Questioning Normality

Mini Awareness Exercise for the Locals

Without "admitting" to anything yourselves, or talking directly to me, as if I was an actual factor in my own life, and an equal human being, try this:

Focus just on other tenants in my current apartment complex.

Now think about what YOU know which some of them say TO me, as well as what they say ABOUT me to others, often "covertly" from 1 to ten feet away. Think about what some of them have specifically told others ABOUT me. Now think about them, defining FOR me, what I think, or will think, what I will be aware of and what I won't.

Now think about them being puzzled about my lack of "friendliness" toward them. While still thinking about that, think about me being assaulted psychologically, by a growing mob of "superiors" until I broke down under stress and pressure and then think about that experience of them, from MY point of view, being pathologized right out of existence and my perceptions and reactions to it, invalidated as part of a "disease" process.

Now, switch positions-

Think of me being aware of every little bit if It. That includes who these folks REALLY are, as well as who they are PRETENDING they are, in relation to me.

Think of the reality of my experience, of It being denied to exist. and being offered some "medication" to "reduce my AWARENESS" of it, and of those "hallucinated conversations" and paranoid delusions about IT.

Now, think if you can think of any REASON why I do not want a personal type of relationship with about two thirds or so of my wide eyed, mystified, superior minded , slander producing neighbours, co -workers and some former "friends," at least one or two of whom have suggested that I should "overlook it."

Anything NEW from another perspective coming to mind at all?

We are not going to "overlook" it this time. We are all going to look RIGHT AT IT. This is the new form of "togetherness" which is not about plastic smiles and duplicitous personas, but actually identifying and resolving REAL problems, in REAL life, with REAL people, in REAL situations.

At the very least, it is about letting go of the routine scapegoating and the offering of socially sanctioned targets as "payment" for the "errors of others" who make sure they take care of "their own interests" by not "admitting" to anything....

Now see if you can figure out why some people on the receiving end of this group crap "think" they are "like Jesus." Let me help...look at the paragraph directly above, now back at this one, above, back......anything connecting there for you? No? Is the meaning still "hidden?"

Well don't tell any of your colleagues that you are looking for it as you already KNOW what THAT means........

Messages off the T.V.

Trillium 1995

"In the beginning there was nothing. So God (who is everything and nothing at the same time) said, ""Let there be light!"

...and there was still nothing but NOW there was a light on so you could see IT.

Dave Thomas as the sign off pastor


Oh... this little light of mine

I'm gonna let It shine......

...preferably on the blood suckers who can only stay alive by "hiding" in the dark and not letting any of the light of day show them for what/who they are- the walking dead......

Messages from movies and Sci-Fi series.


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When you open your mind to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth.

Walter, The Mad Scientist On Fringe


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Who Defines the Normal and Why?
The Focus on this interactive page is going to be on the perspective we don't hear much about: the Normal group member and his or her role in the design and diagnosis of the assigned illness, given to the individual who gets psychiatrized, often for 'complaining' about his/her experience with 'others' as well as the Normal's function as a part of a Normal group.

Here we will shift the focus OFF of the psychiatrized one and ONTO the group as a whole, and some of its other members in particular.


I believe we need to take another look at 'Normal' and how it all got to be considered to BE 'Normal. In doing so we may just find that a whole lot of what is now considered to be 'Normal' might better be described as 'common' or ‘habit.' Longstanding dysfunctional relating for example is very often called “Normal' by those who are used to it, who want to stay 'popular' in their group by keeping silent, or who “don't want to make waves “in the name of “getting along.” Often of course, those who are “getting along” are not really “getting along” with everyone and are part of a well practised scapegoating system. 

So if you have some stories of your “Normal' experiences, this is the page for that.


As usual on these pages, please follow the few simple rules of communication and talk about; ideas or experiences generally, your own personal experiences without naming proper names, your feelings, your experiences  of the mental illness system, good or bad, in relation to your own personal experience with it.  Keep it connected on this page though to defining and questioning what is considered to be “Normal” thinking and behaviour. Do NOT name names, as this is a public board and liability laws apply. Keeping your sharing in the first person singular and/or in relation to ideas or concepts allows you to have your say and keeps you and me, safe from harm or legal problems at the same time.


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