Truth To Power/Questioning Authority

True Intimacy

No one can have an intimate relationship of ANY kind, physical or non physical, with another individual who perceives him or her self as inherently superior and therefore entitled to impose his or her own will and definitions of reality on the other. Intimacy requires equality as the premise of it's being. Without it; intimacy cannot exist.



Medicalizing Real Illnesses 

Experts have announced that the medicalizing of diabetes has been deemed to be a great success. 

Does that sound absurd to you?

Same here.

Would this kind of reasoning be that known as doublethink if found in an old sci-fi novel?



There is No Absolute Truth in Abstract Concepts

 Apart from Concrete Details

There is no such thing as defining the life and experiences of individuals in terms of abstract truth in absolute terms. The attempt to do so, as has been done by psychiatry with the DSM, in all its pretensions, is insanity itself. You just keep making it worse and worse, by adding more and more, to the damage already done, with the invention of ever more imaginary diseases.


Infinite Tautologies

Sitting in a psychiatrist's office and being labelled as crazy with no prospect of recovery, after 11 minutes have passed since I first said, “how do you do?” is not considered to be an action that is “harmful” to me, by the doctor who labels me that way, which he does BECAUSE I “think” I have been harmed by others, in particular, in my own case, by “others” who are all part of the mental illness system itself!

“Crazy” does not get any crazier than that. Had I laughed out loud at that point I may have had a slightly different label bestowed upon me but the absurdity of it would still be pretty much the same. The feeling of “invisibility” which overcomes many of us in this situation is generated by the system itself. You MUST change this.

I once told my recovery therapist that I had long viewed the whole planet as one big insane asylum. You don't get FULL
I once told my recovery therapist that I had long viewed the whole planet as one big insane asylum. You don't get FULL "Privileges" until after you are "released" for good....

Definitions  Updated

What psychiatrists need to define, contain and control the most is psychiatry's ever expanding need to define, contain and control everything and everyone!

Forensics Cops and Psychiatrists

Just as evidence without context is all but meaningless (cops)

So is Context (or theory) without evidence. (psychiatrists, DSM writers)  

In BOTH cases, theory (abstraction) and evidence (concrete proof) must go TOGETHER. Let's sing it now....cause you can't have one without the o...o..other!

Which "Power" Really Does not Like, ...
...and does not really want to hear. So "Power" has instructed Me (in "private" of Course,) to keep my truth to myself, or Power "could"  overpower Me....

No One REALLY "Hides" in Plain Sight
Yes definitely..but still not as much as Psychiatry fears the Idea

Want the Basic Simplified Version of This “Game”?

Here It Is from the "other" perspective:

You get selected for domination and control by some two faced ass-hole with a hidden agenda. He first manipulates you as his target and then he manipulates a group to perceive his target in the way he wants It. In part, he uses the notion that, "there is no reality; only perception" as part of his "recreation of reality" with which he "creates and defines reality itself" for all his targets. These are those who are not "one of us," whomever "us" may be defined as in concrete terms.

You can't stop the controller by using "reason," because "reason" has nothing to do with IT. There is no reason in what he does. He really doesn't CARE what you think or feel since you are just a "game" to him or, perhaps we should say "fair game" or just, "game." (In the hunt)

Since he also has gained control of the group helping him, usually by appealing to their "superiority" in some way as compared to "inferior" you, (not HIM) he suggests to them that there is something very wrong with you and he likes to get all their "inputs" on that. (The Switch). They, just trying to help, then watch you, follow you, violate all of your personal boundaries, including entering your home without your knowledge and report to HIM. He too may talk his way into your home... to "help" you of course. More people are added to the hunt and the pressure now builds.

The group members refuse to accept anything you say as valid or "real" and eventually, by using constant contradiction, multiple versions of "reality" no direct communication, (they may talk AT you but never to, or with, you) psychological isolation, invalidation and group pressure, they finally break you.

The controller refers to this as "tearing you down and rebuilding you" according to his own specifications used to "create and define reality itself" FOR you.

Once you have broken, this then "proves" to the whole group, that the domination and control ass-hole was right about you, all along, just as HE suggested to them, "covertly" right from the start of his "game." Of course all the suggestions, interpretations and added "story" telling of all the people involved in the Large Group training the target that life is meaningless, all perceive themselves as "hidden" in plain sight, and this "meaninglessness" becomes a value added that can then be cited as further "proof" of the inherently defective nature of you as the target.

The domination and control ass-hole has now achieved his goal, which he set FIRST and has gained control of the target, as perceived by him, as a "thing" or an "item" but certainly not as a real person like him.

This is of course true on one level; "she" is NOT like him AND "she" doesn't WANT to be. So Shakespeare. is it to be or not to be? It's not life that is "meaningless" to the target. It is meaningful and it is, IT IS, that is truly meaningless to her. That is IT's meaning; that IT IS Meaningless. Your guru already told you that. You just didn't really Get It; so instead "It" Got you.

So "first he wins; THEN he plays the game" and no one he involves in the attack on his target is any the wiser for it, which reinforces the feeling of power the controller Gets, aka "juvenile omnipotence" (Fenwick) from causing (being 'at cause") such an great distress reaction in his "game." (Both meanings)

Of course, now that he has succeeded in giving his target the UNDER-standing (You inferior human you) he does not expect that the one now "totally controlled" is going to have any understanding that will ruin his game. He is "certain that he knows," what in fact, he does not know at all. That's because being a KNOW IT ALL-all, does not really MEAN that you REALLY know it ALL.

What is the main point he does not know?

It is that the premise of this "game" is ITSELF delusional.

"On which 'side' would you rather be?" (Aggressors or victims?)

What would you rather be? "Totally controlled or in total control?"

That's not a choice. The choice itself is a form of delusional reality SPLITTING. There is no such thing as having "total control" over your own, or anyone else's, life experience. Yet the masses who HEAR that just don't get it? Why? Because the masses are mainly followers, who do not question "authority," including often petty authority, do not engage in critical thought, and routinely cave, under group/social pressure and the need to belong to a group which is defining "reality" and the meaning of "normal."

That's why the lesson NEVER learned is, "Reality is NOT that which is being defined by authority nor group consensus but is that which YOU experience." (in concrete reality)

Now, we are "Witnessing", as they say inside the est-ee nurse's "secret" training. As the guru once said of this, in the ambiguous estian style of course, straddling the line of meaninglessness on which he is so well balanced, "You may as can't change anything anyway."

...the endless excuse for the "participation" (est jargon) in group abuse of the "inferiors" who "aren't like us," and who are making a big deal out of NOTHING. For as they say in est, and as the nurse quoted to me in writing, which I still have in a bank vault, "everything and NOTHING are the SAME thing."

For you see, "gamers" when something can mean anything or everything, it means NOTHING. To mean something it requires some CON-TEXT. Get IT?


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Use of Language

One of the things that the late activist, Judi Chamberlin and I were in agreement on was the idea of taking the languageaway from our controllers/abusers. It is something that comedians use as a tool as well since doing so takes the power away from those who use the language to reduce us to “less than” so that they can delude themselves that they are “more than” and therefore entitled to control us.

That being stated then,' How are all you psychiatrists enjoying my writing behaviours?”


I was so depressed when my marriage broke up that instead of taking an anti depressant as suggested by my doctor, I got a dog instead and named him Paxil. 

I am doing all right now, thanks to Paxil.

You are not really objective observers of inherently defective human beings. That's a delusion.

You are DEFECTIVE observers of equal human beings in distress, caused by events, traumas relationships, drug and alcohol problems, or beliefs and often a combination of some of those things.  To “treat” people like self-contained “disease processes” without relationship to external reality and other people is probably the MOST damaging, isolating thing you could do. So I will ask you from here, so that you can hide and feel safe; WHY are you doing this to “us”?

Collective Pretensions

If you are worrying about how you look and sound to others, as compared to how you actually are, does that not mean that at some level of your being you actually KNOW that you are splitting and operating from behind a facade? Do you think other people don't know that or are you just counting on them joining you in the Pretence so that they too can be popular, like you, for co-operating with the currently promoted, splitting agenda and calling it “normal?”

Guess this is maybe why you folks have turned words like “compliance” into “good” character traits huh? Why....if even YOU high minded folks diagnosing the world are doing it, it MUST be right and normal! 

Seeing Things
Seeing Things
Does This Sound Familiar to Most of You?
Now do you think that is because all of us who say this sort of thing are just out of touch with reality or is it because we are IN touch with it and some
other people are having trouble accepting things at face value?

It's Nameless 

We live in a schizophrenic SOCIETY which has a grocery store brand called “No Name” which is meant to indicate that this is not a brand name and, which is registered AS a brand name, so that “no name” cannot be used by anyone else who wants to claim their generic, non branded product has “no name!”