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This page is partly for announcing things in the news which the general, as yet to be psychiatrized, public usually does not see as these things do not often make the front pages like the ideas which promote bio psych more often do.
It will also offer some information about what bio psych is up to and why all of us should be paying attention to this for these things are also about the future of the  'yet to be' psychiatrized people.
I do not intend to keep this news updated though but will occasionally post one or two articles only on the same topic or case. This will give those interested in the outcomes some information to 'Google'  or "Bing"  if you would like to learn more.
There are many sites now keeping up with these things so they should be quite easy to find.




Drugs &



These are those 'side effects' openly admitted to by professionals

Formerly, when religion
was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine; now, when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine for magic.

Thomas Szasz


Going Around In 
"Psychiatric Circles "

This page is going to be about what is going on in psychiatry and opinions from others as to how and why that is as it is. Hopefully this may help people to open their eyes to the reality that has always been there, despite the psychiatric smoke and mirrors.

Causes and Effects: Keeping an Eye on the Help


Messages off the T.V. Just for Mental Health Professionals

This just in from Texas, home of the Texas Algorithm Project (which is a computer program designed to detect genetic defectives who "think" they have been harmed by "others" including others like the writers of theTexas Algorithm Project.

A new aversion "therapy" has been instituted to "bring out the heterosexuality" in gays which includes some of the threats of the same tortures...ah...I mean therapy....yes...that's it...therapy.....used to extract information from potential terrorists. These have included connecting one's gonads to the gonad shock therapy system (GSTS) which has been so highly successful in the past ( and still going) when used on the insane to get them to just forget about it...

Also one can pack one's own BM in a convenient carry around jar and use that as therapy.

As it is explained, one should "put your own shit in a jar and sniff it to remind you of what the assholes are saying." Jon Stewart, the Daily Show, July 2nd 2014

I'm confused. (you know me; always "confused" when no none else is)

The same people seem to say that being gay is a mental illness, then it isn't, and now apparently it is again....and yet these same people always seem to need to be right, and in being right, they confer upon themselves the right to either support, or change, depending upon the Zeitgeist of the decade they are in at the time, currently BOTH at the same time, anyone who does not agree with them at any given time.

See with me, I get all confused and stuff, because I do not see this as something that needs to be agreed upon one way, or the other according to group consensus and have that followed by the imposition of wills by one group OR another.

I see this as a problem, IF the individual decides for himself that it is one, and NOT a problem if the individual decides for himself, that it isn't one and as long as the individual making the decision FOR HIMSELF does so from within good personal boundaries I do not see WHY it should be a problem for anyone else, or something that those who judge these things as abstractions., in absolute terms, need to "fix", FOR someone else, defined, as for THEIR own good.

But then, I am seen by some, on both sides of this, as inferior of mind because I won't take a "side" on all these things, so... what would I know? I am just a crazy genetic defective anyway, so, don't listen to anything I say. I am probably just "seeking attention" with all this fabricating and writing behaviours I do, but just too crazy to know that. At least that is what some of the experts have decide FOR me......

Current Blog Article: Messages off the T.V. Just for Mental Health Professionals

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The opinions expressed by the individual writers on Psych Watch
do not necessarily represent those of the Site Owner. This page is dedicated to the free expression of personal experience within the parameters of my Mission Statement. This page is to be taken as the opinions of others, many of them based on each ones personal experience. It is not recommended by me to be taken as advice, or direction, on whch anyone should act without questioning the content. If you make the choice to act on the opinions of others, please proceed with the utmost of caution and be prepared to accept responsibility for your own actions.
I repeat again; I am NOT a medical professional or mental health expert. I am an ex mental patient and psychiatric survivour, one who believes also from experience that 'bio-psych' is the wrong way to go.

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Proposed Draft Revisions
 DSM Disorders and Criteria 


DSM-5: The Future of Psychiatric Diagnosis

Publication of the fifth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) in May 2013 will mark one the most anticipated events in the mental health field. As part of the development process, the preliminary draft revisions to the current diagnostic criteria for psychiatric diagnoses are now available for public review and comment. We thank you for your interest in DSM-5 and hope that you use this opportunity not only to learn more about the proposed changes in DSM-5, but also about its history, its impact, and its developers. Please continue to check this site for updates to criteria and for more information about the development process.


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Creating Connections Through Dialogue

Giving Us the Business


When human distress becomes a 'business' just like any OTHER business, and is dealt with by those who have total, unquestioned power and control over the 'product' as if it WERE a profitable business, then those who are in distress may well find the product they are being sold is one which they are going to be forced to buy.

Endless and 'incurable' distress could be quite the money maker, couldn't it? That is especially true when, unlike other 'businesses,' where pleasing the customer matters, in this business the customer who does not want what is being sold, and who thinks it is a shoddy product, is always wrong. Being always wrong, is built right into the business, and you’re getting it.