Truth To Power/Questioning Authority

True Intimacy

No one can have an intimate relationship of ANY kind, physical or non physical, with another individual who perceives him or her self as inherently superior and therefore entitled to impose his or her own will and definitions of reality on the other. Intimacy requires equality as the premise of it's being. Without it; intimacy cannot exist.



Medicalizing Real Illnesses 

Experts have announced that the medicalizing of diabetes has been deemed to be a great success. 

Does that sound absurd to you?

Same here.

Would this kind of reasoning be that known as doublethink if found in an old sci-fi novel?



There is No Absolute Truth in Abstract Concepts

 Apart from Concrete Details

There is no such thing as defining the life and experiences of individuals in terms of abstract truth in absolute terms. The attempt to do so, as has been done by psychiatry with the DSM, in all its pretensions, is insanity itself. You just keep making it worse and worse, by adding more and more, to the damage already done, with the invention of ever more imaginary diseases.


Infinite Tautologies

Sitting in a psychiatrist's office and being labelled as crazy with no prospect of recovery, after 11 minutes have passed since I first said, “how do you do?” is not considered to be an action that is “harmful” to me, by the doctor who labels me that way, which he does BECAUSE I “think” I have been harmed by others, in particular, in my own case, by “others” who are all part of the mental illness system itself!

“Crazy” does not get any crazier than that. Had I laughed out loud at that point I may have had a slightly different label bestowed upon me but the absurdity of it would still be pretty much the same. The feeling of “invisibility” which overcomes many of us in this situation is generated by the system itself. You MUST change this.

I once told my recovery therapist that I had long viewed the whole planet as one big insane asylum. You don't get FULL
I once told my recovery therapist that I had long viewed the whole planet as one big insane asylum. You don't get FULL "Privileges" until after you are "released" for good....

Definitions  Updated

What psychiatrists need to define, contain and control the most is psychiatry's ever expanding need to define, contain and control everything and everyone!

Forensics Cops and Psychiatrists

Just as evidence without context is all but meaningless (cops)

So is Context (or theory) without evidence. (psychiatrists, DSM writers)  

In BOTH cases, theory (abstraction) and evidence (concrete proof) must go TOGETHER. Let's sing it now....cause you can't have one without the o...o..other!

Which "Power" Really Does not Like, ...
...and does not really want to hear. So "Power" has instructed Me (in "private" of Course,) to keep my truth to myself, or Power "could"  overpower Me....

No One REALLY "Hides" in Plain Sight
Yes definitely..but still not as much as Psychiatry fears the Idea

For All Those Who Have Had Their Experiences of Life-

Pathologised Right Out of Existence

(this applies to BOTH the "guilty" victims and the "innocent" persecutors, of course. )

Let us always remember that "we" can't blame "others." Only the "others" who "we" try to blame may blame the "others" ("us") and they can DO that because of ''us'' trying to blame THEM.

( the set of "others" who can never be blamed..) Got that?

Now this may sound nonsensical to the inexperienced of course, but it's actually very PRACTICAL in it's convoluted way.

It is simply pathological in itself and VERY malleable, You simply have to add an identity to determine who "we" "us" or "them" are going to be in any given case. For in reality it is about WHO is being blamed, and why, as defined by whoever the blameless "others" are, and not about the blaming ITSELF. Though we are not supposed to notice that of course and, if we do, we are not to talk about it right out in the open, as that is against the dysfunctional group rules. That is why it is DISGUISED as being about blaming itself as an ambiguous abstraction.

Remember now...don't let any facts get in the way. If you DO, it will ruin all your "fun" especially for the blameless "others."

It is time that the majority had some trouble making sense of the senseless. Long overdue in fact.

Psychiatrists are Now Feeling Stigmatized by the Label of Psychiatrist.

(Seriously. I am not joking..)

Efforts are now underway to solve this problem.

So, are they saying it is the label ITSELF that is so stigmatizing?

Do you think that people who claim there is a stigma associated with being labeled with pathological definitions are laughing now? Do you "think" they are perhaps laughing for no reason?

Guess what solution is being suggested for the poor stigmatized psychiatrists?

Well someone in their ranks has noticed that some of the other categories n the helping professions, especially among the alternatives, to psychiatry like "life coaches" don't have the same kind of a stigma associated with their way of working and this is despite the fact that they are not covered by any insurance for use by their clients. So someone got the idea...what if "'we" INCLUDED them on our psychiatric TEAMS? That way psychiatry will still have control and keep the customers coming???

Let me just point out a couple of things to the professionally "stigmatized." ( which must be just awful for YOU) There is a reason why life coaches and peer supporters do not carry the same "stigma"as the psychiatrist label. Generally speaking (with some exceptions of course, as some peers get sucked into going along with the system in hopes of creating change from within, and some "life coaches" are also controllers and some of both are con artists) Life coaches cannot truly CONTROL their clients. They are working FOR them and can even be fired. They also can't attempt to control their clients by slapping pathologizing labels on them which define clients as self contained defectives.

They also actually talk TO the client in a two way relationship which is not really designed to be a one way, observation, assessment and labeling session. The focus is more like on the PROBLEM the client is presenting, rather than on the disorder IN the patient represented by "claiming" s/he has a problem in the real world, with real people, often referred to as "others.''

Peer supporters who don't get sucked into the vortex of psychiatric power and control, also tend to do a bit better because of having been in the position themselves, and are experienced RECEIVERS of the same kind of pathologizing labels. So they tend to be able to HEAR those they are trying to help, with assistance help, and not "help" help. That seems to work better than with those playing the "them and us" game.

Your Own Transformations (For Stigmatized Psychiatrists)

You are turning everything in life into a pathology which you are equating with "brain function," and which you, presumably as the representatives of everything that is 'sane" and ":normal" on planet Earth, are determining FOR everyone else. Those who disagree with your diagnoses, based on ambiguous abstractions, and generalizations, (Harvard-estian influenced?) can simply be pathologised for doing so.

You are a profession which has, quite literally, labeled children in distress as O.D.D. Is "odd" better than the old fashioned, weird? What's W.e.i.r.d.? Women exhibiting independent reasoning DISORDER? Yet you apparently fail to see what this does to the mind and life of a child so labeled, and also HOW that delightful label is going to effect the life of this child, as an adult, because it will be seen as an ''expert" definition. As that child and many, many more of us know, if we oppose, or defy, any "authority" figures, it can only be because our bad brains are causing us to do so; our defective personalities, for surely "authority" as an ABSTRACT CONCEPT, apart from any specifics or context, CANNOT BE LEGITIMATELY opposed, or questioned. RIGHT?

So post labeling, every time that child/adult,disagrees with, or opposes any kind of "authority," as an abstraction, s/he will automatically be invalidated for doing so, specific details seen as irrelevant since it has already been defined as a defective state of mind caused BY a defective brain. And how did this "illness" come into being? Show of Hands at the committee meeting. That is just the KIND of authority toward which so many, are so opposed. Hitler would have loved this and many others since then as well. As it has been said by those who managed to survive it there: "They made it look scientific." (Eugenics)

Yet here you are now focusing on your own "stigma"caused by a concrete label/status and what it is doing to YOUR lives, while managing to be simultaneously oblivious to the SAME COMPLAINT coming from those you stigmatize with labels. Can you just not hear yourselves?

It is the absurdity of the arguments coming from the ''superior" people that make us laugh "for no reason"- no reason that YOU can hear.

It often comes down to a difference between hearing and seeing things that the experts in charge tell us are not really there...


Failing to see and hear the things that ARE there, but which, as experts, so well ''trained'' in denying these things exist, you simply can no longer see, nor hear, even the obvious. The real difference is often one of concrete power and WHO has it, and the ability/willingness to impose one's will on those who do not have any power to stop them.

Do you really want a sane world to live in? If so, become egalitarian as the main feature of all the institutions and organizations, ''real'' religions, sciences or otherwise, and then quantum leap out of the old dying Splitter's reality and into the egalitarian way of being in relationship, with everyone else who is in the new ''It'' with you. ''Be with us''- there is no ''other.'' Only us; ALL of us. For we are ONE, AND, we are many. And that is just a fact, and not a contradiction at all. There is no other ''choice'' to be made; it is all in your minds.

This one is the ONLY principle that is going ''work'' for everyone. It does not mean you have to agree

with everyone about everything, nor even pretend that you do. It just means you have to get out of

the imposition of wills type ''solutions'' as done BY you, TO others, or as done BY others TO YOU. This is the kind of final ''solution'' that does not come with a high body count.

It's really not such a mystery to many of "us." Many people believe that psychiatry needs to be abolished outright as a profession, because despite the presence of many psychiatrists who GENUINELY want to help people, psychiatry itself is NOT the way to do it, and is now right out of control, pathologizing virtually everything that makes us human, simply by calling it all a disorder, or a syndrome, and once you "have" one of them, your life, as you once knew it, is no longer in your own control.

Our personal identities are all any of us, psychiatrist or psychiatrized, really have that we can call our own and which know one should be able to take away from us.

It's about self actualization, self- definition, self direction and self control for ALL of us humans. That's what life is about. Isn't that really what it's about to YOU too?

Think egalitarian and save the world by saving yourselfFIRST- with personal boundaries. Because THAT is what ALL human beings really want: the right to be truly themselves.


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Use of Language

One of the things that the late activist, Judi Chamberlin and I were in agreement on was the idea of taking the languageaway from our controllers/abusers. It is something that comedians use as a tool as well since doing so takes the power away from those who use the language to reduce us to “less than” so that they can delude themselves that they are “more than” and therefore entitled to control us.

That being stated then,' How are all you psychiatrists enjoying my writing behaviours?”


I was so depressed when my marriage broke up that instead of taking an anti depressant as suggested by my doctor, I got a dog instead and named him Paxil. 

I am doing all right now, thanks to Paxil.

You are not really objective observers of inherently defective human beings. That's a delusion.

You are DEFECTIVE observers of equal human beings in distress, caused by events, traumas relationships, drug and alcohol problems, or beliefs and often a combination of some of those things.  To “treat” people like self-contained “disease processes” without relationship to external reality and other people is probably the MOST damaging, isolating thing you could do. So I will ask you from here, so that you can hide and feel safe; WHY are you doing this to “us”?

Collective Pretensions

If you are worrying about how you look and sound to others, as compared to how you actually are, does that not mean that at some level of your being you actually KNOW that you are splitting and operating from behind a facade? Do you think other people don't know that or are you just counting on them joining you in the Pretence so that they too can be popular, like you, for co-operating with the currently promoted, splitting agenda and calling it “normal?”

Guess this is maybe why you folks have turned words like “compliance” into “good” character traits huh? Why....if even YOU high minded folks diagnosing the world are doing it, it MUST be right and normal! 

Seeing Things
Seeing Things
Does This Sound Familiar to Most of You?
Now do you think that is because all of us who say this sort of thing are just out of touch with reality or is it because we are IN touch with it and some
other people are having trouble accepting things at face value?

It's Nameless 

We live in a schizophrenic SOCIETY which has a grocery store brand called “No Name” which is meant to indicate that this is not a brand name and, which is registered AS a brand name, so that “no name” cannot be used by anyone else who wants to claim their generic, non branded product has “no name!”