Talking 'AT' My Psychiatrists

...While They Plug Their Ears and Hum Loudly

 The Real Lesson of e.s.t.

It is that the masses of "normal"/superior people look for reason where there IS no reason in the first place, fail to see It where it is, support the truly reasonable one, blame the supposedly "unreasonable" victims for their presumed 'false" accusations, and DO all of this as a part of the group/mob defense of It's actions.

Then, they tell the victims to let IT go (any hope of resolution) and let the perpetrators/aggressors go, which means they have let "IT" go, "IT" being the construct which is "at cause" of everything that has happened. So reality ITSELF, is perceived as It's opposite. Now you pros know this psycho-spiritual phenomenon by a few of It's other names as well, like "mob rule", cult thinking, delusional reversal or identification with the aggressor; in order to FEEL powerful rather than powerless. It has a whole LOT to do with FEELINGS and not logic or reason.

The est version is the "choice" offered of "choosing" total control or being totally controlled. The choice itself SHOULD tell you something about what is wrong with the guru. (of self promotion. L. Susskind) Neither "choice" is in touch with reality. Reality is the opposite pair:

I do not HAVE 'total control" over myself or others


They do not have "total control" over me or themselves either.

Apparently the majority of us prefer the insane answer. Perhaps that is why and how the Emperor manipulates you to agree to tell him that new suit he has on is the best one you've ever seen...

Only the child is "confused" by reality...the poor thing. Must be genetic huh?

It's About Your OWN Lack of Awareness- not MINE Dale's ''sharing of his estian experience, with his co-workers and the public, out here, in the world of reality....''

It is like continuing to have to tell you to stop looking at my finger and all of you debating WHY I am showing it to you, along with a group debate about my finger itself and what my motivations might be for holding it like that..


looking WHERE I am pointing and not WHAT I am using to point with, and without the motivational debate coming out of all of those who refuse to JUST LOOK for God's sake!

These are your "distinctions" as they say in the est-ee nurse's training. If you had just read what I had sent you or told you, and then discussed whatever you did not understand in a two-way communication with ME, focused on the topic, admitting that just MAYBE, I may even understand my own experience of "IT" better than you, you might have understood it long ago. But NO; instead you had to get together with other people who don't understand it either so you could assess and analyze, WHY I would be telling you that what Dale was/is doing is e.s.,t., why I sent mail about IT, why I would not let IT go, all pathologized of course, in order to defend your group. Of course in order to defend your group, all caught up in the "contagion" you had to also act out the predictable "effects" of his game, as he expected you to do. Had you not, you might have seen It and stopped IT a long time ago.

Another of the real lessons of e.s.t. is that the masses of "normal"/superior people will look for reason where there is NO REASON in the first place, fail to see it where it is (in those sounding the alarm) support the unreasonable one, blame and help attack the reasonable one (the targets/victims) for "choosing" to be victims! That is part of the group/mob defense.

Then they tell the victims to "let It Go" (any hope of real resolution AND let the perpetrators/aggressors go, (get away with IT) which means they have let IT go.

(the construct which is "at cause" AND "at effect.")

So reality itself it perceived as It's opposite.

Now you pros KNOW this psycho-spiritual phenomenon by a few other names as well: like Mob rule, cult thinking, delusional reversal, or identification with the aggressor. (to FEEL powerful rather than powerless) the e.s.t. Version of that is "choosing total control over being totally controlled. " The "choice" itself should tell you what is wrong with the thinking of the guru offering IT since NEITHER one is reality based.

Reality is the opposite PAIR.

We do not have total control over ourselves or others...


Others do not have total control over themselves OR me.

Apparently the majority prefer the insane answer. Perhaps that is why and how the Emperor (they are "building an Empire" says the guru) gets most of you to tell him that "outpoint" of his is the best one ever.... for only the child can see and dare to say the Emperor has no outfit that is worth anything at all.

So now I am sharing MY experience of "IT." The one from THIS perspective." the one you have used intimidation to suppress. I am sharing my experience of the group insanity of IT. The power is REAL, just as Fenwick states. Because though e.s.t. ITSELF is meaningless, "It is NOTHING," "It's just a bunch of words really," as Erhard told Barbara Walters in the seventies, it "works"- because the targets look for reason in It


The manipulated group also tries to "make sense" of the senseless construct, by projecting their OWN beliefs, interpretations and attitudes INTOIT in order to (ironically) FABRICATE a 'story" in an attempt to get the UNDERstanding of IT.

Of course they already have the UNDER-standing, compared to Erhard and his "est-ees", who see themselves as superior to those who are not "enlightened" like "us."

Does this construct sound/feel familiar to you? How about the split between the "German/Jew"? How about the SOUND byte of est-ee compared to Nazi? Just a coincidence? Must be. Am I just reading too much into things or are you failing to read what is really there? There is certainly no evidence of INTENT to do harm is there?

All a matter of your perspective on It huh? Which "side" do YOU see as the "winners"? A better question not being asked might be, "Why do you see life as a contest that you must "win", validating yourself as (place any concrete detail here) BY invalidating anyone who threatens your self image by not BEING exactly the SAME as you?

I'm "the Jew" in this little "game." It's an honorary position in my own case but I am all right with that. For with me you see, I AM ''everything and nothing" and that is the same thing because I am ALSO SOMETHING; a unique individual who is ALSO a part of the whole of Being. So to ME, the "game" itself is moronic ("idiotic" to Fenwick) and so are those who "recreate It" while believing they are the "winners" in Life, for doing so.

Predictable Outcomes

The end result of this kind of pressure, in these groups, disconnected from concrete reality is one of three:

The ones who have played the roles of victims or aggressors before, may break or "switch positions" and BECOME the aggressor, which is ALSO a form of breaking, even if they don't know it.

The majority in this thing will just not 'get it' and hear it as senseless, which is TRUE on a certain level of hearing. The majority either follow the leader or deny the reality of it. They are NOT rescuers and are often the blind supporters. The resolution can only come from seeing the construct ITSELF as the problem. If you explain that to those broken in these groups, as I have explained It to you, as a complete construct, THEY will become able to understand it and to get THEMSELVES out of the chaos. Telling them to just stop talking about it or thinking about it just keeps them locked into It. They need to be able to finish the "game" itself. As they say in e.s.t, "finished is the point where all further search stops. That point is right at the "start of the action", where the one who chose "total control" and who "won first' set his own goal. The names the guru picked for himself are hints for you. They connect to the two sides of powerful and powerless...guess HOW? Which "side" do you think the guru picks for himself? Or, is it irrelevant for HIM because he is "at the top of his own game." Think language theory.

(the apex of the structure is the only point where the two sides actually meet at the top of the pyramid).

The Power "works" BY creating chaos and confusion for both target AND the group being manipulated, and does so between the "start of the action" AND the End game.

Remember that the "winners" goal is "set FIRST." he "wins first; THEN he "plays the game." So the premise and the goal rest on the same point.

Since the premise is meaningless (switching est with "life") and there is (ideally anyway) no concrete evidence of INTENT to do harm, then it follows that "really NOTHING happened."

(which like everything else in It is a TRUE statement made by those who DO know "what words mean.")

For abstractions apart from any con-text are MEANINGLESS. When the con-text is the est org ITSELF- "IT" then MEANS "NOTHING." That is it at the integration point; premise and goal have now met, and are ONE and the same thing.

Now I'm sure that as "the item", being given "the booby prize of UNDERstanding" by the est-ee controller (which he wrote down and which was seen by another when he passed it to me) I am supposed to be too "stupid and/or crazy to understand this. After all I am not an est-ee.

Everyone involved projects their OWN beliefs, attitudes, and personal experiences INTO the estian abstractions, in an attempt to "make sense" of the meaningless construct.

It's ABOUT power, control and domination. It's about the position switch. So does the persona in charge "win" or validate himself BY "invalidating the OTHER "side" of himself? In reality, BOTH sides are losing. For one "side" is "at cause" and the other side "at effect" and the one who thinks he has transcended THAT reality by seeing life as meaningless and balancing on the "Razor's" edge is in fact, "the Source of his own pain."

The Routine Justification of Aggression

We live on a planet which routinely justifies aggression and mass murder, as well as calling

people "crazy" for seeing IT. So, we get to this "Game's" faulty conclusion when we say, "The victims/targets are just making a big deal out of Nothing,


The aggressors/perpetrators are really making Nothing out of a big deal."

That "switch" in perspectives on IT, IS the problem. It is all about the definition of e.s.t. -


It's about the Bait, ("superiority")

The Switch, (between perpetrator and victim)

The group participation in It

(for the belonging and the emotional catharsis the acting out brings)

The predictable denial of the entire event when it is claimed that "NOTHING happened."

THAT point is where IT IS "finished." That is also a zen-like integration of opposites.

For THEN, "nothing happened" is positive and negative at the same time and therefore MEANINGLESS, apart from the concrete details which supply IT with any meaning IT may have..."potentially" speaking of course.

What IT means to YOU, all the participants in It, will depend upon your OWN perspective on IT.

As the old est aphorism puts it, "Reality is all a matter of perspective."


"There is no reality; only perception. (also est)

There IS a reality outside of est, and is found n the concrete details which are connected to the otherwise meaningless abstractions.

For example: est is said to 'give its trained members "access to things."

Am I one of the "things" (or the item) to which the est-ee nurse gained access, by getting into my apartments as was acted out for me in public? Or was the acting out contrived and intended I should see and hear that as a part of the "Joke" they were enjoying together?

Was that a fact, or just a bit of that ol' "let me see your fear" bit, out of the est training, from which the est-ee quoted in writing?

Just to point out here and now:

Erhard would have no reason to object to anything I say here after all, I am in agreement with him about his right to have his own point of view. He sees his life as "meaningless and also meaningless that it's meaningless." Those are his own words. Therefore, I already KNOW that anything I say about him and his system of thought means NOTHING to HIM.

Therefore, there is NOTHING for him to be upset about. I mean that sincerely; take IT whichever way seems right to YOU.

Of course, I am his inferior so as such I think my life means SOMETHING to ME, but that is not poor Werner/Jack's responsibility. That's mine. Since the guru accepts that it is all meaningless anyway, he can also accept that he must just "let IT go."

In fact, we can BOTH "let IT go", from opposing viewpoints.

He DOES have control of his OWN effects. They are directly connected to his own CAUSE.

Sometimes, the real answer is to choose to leave the construct itself, as a whole, behind you


To just go "with IT" and become the Emperor of the hell that you constructed for yourself.

It's cause AND effect, Werner/Jack.

You're two sides are totally connected. Now you are the "ONE" you always wanted to BE.

Will you convert your OWN premise of thought or leave IT just as IT IS?

Your decision will create one outcome OR the other.

Will you be the "ONE" at peace with himself?


The "ONE" whose integration of opposites cancel each other OUT and only have a few pieces of yourself left in the end?

Everything and nothing ARE the same thing, est-ee.

The third thing is not to accept that life is meaningless. It is to accept that YOUR life is meaningful to you and that you are SOMETHING; not everything or nothing. It's cause AND effect, Werner/Jack. The two "sides" are totally connected and always were.

It is HOW you define your own SOMETHING, that makes life for you and/or others meaningful, or meaningless.

Current Blog Article:  The Real Lesson of e.s.t.

Thanks to Loren Mosher for his endless trying to have us all be HEARD as human beings

The last line of Getting It: the Psychology of est is

“The only way to stop a nightmare is to wake up.”

So Homewood- WAKE UP! Wake up to the REALITY that is right in front of you!

Take the LEAP!


And Yes...words CAN heal us all, even psychiatrists, but not for as long as you are plugging your ears and humming loudly so that you won't have to hear them.


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