Questioning Normality

Those Labelled Schizophrenic

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

I would like both those labelled "schizophrenic, and those DOING the labelling to think about this.

The people who talk about the "schizophrenics" right in front of them do so because they have been taught by dysfunctional groups, including psychiatrists, that "schizophrenics" lack awareness and understanding of the world around them. Therefore, they won't know what you people are doing anyway.[1] This is the kind of ambiguity which is so prevalent in dysfunctional groups who indulge in splitting and projection.

The "schizophrenics" "claim" that people, including people who are "strangers" to them, like you, talk about them right in front of them like they aren't even there.[2]

Psychiatrists HEAR statements like that from the people they "diagnose" as a "symptom" of schizophrenia and this kind of hearing of alternate MEANING is how they GET the label of schizophrenia in the first place.

The result is a paradoxical trap inside of which in order to avoid more and WORSE "treatment" in every sense of the term, the now labelled person is obliged to PRETEND s/he can't see and hear what s/he still sees and hears, which in turn reinforces the delusional beliefs of the "normal" that schizophrenics are "stupid and/or unconscious" and are lacking in ordinary awareness and understanding, like the "normal" people who are full of it.[3]

[1] That is a nexus statement which is a TRUE statement from both sides but with a split MEANING which most people cannot hear in a psychological sense of "hearing.".

[2] David Rosenthal in the "Thud" experiment said afterwards that he felt like he was not there. Those of us who share the experience know what he means too.

[3] Now, won't take that the wrong way will you?


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When you open your mind to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth.

Walter, The Mad Scientist On Fringe


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Who Defines the Normal and Why?
The Focus on this interactive page is going to be on the perspective we don't hear much about: the Normal group member and his or her role in the design and diagnosis of the assigned illness, given to the individual who gets psychiatrized, often for 'complaining' about his/her experience with 'others' as well as the Normal's function as a part of a Normal group.

Here we will shift the focus OFF of the psychiatrized one and ONTO the group as a whole, and some of its other members in particular.


I believe we need to take another look at 'Normal' and how it all got to be considered to BE 'Normal. In doing so we may just find that a whole lot of what is now considered to be 'Normal' might better be described as 'common' or ‘habit.' Longstanding dysfunctional relating for example is very often called “Normal' by those who are used to it, who want to stay 'popular' in their group by keeping silent, or who “don't want to make waves “in the name of “getting along.” Often of course, those who are “getting along” are not really “getting along” with everyone and are part of a well practised scapegoating system. 

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