Talking 'AT' My Psychiatrists

...While They Plug Their Ears and Hum Loudly

No Rescuer in THIS Psycho Drama

That is because the only ones who really understand IT are the Controller and the "Item" being targeted for control. Of course the controller presents himself as the rescuer or the victim and the object of control is presented as the aggressor and/or "delusional" (switch) for "thinking" she is being harmed by the "really nice guy."

(Did you happen to catch the profile in Criminal Minds last week?

"They present themselves as trustworthy and really nice guys..."

"Messages off the T.V". Just for the delusional staff who can't see past the facade used to con them.....).

So let's take another look at the possibility of meaning in this statement which was acted out for me recently...only relate it directly TO the est routine and the chaos that grows out of IT as part of the "effects." For I am STILL "at effect" since the reality of my own experience is STILL being denied to exist as the means of getting everyone ELSE involved off the "hook."

"He was TRYING to be her rescuer and trying to help her."

Now what you believe THAT means will depend upon which "he" that is, what HE believes he is actually trying to "rescue" me FROM, and his own definition of "help." Is the "he" in this commentary one who believes me or not? Of course, I don't ever know the solid answer to any of those questions since I am "she," or "her," who is NEVER talked to directly, or genuinely, about any of It, by anyone involved in IT. For after all....NOTHING happened here, therefore I am not HEARING any of this in external reality, since there is NOTHING to hear according to all of my assessors and interpreters.

Though this experience has been given a name in my case (est) this is NOT an experience that is unique to me; far from IT. How many "possibilities" can YOU come up with based on just the multiple versions of my "reality" that have been passed along and re-invented over the passing years? As the object of observation, how much MORE do you think I have heard, as acted out BY those who perceive me as a barely conscious idiot, and therefore, have no problem talking about IT, right in front of me, like I am not really there, and perecieve that as all right?

THINK about what you DO as a GROUP. This is not the problem of individuals APART for the society they live in. This is a psycho-social problem and IT always HAS been.

Current Blog Article: No Rescuer in THIS Psycho Drama

Thanks to Loren Mosher for his endless trying to have us all be HEARD as human beings

The last line of Getting It: the Psychology of est is

“The only way to stop a nightmare is to wake up.”

So Homewood- WAKE UP! Wake up to the REALITY that is right in front of you!

Take the LEAP!


And Yes...words CAN heal us all, even psychiatrists, but not for as long as you are plugging your ears and humming loudly so that you won't have to hear them.


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 Blameless Others 

Will those “others” who can NEVER be blamed for ANYTHING, ever be blamed for anything? We who can never be “allowed” to blame those blameless others already KNOW the answer to that one.

The Matrix


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"A mobbing is like a tornado spun off from a spring rainstorm
- a fervent, collective assault that escalates from
an ordinary conflict."
-Kenneth Westhues
qtd. in "Mob Rule"
by John Gravois

The Bottom Line

Divided Brain

We who see and hear are understood by the “normal” who do not see themselves as like us, as the “disease” invading the “healthy' body of humanity. Actually we are more like the anti biotic injected into the dysfunctional pandemic infecting society which has gone almost out of control via group contagion.

If you like the disease analogy, try that one for a change of pace. Below is an entertaining  look at the divided brain theory by Dr. Iain McGilchrist. There is a lot there. You can watch it many times before you actually see and absorb it all. It is all quite entertaining and it is here because it promotes it's own interests by being here. See if you notice any threads of connection to a similar view held by me and many a “nut” like me. Enjoy.

Psychiatric Tautologies 

Does the fact that I “think” I am being observed as a 'fascinating' case actually MAKE me a fascinating case?


Transcending Our Sanity

I just wish that I was still in my child bearing years because NOW I could try giving birth to a transcendent child and call him or her “Rainbow” or perhaps “Space.”

Then I could say to the est-ee psychiatric nurse,  still in the loop, “I have made a Space for myself....” and he could really dig

Those who “objective” observe inferior specimens have no sense of BEING observed BY those specimens, which they are SUBJECTIVELY observing. Think like equal humans and watch “Reality” change while it remains exactly the same.

Paranoid Patty’s Zen exercise