Truth To Power/Questioning Authority

True Intimacy

No one can have an intimate relationship of ANY kind, physical or non physical, with another individual who perceives him or her self as inherently superior and therefore entitled to impose his or her own will and definitions of reality on the other. Intimacy requires equality as the premise of it's being. Without it; intimacy cannot exist.



Medicalizing Real Illnesses 

Experts have announced that the medicalizing of diabetes has been deemed to be a great success. 

Does that sound absurd to you?

Same here.

Would this kind of reasoning be that known as doublethink if found in an old sci-fi novel?



There is No Absolute Truth in Abstract Concepts

 Apart from Concrete Details

There is no such thing as defining the life and experiences of individuals in terms of abstract truth in absolute terms. The attempt to do so, as has been done by psychiatry with the DSM, in all its pretensions, is insanity itself. You just keep making it worse and worse, by adding more and more, to the damage already done, with the invention of ever more imaginary diseases.


Infinite Tautologies

Sitting in a psychiatrist's office and being labelled as crazy with no prospect of recovery, after 11 minutes have passed since I first said, “how do you do?” is not considered to be an action that is “harmful” to me, by the doctor who labels me that way, which he does BECAUSE I “think” I have been harmed by others, in particular, in my own case, by “others” who are all part of the mental illness system itself!

“Crazy” does not get any crazier than that. Had I laughed out loud at that point I may have had a slightly different label bestowed upon me but the absurdity of it would still be pretty much the same. The feeling of “invisibility” which overcomes many of us in this situation is generated by the system itself. You MUST change this.

I once told my recovery therapist that I had long viewed the whole planet as one big insane asylum. You don't get FULL
I once told my recovery therapist that I had long viewed the whole planet as one big insane asylum. You don't get FULL "Privileges" until after you are "released" for good....

Definitions  Updated

What psychiatrists need to define, contain and control the most is psychiatry's ever expanding need to define, contain and control everything and everyone!

Forensics Cops and Psychiatrists

Just as evidence without context is all but meaningless (cops)

So is Context (or theory) without evidence. (psychiatrists, DSM writers)  

In BOTH cases, theory (abstraction) and evidence (concrete proof) must go TOGETHER. Let's sing it now....cause you can't have one without the o...o..other!

Which "Power" Really Does not Like, ...
...and does not really want to hear. So "Power" has instructed Me (in "private" of Course,) to keep my truth to myself, or Power "could"  overpower Me....

No One REALLY "Hides" in Plain Sight
Yes definitely..but still not as much as Psychiatry fears the Idea

On Being "At Effect"

Please "allow" me to enlighten you about how that feels. In reality, as "inmates running the asylums" you are very often "treating" those "at effect" like me, "as if" they were all self contained "causes."

At the same time of course, those who are "'at cause" are very amused by that, since it makes them feel so powerful and in "total control" of BOTH their targets and a whole GROUP of supporters, and of course, the experts they involve as well.

Such people you see, do what they do, because they ENJOY causing distress. It's what they are after. It's their pay off.

Message off the T.V. Just for You:

CSI Cyber: Agent questioning a female who was caught stealing credit card numbers, bank accounts and other online information as a hacker, to blackmail people for ransoms which she then did not except. "But WHY did you do it? Obviously it was not really for the ransoms.."

Suspect: (arrogant/superior complete with the usual smirk) "I did it because I can. I was bored."

When we ask them "WHY" we miss the point by looking for a REASON based on "logic" for the acting out. The above answer sounds a lot like "we do it because it works" doesn't it?

For many abusers the motivation for what they do is getting a distress reaction. This is why bullies do it too. They ENJOY that. That is why when you ask them outright, "why are you doing this to me" many of them will look at a buddy and then, third person you, "s/he doesn't know why we are doing it...,

(Beavis and Butt head forced laughter...boyyyy is S/HE ever stupid....")

The geniuses usually think we are asking them why are they doing whatever it is they are doing, often over and over again, like name calling, or "teasing," or mocking etc. because THEY don't know that WE know they are trying to get a distress reaction, and that what we are REALLY asking them is WHY are you TRYING to get a distress reaction?

There is no reason IN it but there IS a reason FOR it. It is about the difference a few little conjunctions make. It is about what words MEAN; words like "or" , "and", "in", "for." These words can change reality itself, depending upon HOW and WHERE and WHY they are used. I am pretty sure my protagonist has a higher than average I.Q.. His awareness though is a bit short sighted...which is a clue the universe gave him into his own nature, which he might have used to understand himself a bit better.

The Controller Attitude _ "the Game"

Our controllers aren't actually angry because we are talking about them and saying things that aren'ttrue. In fact, we often aren't talking about them at all, in the first place. We are often talking TO them but it doesn't work when we do. They are often angry and become MORE controlling and even more "covert" in their attempts to do so, because we are talking about ourselves and insisting on the right to self definition, and self control of the kind that THEY don't like.

When we can't reason with that ,or just get them to leave us alone, we start talking about them and what they are doing, which makes them angrier BECAUSE they are losing what little control they had over us. So they tell third parties that what we say, about what they are, in fact, doing, TO us, is something we "fabricated." They then tell them that they should just ignore us since we are "just seeking attention" (the "just" is always there) and that "really we are the ones who need "help" and not them. At that point the fact that we need "help" is often true. It is just not the same KIND of "help" that has been suggested by those WITH whom we need help, sometime help to stop them or escape. .

Now if you are paying attention you can see that the controllers' goal has not changed. They are still after CONTROL of the "other" who is "resisting."

Self control is NOT a part of the mindset of controllers of others who MUST be defined by them as "less than" so that they can feel all right about themselves. THIS IS the "game."

Back in the Day of "The Joke."

Street talk: "Nobody knows what is really going on. The answer you get depends on who you talk to about it."

Zen-like Integration of the Guru's Opposites

Bear in mind that everyone else who is "beneath him" is told, It's "over their heads."

(think nexus language- abstract AND concrete, for HIM)

like: Werner AND Jack

Controller AND Controlled

Power AND Enlightenment

Aggressor AND Victim

Authority AND Follower

est as an abstraction AND the concrete organization that It IS

The Werner persona once said that he really didn't like Jack as "Jack was a liar."

Werner, on the other had is neither a liar NOR a truth teller. Werner promotes meaninglessness. He's "well balanced." (wink) He operates at the nexus point of meaningful/ meaningless, which "zen-like" is both and NEITHER.

Now coincidentally, this state of ambiguous meaning, which you can't quite identify, is also par for the source with con artists. They "hide" in plain sight by using it. Now, am I saying that Werner/Jack is a con man? Of COURSE not! I would never SAY that.

Besides, "every body knows" I am crazy for thinking I see things that others (all blameless of course) do not see. So, as they also say inside est, "Don't believe ANYTHING I say."

(Did you get that absolute instruction OK?)

One other thing I have seen with my defective pea brain:

Werner/Jack tells his followers that THEY must choose

one side OR the other,

power OR enlightenment.

Total Control OR being Totally Controlled

and they are "not to kid themselves that they can have BOTH."

Now is that because in HIS opinion, only he, who is operating "over their heads" can really Get It? In my own humble opinion, as a non estian, I hope he Gets It, as I think he is the one who most deserves to get It. won't take that the wrong WAY will you?

The Preservation of Meaninglessness

The only way the estian abstraction can remain meaningless in CONCRETE reality is if the ONLY concrete structure to which it is attached (integration of abstract thought or ideas with concrete existence) is the est organization, ITSELF. Once someone takes the abstraction OUT of there and uses it "in whatever way seems useful to THEM", the possibility of prosecution for aggression "out here in the world of reality" then comes into play, since a concrete evidence trail will be produced by any ACTIONS taken. In such cases, the est-ee perp would be unable to explain it AWAY, since the meaning of it is non-existent apart from concrete framework or context. The guru after all, can SINCERELY say, "I never tell anyone what to think or what to do with it." They all "choose" to use it as THEY see fit. So it can be said then, "S/he may haveTAKEN ITthat way but it was not MY intention that s/he should."

Or in my specific case it may go like this, when someone asks the est-ee,"Is it possible that she had some OTHER idea about what was going on here? (other than WHAT exactly?)

And he may have answered, "I suppose it might be POSSIBLE that she did.."

(I once "hallucinated" this conversation on the street in front of Homewood)

For after all as we all NOW know, the "possibilities" are "limitless" for those who understand that life is meaningless and also meaningless that it us meaningless. Once you know that, the potential for achieving "total control and domination" are limitless.

estian abstraction: "It's about responsibility."WHAT about it?

Remember now; if I tell you not to believe ANYTHING I say, you are making the CHOICE to listen to me suggest (???) that the guru has created (or recreated?) a supremely elegant con (Fenwick) in a generic form, in fact. Of course I am just crazy and rambling on meaninglessly, creating some of that "word salad" we genetic defectives all love to produce we think we see Nazis, , or Nazi agendas, when "really"- we're just seeing things. (TRUE)

"The more I envision the goose-stepping corps at the heart of the est organization the more virtue I see in anarchy." Sheridan Fenwick 1976

The est organization, now known as "Landmark Education" likes to sue some of those who say anything against them in public, which is something they have in common with other controllers isn't it? Of course there is another kind of action that is complementary o that too if need be. It is called Class Action Law Suit. That TOO is about responsibility.

I have found it fascinating that though the mental illness profession KNOWS about the diminishing value of individual responsibility which comes into play when an act is performed by a Large Group. Yet, when they ARE members of such a large group, which is doing IT, it is almost "as if" they had never really learned a thing. Just shows you the power of the Splitters, who project their OWN split minds onto those who "whine and complain" about the abusive group behaviour.

Of course this is the predictable results (effects) when real investigations are suppressed and reality IS defined by "group consensus" supported by "authority." This despite the fact that one of the main "lessons" stated in the estian concepts is:

"Reality is NOT that which is defined by authority or group consensus but IS that which is experienced.

This particular est experience has been recreated for all of you locally by the self defined est-ee psychiatric nurse. Have you learned your lesson yet? I know I have.

As It says in the est instructions, I am "sharing my experience, out her, in the world of reality" and I am doing so in a way that seems useful to ME. Though I must admit that I did NOT set my goal first, like a trained estian, BUT (and that's my big but) I have set a nice NEW goal after my own "enlightenment." Hope that all involved in IT, finally "get it" in just the way that is right, and just, for each individual- and I mean that, sincerely.

The reason people can't make sense of this experience is because it is almost impossible to HEAR It for what It Is, since it is all at the NEXUS of meaning/meaninglessness. Some people call this the nexus of good and evil. Some call it Armageddon, which means the battle between the spirits of good and evil and some others say Armageddon generates the Apocalypse which MEANS "truth."

Of course those who do not believe in the existence of evil see those who DO as just plain "crazy." That too is all a matter of perspective, isn't it?

In the end, as in the beginning, Werner/Jack is the "Source," as he called himself. At one point he started to tell his followers that they did not have to CALL him the Source anymore. Would that be because he follows his own game like an instruction for power and what HE does with problems is hand them to someone else? Remember what comes after that identifying of "the Source"? It is this statement, "You are the Source of your own pain."

I agree and I believe the responsibility for the effects of the game sound be handed BACK to "'the Source" from which they came and who is At Cause. After all it is cause AND effect; not "or" and the guru should not kid himself that he is not GOING to have BOTH. That's good to know as he did say he accepts total responsibility for any evil that may exist in est. I think that is good to know as I suspect that in the end, that is exactly how he is going to get it.

Sometimes the worst thing ,and perhaps the most just thing, that the power and control types can get is exactly what they believe they WANT and what they have worked so very "hard to get.

The trainees were told they were "Building an Empire."

Message off the TV Just for the Superior One:

"I think I would rather be the servant of Heaven than the Emperor of Hell."

Fox Mulder, The X-Files


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Use of Language

One of the things that the late activist, Judi Chamberlin and I were in agreement on was the idea of taking the languageaway from our controllers/abusers. It is something that comedians use as a tool as well since doing so takes the power away from those who use the language to reduce us to “less than” so that they can delude themselves that they are “more than” and therefore entitled to control us.

That being stated then,' How are all you psychiatrists enjoying my writing behaviours?”


I was so depressed when my marriage broke up that instead of taking an anti depressant as suggested by my doctor, I got a dog instead and named him Paxil. 

I am doing all right now, thanks to Paxil.

You are not really objective observers of inherently defective human beings. That's a delusion.

You are DEFECTIVE observers of equal human beings in distress, caused by events, traumas relationships, drug and alcohol problems, or beliefs and often a combination of some of those things.  To “treat” people like self-contained “disease processes” without relationship to external reality and other people is probably the MOST damaging, isolating thing you could do. So I will ask you from here, so that you can hide and feel safe; WHY are you doing this to “us”?

Collective Pretensions

If you are worrying about how you look and sound to others, as compared to how you actually are, does that not mean that at some level of your being you actually KNOW that you are splitting and operating from behind a facade? Do you think other people don't know that or are you just counting on them joining you in the Pretence so that they too can be popular, like you, for co-operating with the currently promoted, splitting agenda and calling it “normal?”

Guess this is maybe why you folks have turned words like “compliance” into “good” character traits huh? Why....if even YOU high minded folks diagnosing the world are doing it, it MUST be right and normal! 

Seeing Things
Seeing Things
Does This Sound Familiar to Most of You?
Now do you think that is because all of us who say this sort of thing are just out of touch with reality or is it because we are IN touch with it and some
other people are having trouble accepting things at face value?

It's Nameless 

We live in a schizophrenic SOCIETY which has a grocery store brand called “No Name” which is meant to indicate that this is not a brand name and, which is registered AS a brand name, so that “no name” cannot be used by anyone else who wants to claim their generic, non branded product has “no name!”