Questioning Normality

A Word on Psychiatrists and Other Normals

Generally and Specifically

By Patricia Lefave

The kind of psychiatrist who would enter a Speed diagnosing contest, or who sees nothing wrong with that, is the kind you should particularly run from at top SPEED.1 If you are a psychiatrist who sees nothing wrong with that, what are you thinking that allows you to avoid seeing it? Can you imagine oncologists holding a contest like that.

Name that Cancer!

The one who names that cancer the fastest, even if you have never even met the patient, gets an all expenses paid trip to Cancun! Woo hoo!

Of the eight or so psychiatrists with whom I have had personal contact, there are three of them that I actually like, as human beings, who might even have been friends if we had met under different circumstances. I am also connected online to a number of mental illness professionals, some of them academics or psychiatrists themselves, who are fighting against bio psych and who think very much about it as I do, and as a lot of ex mental patients and psych survivours do too. Of course these ones too tend to talk to, or with, labelled people "as if" we were all equal humans rather than AT or ABOUT "them". Generally, the bio psych system does not like THEMeither.

I believe that some people who become psychiatrists, do so, in the first place, for the best of reasons and are genuinely motivated by the desire to help people and to try to help to heal the world of it's chaos, confusion and generalized angst. They just picked the wrong job as the vehicle for their good intentions. They would probably have made really great humanistic, transpersonal psychologists.

These are also the ones that the bio-psych system, now being pushed and promoted, like PCP laced with cyanide gets pushed as a really great trip by a drug dealer, who will be chosen by the system, to try to pressure them OUT of their jobs. They will ostracize them, ignore them, correct and malign their character, just like all OTHER dysfunctional group systems do it, and in the same way that causes some of "us," currently controlled by our invalidating labels2 to land in a psychiatrist's office, in the first place. I know one now who has been told she is "psychotic" if she thinks a certain system of thought is abusive. Welcome to my "club."

We too have often tried to talk to one of them about what has happened to us, while trying to resolve a problem with a group of people, who invalidate the crap out of us for disagreeing with the dysfunctional system, of which we are an unwilling, resisting, non compliant, members.

Many of these resistant psychiatrists will give up trying and quit, while the ones who embrace the reductionism, the growing power and control of those defective others, will rise to the top of the pyramid that promotes and rewards them, like the cream in a dairy farm bucket or scum on the pond...depending of course, on your point of view of the system and your "interpretation" of the abstract idea of "rising to the top."

I just have no respect for authority do I?

No. I don't. Because "authority" without concrete specific detail on what that "authority" actuallystands for, is a meaningless concept and an idea that sits at a point of potential only. Abstract ideas and generalizations, without CONNECTION to the concrete specific details that define them are meaningless and are useful only as jumping off points for further clarification and debate, as conversation stoppers, or for hypnotic induction. Cults, and cult like, organizations just LOVE them.

Yes master.....I will obey....I want you to like me......I will be who you want me to I smiling enough for you?

"Fault Finding" is a character flaw but only if it is one of "us" finding the faults in those "others" who are finding all the faults in us, for finding out about their covert fault finding, which we must know about, by having another fault of listening to their conversations, or something, which we don't really hear anyway, as they don't say anything, to anyone, about us, and we only think they do because we are stupid and/or crazy..and since we are stupid/crazy they can tell others about us from three feet away, since we won't know what they are talking about anyway..not that they do that of course and if we say they do, why... we must be crazy.......

Do you get the "infinite nature" of this kind of "training", no matter by what name it gets called?

I am going to do a piece demonstrating this unseen group phenomenon out of of one of R.D. Laing's case studies from fifty or sixty years ago. You will have a harder time trying to explain this one away as something I just "made up" myself to "seek attention."

Don't you just hate it when something is written down and made too real so that you can't just deny it exists?



1 Get the irony there? Now which one of you students locally will take the opportunity to walk up to within four feet of me and spew with contempt, I doubt if SHE would know what irony even meant! -Whichwon't be a new experience for my imagination of course.

2 and the message that sends to all who are informed of them


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When you open your mind to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth.

Walter, The Mad Scientist On Fringe


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Who Defines the Normal and Why?
The Focus on this interactive page is going to be on the perspective we don't hear much about: the Normal group member and his or her role in the design and diagnosis of the assigned illness, given to the individual who gets psychiatrized, often for 'complaining' about his/her experience with 'others' as well as the Normal's function as a part of a Normal group.

Here we will shift the focus OFF of the psychiatrized one and ONTO the group as a whole, and some of its other members in particular.


I believe we need to take another look at 'Normal' and how it all got to be considered to BE 'Normal. In doing so we may just find that a whole lot of what is now considered to be 'Normal' might better be described as 'common' or ‘habit.' Longstanding dysfunctional relating for example is very often called “Normal' by those who are used to it, who want to stay 'popular' in their group by keeping silent, or who “don't want to make waves “in the name of “getting along.” Often of course, those who are “getting along” are not really “getting along” with everyone and are part of a well practised scapegoating system. 

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