with that as "reason" has nothing to do with it. What you CAN do though is talk publicly ABOUT the baiting ITSELF, the reasonFOR it, not IN it, and the mental acrobatics the baiters and abusers must use on THEMSELVES, to keep themselves deluded that they are "superior" human beings while being such obvious ass-holes, blind and deaf to themselves. Don't try to reason with THEM, or ask them "WHY are you doing?".. this in an effort to get them to THINK. They don't think and they don't want to think. They are "know-it-alls." They promote themselves, often at the expense of others. They love themselves. This is a form of narcissism. "Logic" does not penetrate that. Just sit in restaurants, observe their actions, noting the way everything is "interpreted" in whatever way is needed for their self promotion and then let them "get you going" and show the what kind of a reaction they are going to get for their efforts by discussing them and their pathetic efforts to get distress reactions which the poor morons think is proof of their "superiority." Make sure they hear you and then watch for a reaction...then discuss that while they are right there, watching and listening. If they are within earshot, say, Do you think they know we are talking about them?

Small changes in a variable or two make big differences of altering reality; both in ways that harm (for "fun") and heal.( for eventual peace)

With baiters and testers we can't just ignore them because they are so self serving and dull witted that if you don't react, they can only assume that is because YOU are stupid or crazy. It is NEVER them and it won't be because "winning" the con-test they think they are in IS the point of what they do. That is the nature of narcissism from mild "teasing"to mass murderer and everything in between. What they Do is all about them. Their targets are just "props" in their play, who they do not see as being as "real" as they are. THIS is what all their targets have to talk about publicly. Once understood, by the masses, it's "game over." The assholes lose. The ONLY way such idiots will EVER give up their "game" is when, or IF it stops working for them. That is because it is all about THEM. So don't try to appeal to a consciences. It is not there. Those who do not feel any need for "forgiveness", no matter what they do are only empowered by you, when you offer it without any sign of contrition from them. This type always tell themselves that YOU are an idiot for offering it. THAT is how they think. They must be dealt with on their own terms, WITHOUT becoming just LIKE them.

Public exposure of the "game" itself is the way to do that. You don't even have to name names; just focus on the universally applied metaphysics of it , sometimes referred to as "technology", and HOW it works. They do IT because it works. Stop buying into what you are being sold. The bait they use is good for catching a flounder. Give the fisherman a whale of a good time by being the shark with a hunger for the arrogant humans who are trying to reel him in, which they never would have expected to end up on their hook and which they now can't escape.....

This is the kind of "altered state" from which everyone can ultimately benefit. The state we need to "alter" is part of external reality also; not apart FROM it, as some would have us all believe.


Following the Leader


Coping Video Below is 49 minutes long



For individuals, members of a people can have a sense of 'belonging' to people's 'reality', only if the others around them are prepared to respond to what they do and say seriously; is if the are treated as a proper participant in that people's 'authoring' of their reality, and not excluded from it in some way. For only then will they feel that the reality in which they live is as much theirs as anyone else's (39)..

John Shotter's

Conversational Realities
Constructing Life through Language

Sage Publications, 1993

Part I: A Rhetorical-Responsive Version of Social Constructionism

Wellness is About Understanding Personal Boundaries; BOTH Yours and Others and Knowing What is in Your Power to 'Fix" and What is Not. If You are from a Dysfunctional Family You May Never Have Really Known This.