Questioning Normality

Do the Concrete Details of Life Ever Represent Abstract Truth?

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

Just as "the family that prays together stays together," so does "the family that kills together, or that robs banks together."..but not always....

Does this mean then that if someone is not a member in good standing, in any of those groups, that those group members have better "social skills" than those who do not belong to them, and those who actually prefer to stay outside of such groups? Are such outsiders then standoff-ish or anti-social by comparison?

Are all families that belong to religious groups extra holy and sinless when compared to those which do not belong to religious groups? Is there such a thing as piety for show and not for real?

Alternatively, can atheists be moral or ethical without believing in God?

How about Quantum theorists?

If you can answer "sometimes" yes and "sometimes" no, to any of these questions, then they cannot be considered to represent abstract truth for all in absolute terms. That also means they cannot be heard to be, or accepted as, "symptoms" of individual mental illness in absolute terms. Operating theories which are proved to be wrong, or fallible, MUST be rejected. The failure to do so is the promotion of group/collective delusion which will require the sacrifice of innocent people to maintain it.

It's not rocket science. Is it?

For Your Christian Consideration

Especially for those of you who like to wear your Christianity like a badge of superiority[1]...I have another question.

Do you think it was a terrible thing that the people of Jesus' day mocked Him, ridiculed Him, taunted Him and expressed their overt contempt for Him?

Would your answer change if I referred to Him" with a small "h" like in "her" or "him"? Do you think such group behaviour no longer exists? Or do you think that the people who do it THESE days only do it to those who REALLY "deserve" it?

Have any of you local Christians ever mocked, ridiculed and expressed your contempt for me? Or did I just hallucinate that?

Did any of you hide the truth and then deny what you did to save yourselves and take care of your own interests at my expense?

Do you get a glimmer at all, as to any reason WHY the people who are driven into breakdown by others, others who can't be held accountable for their group behaviour, and others who deny all knowledge of being "at cause", might "think" they, the ones broken under pressure, are, or are like, Jesus?

Let's meditate on that one conceptually, rather than so literally, shall we?[2]

How about letting all the Christians who are determined to save all of us lost "others" answer this one? I await your well anticipated "corrections."

Intervention Anyone?

I caught a piece of a Perimeter Institute lecture on TVO on the weekend.

The quantum crew was discussing the theory that the human brain was actually connected in some way to space/time.

You may recall that I said something about the "time distortion" of the altered state of consciousness known as "psychosis."

(which literally means "psychic condition', or pertaining to the mind)

I was talking about the time distortion I experienced in my own altered state in 95 which I described as being caused by a disconnect from concrete reality, which occurred when I became unable to stay connected to it, due to the non stop contradiction and multiple versions of it with which I was being bombarded. Of course this experience of concrete reality was all denied to EXIST since we can not blame "others" who can never be blamed for anything. But....I know how us nuts love our self contained symptom of "thought disorder."

My question is this:

Will a planned intervention for all those weirdos at the Perimeter Institute, who tend to sound disturbingly like ME in many ways, be organized soon?

(Get the depot injections ready. I have a "psychic" hunch THAT bunch is going to deny they are mad and "resist" treatment!)

[1] By the way..."Superior Christian" is actually a contradiction in terms.

[2] For people who can't take ANYTHING "we" say at "face value" you sure seem to be able to take all the metaphors used that way!


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When you open your mind to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth.

Walter, The Mad Scientist On Fringe


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Who Defines the Normal and Why?
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Here we will shift the focus OFF of the psychiatrized one and ONTO the group as a whole, and some of its other members in particular.


I believe we need to take another look at 'Normal' and how it all got to be considered to BE 'Normal. In doing so we may just find that a whole lot of what is now considered to be 'Normal' might better be described as 'common' or ‘habit.' Longstanding dysfunctional relating for example is very often called “Normal' by those who are used to it, who want to stay 'popular' in their group by keeping silent, or who “don't want to make waves “in the name of “getting along.” Often of course, those who are “getting along” are not really “getting along” with everyone and are part of a well practised scapegoating system. 

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