Thinking Outside the

Psych Box

The Meta Issue 

Power, Control and Domination over Others,  as opposed to,

Self contained, Self actualization with Boundaries 

The world generally loves the power rush of the first without considering that what goes up too high must always come back down.


Philosophical Question for You
What if on a certain plane of human consciousness thought and communication actually existed on a universal and timeless level? How would that change our understanding of ourselves and of our overall existence?


Your Emotions Are Not Diseases
 They do not need to be eradicated. They are more like the brain’s OnStar system, used as guides to help you navigate your way through life. They signal you that something may be amiss and that there may be a better alternate route to take on your journey. It is up to you though, to LOOK at the map of your personal terrain and decide what may work better than the route you are currently following, in a way that will keep you from crashing and also avoid hitting anyone else along the way.


In Scandinavian research, ... mobbing is seen as an extreme social phenomenon, triggered by extreme social stressors, causing a range of negative effects, such as biological and psychic stress reactions.

Heinz Leymann

The Mobbing Encylopaedia




This is One of My Favourite Videos Recently

Take the time to Listen. It is about 45 minutes and expresses the long overdue need for great change in the awareness of those assessing and evaluating everyone elses.

Great job Prof. Mary Boyle, Glasgow

Diagnosis Please

Jesus ben Joseph said-

"This evil generation asks for a whole life is a sign."

Was he just reading too much into things?


Are you failing to read what is already there? A state of power or powerless creates a "bi-polar" planet.

(trying to relate to you with shared linguistics there. I know I have to tell you lots of details or you will "interpret" it to mean whatever you like)

Personal empowerment WITH boundaries resolves that. That means equality between all adult human beings in reciprocal relationships. It also means teaching children by your example. If your example is mocking and ridiculing those you defined as your inferiors and show yourselves using that to justify it, that is what is being modelled. If you then LIE about what you do then the lying is being modelled and so is the excusing of it. This is not about being "perfect" or about being superior. It is about giving up the PRETENCE that you are. The current mental illness system is INCREASING the power and control over others bit. That's the model being promoted and many university students have been heard to say something like,

"I can hardly wait to get my degree so that I can get people like HER (me) under control."

(why don't you just take the est training dear as it offers the same thing...depending upon how you HEAR it of course....)

A healing mental health system must do the OPPOSITE....Personal empowerment WITH boundaries; as part of the means of stopping the GLOBAL madness that has become the "norm." (Right Norm?)

Now download this PDF file at will, as provided here for you by another psychiatric survivour in the U.S., also named Pat, and reproduced here with his permission. Pat Risser, website:

Feel feel to print and hand out to the mad masses everywhere.

(especially those unlabelled types, as well as the soon to be labelled, which will no doubt shock them since they were sure they were "us" and not them."


I Got Better Campaign-
REAL Hope  from the Psychiatric
Survivours Movement

What the Bleep Do We Know?

Another Perspective on Experience
Recommended for Psychiatrists and Psychiatrized
( as long as you are staying connected) . ..Alike
Should Quantum Physicists be 'helped'?

Logic Exercise
There are many platitudes and aphorisms used by humans as conversation or debate stoppers. This is one of my favourites of the idiotic concepts ideas.


"That is just the exception which proves the rule."


Dissect this statement in logical terms and explain how it is used as part of the splitting and defence group phenomenon of dysfunctional relating.

Everyone Was Just Shocked
Do you know why you are always “shocked” when a smiling, friendly, socialising type person in a position of authority turns out to be a serial killer? It is because you live in the same fantasy world that the killer promotes to hide himself. He is hiding behind the same mask; smiling, friendly, socialising authority who expects everything he says and does to be accepted without question. Any problem is thought to be in those who question him, and not in him, and/or in those who support and obey him. He is often the one he says ‘there is no ‘I’ in team’ because HE is the ‘I’ who is controlling the team.  

Question your assumptions and beliefs! 



To Comply, or Not to Comply? 

And is There Really a 'Choice'? 

This is called the practice of free speech which I am using here and which my democratic country claims to cherish and protect as a 'right.'

The system likes to pay compliant consumers who will promote the system at the same time that it invalidates and silences those who speak out against it. It is not at all uncommon that threats of further 'treatment' are used to silence the opposing viewpoint.

Have you ever noticed a common denominator in those who promote the system? Listen carefully to their personal stories and you will hear it, again and again.  By common denominator of course I mean other than the fact that they are often well known as writers, politicians, actors, sports figures, singers and other public faces.

Let's think about that for a bit shall we?

As one of my old elementary school teachers used to say, (while using “hand actions”) “Let's pull on our thinking caps!”