Thinking Outside the

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The Meta Issue 

Power, Control and Domination over Others,  as opposed to,

Self contained, Self actualization with Boundaries 

The world generally loves the power rush of the first without considering that what goes up too high must always come back down.


Philosophical Question for You
What if on a certain plane of human consciousness thought and communication actually existed on a universal and timeless level? How would that change our understanding of ourselves and of our overall existence?


Your Emotions Are Not Diseases
 They do not need to be eradicated. They are more like the brain’s OnStar system, used as guides to help you navigate your way through life. They signal you that something may be amiss and that there may be a better alternate route to take on your journey. It is up to you though, to LOOK at the map of your personal terrain and decide what may work better than the route you are currently following, in a way that will keep you from crashing and also avoid hitting anyone else along the way.


In Scandinavian research, ... mobbing is seen as an extreme social phenomenon, triggered by extreme social stressors, causing a range of negative effects, such as biological and psychic stress reactions.

Heinz Leymann

The Mobbing Encylopaedia




This is One of My Favourite Videos Recently

Take the time to Listen. It is about 45 minutes and expresses the long overdue need for great change in the awareness of those assessing and evaluating everyone elses.

Great job Prof. Mary Boyle, Glasgow

Messages of the T.V. Just for the "Normal" and the Superior

(let's all tune in to the short new X-files series starting on January 24, 2015 on CTV.....just for some new "messages." You people who just don't get It. Practice getting It from the meta level and then talk it over among yourselves afterwards...preferably in "secret" of don't want me to find out anything about YOU....)

This one is from the old X-files series from 1998

From the mystery writer name of Jose Chung, Episode, "From Outer Space" 1998.

"I was interested in how the C.I.A., when conducting their M.K.-Ultra mind control experiments" (at the Allen Memorial, in Montreal, with the help and co-operation of Dr. Ewan Cameron on psychiatric patients used as test "subjects") "had no idea what hypnosis was or how it worked."

Scully: "No one still knows."

Chung: "Still, as a story teller I am fascinated how a person's sense of consciousness can be so transformed by nothing more magical than listening to WORDSmere words."

Notice anything in terms of themes?

"You don't know what words mean." est training.

Erhard studied group hypnosis.

Religiosity: "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word WAS God" Also, "You're whole life is a sign!"


The real problem is that the majority can't really read signs, so the controllers of the day TELL them what they mean and the followers don't question what they are told by authority. Perhaps that is WHY they don't really know what WORDS mean..

The X-files uses the Sci-Fi perspective, as do others writing this way, to present IDEAS about concrete truth as symbolic and/or also to present symbolic meaning as if it were concrete. It's is about changing the framework in presenting ideas to resistant people, a majority of whom are "sleepwalkers" (biblical) which is another way of saying entranced, hypnotized, mesmerized, brainwashed or programmed, isn't it?

This is because people often fight AGAINST hearing something if they are told too DIRECTLY about their own errors and misconceptions. Dysfunctional groups, especially the controlling leaders of them, focus on protecting and defending the dysfunction ITSELF. It is very, very hard to penetrate that.

This episode of the X-files is about perception as a construct and the power of WORDS to change perceptionsone way or the other.

Now if I saw this in an altered state, disconnected from concrete reality because I could not pin it down, due to the chaos, multiple choice and non-top contradiction, during a search for meaning to try to make some kind of sense of my experience, especially if I did not already KNOW this, I might very well see this episode as a "message" just for me, created to help mewhich on a certain level of reality it in FACT, really is.

Just because other people don't know why, or don't understand it, does NOT mean it HAS no real meaning for the person experiencing that, and to believe what you don't understand has NO meaning is really a form of self-serving it not?

From the X-files, 1998 Episode Title, Talitha Cumi

By the way, the X-files are frequently the experiences of psychiatric patients and abuse victims- especially of the psychological abuse type of experience. Let's listen on the meta level to this one as well, shall we? (just to remain "fascinated")

We start this scene with the cigarette smoking man who has his subject, a former partner, in a five point strap-down hold on a raised gurney/hand-truck type device. They used to work for the same cause/project

CSM: "Who are you to give them hope? We give them happiness and they give us authority."

Captive: "You take away their freedom under the guise of democracy."

CSM: "Men can never be free...because they are weak, corrupt, worthless- and restless. The people believe in authority. They've grown tired of waiting for miracle and mystery. Science is their religion. No greater explanation exists for them. They must never believe any differently if the project is to go forward.

Captive: "At what cost to them?"

CSM: "The question is irrelevant and the outcome inevitable. The date is set.".

Captive: "At what cost to them for your own selfish benefit?"

(The captive's face then morphs into the face of a former critic, who asked the same kind of questions) "How many must die at your hand to preserve your stake in the project?"

CSM: "I am not impressed by your miracles or moved by your trickery. Your justice will be meted out."

Captive: "By whom THIS time and by what tool?"

CSM: "By those who possess the tools of your destruction."..and anyone who can appease a man's conscience can also take away his freedom.

Captive: "All you want is to be one of the commandants when the process begins."

First note how the words in this could apply to many concrete situations since this conversation is on the metaphysical level and does not specifically identify the concrete framework to which it is attached. That makes the specific MEANING, very malleable and could be made to fit into a number of concrete scenarios.

Now just a thought: to all you potential "Commandants" out there:

In Nazi Germany, which was said to have been a highly sophisticated and well educated country, they held a practice run before the mass murder of the genetic defectives, which they identified by means of science. Some of you may recall Holocaust survivors saying that they had "made it look scientific." The practise run was performed by doctors in mental institutions because to get the masses of followers to co-operate with such an agenda, you need only to convince them that those they lock up, torture or kill are not as human or as valuable as those doing the killing. In fact most, can be convinced they are doing themselves a favour BY co-operating with IT.


I Got Better Campaign-
REAL Hope  from the Psychiatric
Survivours Movement

What the Bleep Do We Know?

Another Perspective on Experience
Recommended for Psychiatrists and Psychiatrized
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Should Quantum Physicists be 'helped'?

Logic Exercise
There are many platitudes and aphorisms used by humans as conversation or debate stoppers. This is one of my favourites of the idiotic concepts ideas.


"That is just the exception which proves the rule."


Dissect this statement in logical terms and explain how it is used as part of the splitting and defence group phenomenon of dysfunctional relating.

Everyone Was Just Shocked
Do you know why you are always “shocked” when a smiling, friendly, socialising type person in a position of authority turns out to be a serial killer? It is because you live in the same fantasy world that the killer promotes to hide himself. He is hiding behind the same mask; smiling, friendly, socialising authority who expects everything he says and does to be accepted without question. Any problem is thought to be in those who question him, and not in him, and/or in those who support and obey him. He is often the one he says ‘there is no ‘I’ in team’ because HE is the ‘I’ who is controlling the team.  

Question your assumptions and beliefs! 



To Comply, or Not to Comply? 

And is There Really a 'Choice'? 

This is called the practice of free speech which I am using here and which my democratic country claims to cherish and protect as a 'right.'

The system likes to pay compliant consumers who will promote the system at the same time that it invalidates and silences those who speak out against it. It is not at all uncommon that threats of further 'treatment' are used to silence the opposing viewpoint.

Have you ever noticed a common denominator in those who promote the system? Listen carefully to their personal stories and you will hear it, again and again.  By common denominator of course I mean other than the fact that they are often well known as writers, politicians, actors, sports figures, singers and other public faces.

Let's think about that for a bit shall we?

As one of my old elementary school teachers used to say, (while using “hand actions”) “Let's pull on our thinking caps!”