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The Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Medications.


pro- nor anti- medication, the guide provides valuable information for making wiser decisions, and supports people coming off as well as staying on meds. It was developed with the editorial involvement of 14 health care professionals, including psychiatrists, registered nurses, and acupuncturists, and published by The Icarus Project and Freedom Center. You can find out more about the Guide by clicking on the link in the Title. PLease make sure you scroll down far enough.

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What the Dalai Lama has to say
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Gianna's Corner



The Beyond Meds Archives

 By Gianna Kali,

Social worker/
Psychiatric Survivour

Gianna is going to take some well earned personal time to live a life.

She goes off line from her very personal, open and shared journey and withdrawal from psych meds. (drugs) After several years of the daily sharing of that struggle and all the genuine emotions expressed that have gone with it, she has now reclaimed her own power.  

Anyone who is still struggling with such issues should drop by and perhaps travel along the road to hope and recovery. It is a well travelled road with plenty of signs along the way to help you know that you are not lost and alone. Hopefully, you too will find the information and supportive voices you need to make it easier. 

Now it is time for a personal and private time. I wish her all the best and a great soul restoring and indefinite vacation from 'recovery.'


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Creating Connections Through Dialogue

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People who need to feel inherently "superior" or to reign "supreme" to other humans, especially when using some descriptor. (colour, religion, age, clothes, shoes, hair-do, wall paper, your curtains, ...etc. to do so.)

It doesn't really matter which one since they are all just excuses for abuses anyway. They do it because they don't FEEL equal. Equal is all any of us really are. But our "superiors" SECRETLYFEEL inferior, so becoming the polar opposite is the only way that they know how to feel better about themselves.. Their targets are really just props in their play about THEMSELVES. It is all about them and their OWN circle of insanity.

Now to deal with the narcissists, abusers, sociopaths or psychopaths to any degree, you have to be able to THINK like them, WITHOUT becoming just like them. Many of you online have said something like that to me in the past such as, "I did not know how to deal with them without becoming just like them."

If you can't, then they can't ever see you, or hear you, as you really are. In other words, understand "the "game" but don't play any of the roles yourself.

Instead, ruin "the game" itself, by revealing every detail of it and what it is really all about.

Talk IT OUT, everywhere, preferably while four feet away from the "gamers"around you. Do not confront them nor try to "get through" to them. It won't work. The only thing we need to use the game FOR is to experience the game itself right out of existence.

If you just talk "game" and NOT individual identities, it will help to stop the game. You can do this as the egalitarians will not be affected at all AND you won't accidentally blame the wrong people due to some more "adept" gamer, who had already made use of the position switch move, between victim and aggressor. That way you won't add to the victimization and accidentally support the W.E.A.M aggressor (wide eyed and mystified)- W.E.A.M.)

So talk "game" (principles) to expose it and not individuals (personalities) when you have no concrete proof, one way or the other. If you do it this way, then BOTH victims and abusers will recognize their own roles in a way that ONLY they can really understand. It does not matter if they admit it or not. It's the "game" we need to ruin or kill; not the people playing it, or on the receiving end of it. Got It?

Remember that the "gamers" can transform virtually ANYTHING defined as "proof" of their superiority to you, from your shoes to your Xmas decorations, to you standing in line at a grocery store while they "assess" you for complete strangers. You can't reason with that because it is really not ABOUT your shoes or your Xmas decorations or your grocery store line-up "assessment." It is all about them and THEIR need for self promotion and you can't reason with that because it is not REASON BASED.

What you can do though, if you are not alone at the time, shopping is say to your companion, "I am being assessed and evaluated in secret again...likely for my lack of awareness."

(then the two of you laugh and perhaps one can say to the other, "what do you say we laugh for no reason?") BUT do NOT confront your superior evaluators. There is no genuine direct communication with those who still play the "game." So remember; talk GAME; not specific gamer.

It's Principles over Personalities.


Following the Leader


Coping Video Below is 49 minutes long



For individuals, members of a people can have a sense of 'belonging' to people's 'reality', only if the others around them are prepared to respond to what they do and say seriously; is if the are treated as a proper participant in that people's 'authoring' of their reality, and not excluded from it in some way. For only then will they feel that the reality in which they live is as much theirs as anyone else's (39)..

John Shotter's

Conversational Realities
Constructing Life through Language

Sage Publications, 1993

Part I: A Rhetorical-Responsive Version of Social Constructionism

Wellness is About Understanding Personal Boundaries; BOTH Yours and Others and Knowing What is in Your Power to 'Fix" and What is Not. If You are from a Dysfunctional Family You May Never Have Really Known This.