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The Meta Issue 

Power, Control and Domination over Others,  as opposed to,

Self contained, Self actualization with Boundaries 

The world generally loves the power rush of the first without considering that what goes up too high must always come back down.


Philosophical Question for You
What if on a certain plane of human consciousness thought and communication actually existed on a universal and timeless level? How would that change our understanding of ourselves and of our overall existence?


Your Emotions Are Not Diseases
 They do not need to be eradicated. They are more like the brain’s OnStar system, used as guides to help you navigate your way through life. They signal you that something may be amiss and that there may be a better alternate route to take on your journey. It is up to you though, to LOOK at the map of your personal terrain and decide what may work better than the route you are currently following, in a way that will keep you from crashing and also avoid hitting anyone else along the way.


In Scandinavian research, ... mobbing is seen as an extreme social phenomenon, triggered by extreme social stressors, causing a range of negative effects, such as biological and psychic stress reactions.

Heinz Leymann

The Mobbing Encylopaedia




This is One of My Favourite Videos Recently

Take the time to Listen. It is about 45 minutes and expresses the long overdue need for great change in the awareness of those assessing and evaluating everyone elses.

Great job Prof. Mary Boyle, Glasgow

Labels, Language and Human Rights

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled Delusional Disorder (Paranoid) in 99, in 11 cost effective minutes.

This has been up for discussion lately defined as "Psycho-babble" - Psych survivours using the language of psychiatry. Some think it reinforces it.

I use the language of psychiatry all the time. I "invent" illnesses and use humour to do it.

I do this for a few reasons such as:

You can't even try to talk to people and be heard if you don't speak their "language." Psychiatrists are psychologically "deaf" to our reality as experienced from our point of view. Humour gets attention (and you know how "we" all like to "seek attention") focused ON real issues often BECAUSE it is presented in a non threatening framework and that means the level of defense of the status quo is reduced some.

I also believe that taking the language AWAY from those who use it as the means to mock me, threaten me, or invalidate me, as a human being, weakens BOTH the language itself and the power to do harm or control with it. ALL humans ARE "delusional" which as we all know MEANS, fixed, false beliefs, which we ALL hold, at one time or another, for one reason or another. So I don't have a problem with the word; I have a problem with HOW the word is used, when, why and in relation to whom as defined by who, or what, criteria.

The effect that my own attitude is having locally, among the people who did this, know who they are, know what they did, and know that I know it , is quite specific, as it is including the concrete details of my own "case"... which is something else I have pointed out; I am a PERSON, not a fascinating "case."

It has of course, been very long and slow, to get to this point. Locally, though, where I was psychiatrized, it has a teaching hospital and university and now there is a "guarded" public dialogue going about what I am saying and what I make "fun" of and among some psych students and others are remarks made like, "the way she says this really makes you think about it differently."

The problem to me is not that "delusions" don't exist. It is more like some people place a very high value on their OWN delusions and use them to invalidate, control and overpower the lives of others, INCLUDING "others" who are often far LESS "delusional" than those who hold all the power.

I also think we should have a stand-up comic division. Of course, that TOO may well be misinterpreted as it has been here as evidenced by the psychiatrized being told they should use comedy to make fun of....THEMSELVES! Yet those doing the instructing don't seem to see any humour in that they mean; those of you who "think" people are laughing at you, and mocking you, should laugh at yourselves for "thinking" that? Is this not just a tad self serving to the delusional beliefs of those issuing the instructions? What's the deal with that?

We can talk forever, and we HAVE been it seems, saying the same things, over and over again. Yet if those who don't ever question their OWN terms, can't HEAR us, then we remain "talking to the walls," with a better chance that those walls will understand what we MEAN than those who are sure they know better and that what we say is essentially meaningless or just "word salad." I like to find some new dressing to add a new "flavour" to that salad so it will appeal to those who are too used to the old ingredients to want to try a new version of it.

This being how I see it, I often "speak their language" and I do it so that hopefully, words like "delusions" will start to mean something a little different and those "saviours" of ours, those who see themselves as knights in shining armour, will start to notice their armour is getting old and rusty, it's full of cracks, and rather than being the protection they thought it was, it is actually a very uncomfortable painful suit to have to wear, which is neither protecting them nor "saving" us.

Words have power to change the world and to change minds, for better or for worse, and they also have the power to change the meaning of the words themselves, depending upon HOW we use them. It's about attitude and perspective.

In earlier days, it was "Drapetomania" as a mental illness.

Now, as then, we need to talk about the ludicrous ideas BEHIND the invention of the "illnesses"/"madness and not avoid the words themselves , while hoping that if we just don't say the words out loud, the ideas will just go away. They won't. They will just find a new WORD to express them.

Ignoring them, or "taking an oppositional stance" in relation to those who define "oppositional stances" defined as abstractions, in absolute terms, AS mental illness, doesn't work. Intense focus and critical dissection of the IDEAS behind t words works much better.

Psychiatrists "hear" everything we say in the way they have been programmed to hear it. They are the programmed, the programmers and the one writing the programs used to "fix" us. Then they wonder why we use metaphors like "talking to robots" to describe the experience with them. A statement like mine- "I have been harmed by others" can only be a "symptom" to them; not a fact. So I have to use the language of assessment to point out the fact that the means used to make that assessment is all too often not REALITY at all, since reality CANNOT be defined in absolute terms as an abstraction.

Decades ago, in a book I read on "mental illness" a case of a man, locked up for life was given as a case study showcasing the "illness." he was asked to tell others, then learning how to identify this illness, how he perceived himself and his illness. He responded to the question by saying, "Oh I don't decide who I am; other people decide that FOR me."

When I read it, I HEARD that as a form of brave resistance using sarcasm.

Those interpreting that in terms of disease process heard it like this:

Did you hear that? He is saying that he needs other people to tell him who he is!

(Of course that is actually NOT what he said. Of course their "interpretation of what he said was share only among themselves and was geared to "fit" what they had already been trained to believe they were hearing; pathology. Since the identified patient would not understand it anyway, there was of course, no further dialogue with the one who said it and no chance of ever understanding it in mutual terms.

This is still the case for all kinds of people everywhere today. For once you are labeled, or often even BEFORE that, as those determined to define your reality, LOOK for a label to define you, and then nothing you can say AFTER that is really HEARD in any way other than that as defined BY that label.

This is why I believe it is not so much the words used to define us as the IDEAS behind the words which are our REAL problem and which must be pointed out, in pedantic detail, as if we are talking to very small children or aliens (alienists) as if they had no life experience on this planet used as a reference for what we say.


I Got Better Campaign-
REAL Hope  from the Psychiatric
Survivours Movement

What the Bleep Do We Know?

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Should Quantum Physicists be 'helped'?

Logic Exercise
There are many platitudes and aphorisms used by humans as conversation or debate stoppers. This is one of my favourites of the idiotic concepts ideas.


"That is just the exception which proves the rule."


Dissect this statement in logical terms and explain how it is used as part of the splitting and defence group phenomenon of dysfunctional relating.

Everyone Was Just Shocked
Do you know why you are always “shocked” when a smiling, friendly, socialising type person in a position of authority turns out to be a serial killer? It is because you live in the same fantasy world that the killer promotes to hide himself. He is hiding behind the same mask; smiling, friendly, socialising authority who expects everything he says and does to be accepted without question. Any problem is thought to be in those who question him, and not in him, and/or in those who support and obey him. He is often the one he says ‘there is no ‘I’ in team’ because HE is the ‘I’ who is controlling the team.  

Question your assumptions and beliefs! 



To Comply, or Not to Comply? 

And is There Really a 'Choice'? 

This is called the practice of free speech which I am using here and which my democratic country claims to cherish and protect as a 'right.'

The system likes to pay compliant consumers who will promote the system at the same time that it invalidates and silences those who speak out against it. It is not at all uncommon that threats of further 'treatment' are used to silence the opposing viewpoint.

Have you ever noticed a common denominator in those who promote the system? Listen carefully to their personal stories and you will hear it, again and again.  By common denominator of course I mean other than the fact that they are often well known as writers, politicians, actors, sports figures, singers and other public faces.

Let's think about that for a bit shall we?

As one of my old elementary school teachers used to say, (while using “hand actions”) “Let's pull on our thinking caps!”