Truth To Power/Questioning Authority

True Intimacy

No one can have an intimate relationship of ANY kind, physical or non physical, with another individual who perceives him or her self as inherently superior and therefore entitled to impose his or her own will and definitions of reality on the other. Intimacy requires equality as the premise of it's being. Without it; intimacy cannot exist.



Medicalizing Real Illnesses 

Experts have announced that the medicalizing of diabetes has been deemed to be a great success. 

Does that sound absurd to you?

Same here.

Would this kind of reasoning be that known as doublethink if found in an old sci-fi novel?



There is No Absolute Truth in Abstract Concepts

 Apart from Concrete Details

There is no such thing as defining the life and experiences of individuals in terms of abstract truth in absolute terms. The attempt to do so, as has been done by psychiatry with the DSM, in all its pretensions, is insanity itself. You just keep making it worse and worse, by adding more and more, to the damage already done, with the invention of ever more imaginary diseases.


Infinite Tautologies

Sitting in a psychiatrist's office and being labelled as crazy with no prospect of recovery, after 11 minutes have passed since I first said, “how do you do?” is not considered to be an action that is “harmful” to me, by the doctor who labels me that way, which he does BECAUSE I “think” I have been harmed by others, in particular, in my own case, by “others” who are all part of the mental illness system itself!

“Crazy” does not get any crazier than that. Had I laughed out loud at that point I may have had a slightly different label bestowed upon me but the absurdity of it would still be pretty much the same. The feeling of “invisibility” which overcomes many of us in this situation is generated by the system itself. You MUST change this.

I once told my recovery therapist that I had long viewed the whole planet as one big insane asylum. You don't get FULL
I once told my recovery therapist that I had long viewed the whole planet as one big insane asylum. You don't get FULL "Privileges" until after you are "released" for good....

Definitions  Updated

What psychiatrists need to define, contain and control the most is psychiatry's ever expanding need to define, contain and control everything and everyone!

Forensics Cops and Psychiatrists

Just as evidence without context is all but meaningless (cops)

So is Context (or theory) without evidence. (psychiatrists, DSM writers)  

In BOTH cases, theory (abstraction) and evidence (concrete proof) must go TOGETHER. Let's sing it now....cause you can't have one without the o...o..other!

Which "Power" Really Does not Like, ...
...and does not really want to hear. So "Power" has instructed Me (in "private" of Course,) to keep my truth to myself, or Power "could"  overpower Me....

No One REALLY "Hides" in Plain Sight
Yes definitely..but still not as much as Psychiatry fears the Idea

 What e.s.t. (It) is


estian style disclaimer right at the premise:

Remember now...don't believe ANYTHING I say. There. Now from this point on what you choose to believe is all YOUR responsibility isn't it?

It is, above all, a demonstration of itself.

As the "Source", Werner/Jack, who clearly, to me anyway, identifies with the power side of his creation, the power side of his Splitter self, and is the master of his own "recreation."

(Which means to reproduce OR to have fun, or both, depending upon the context in which the word is used.)

If Werner = "Total control, power, and domination,"


Jack = "Totally controlled, powerless and dominated" by the "Werner" side and is now "enlightened" about his "choosing" to be a victim.

(Has Jack has been suppressed by "Werner." Is Jack the "loser" in the game?)

Does it mean that Werner has suppressed the other "side" of himself and has dominated him?"

(Werner is "the Winner"?)

According to "Werner", Jack was a liar. Werner, however is not really Jack's opposite for "Werner is NEITHER a liar, NOR a truth teller, as Werner represents meaninglessness, for he is "balanced" on the edge of his own "Razor, which some have called it the razor's edge of sanity/insanity. He is now the non existent person who has "created something out of nothing" and then he has created NOTHING out of something.

The Something? The est organization, information, and training seminars aka "the technology."

The "Nothing"? The meaning of est which has been "switched" with life itself and that is WHY "Nothing works."

In est, the guru gets both sides of It because HE is at the top of his own "recreation" and represents BOTH sides of his own "game." It is HIS "game." e.s.t is abstract idea ANDLITERALLY, est. (cute huh?)

It is (abstract idea which is an expression of the infinite and is "est" in Latin, meaning "IT IS.")


e.s.t (which are also the initials which stand for "Erhard Seminars Training"- the CONCRETE creation/structure used to recreate, continuously, the infinite loop which IT IS.

And what is IT? Why, IT IS NOTHING. It's meaningless apart FROM the meaning with which its trainees GIVE to It. That also means of course that the guru cannot be accused of knowingly, or intentionally, doing any harm can he? He also can't be held accountable for HOW any of THEM freely CHOSE to hear and interpret IT, or for any harm THEY did to others, outside of e.s.t. since they chose to use It in whatever way seemed useful to THEM. He never tells anyone WHAT to think; only HOW to think in terms of meaninglessness, IF they ever get IT. Therefore he personally bears NO responsibility for what others CHOOSE to do with IT.

What was "something"? It was the power, control and domination of his old identity. He made it all meaningless by switching positions and then straddling the nexus of meaning. (Werner's Razor) So he is NEITHER side, but rather at the top of the pyramid structure as the "observer" of the action between all of those who are "beneath" him.

Now he doesn't have to feel afraid anymore AND he can feel more powerful, in control and have others feel afraid of him; "Let me see your fear!" he says in the training...What I want to see is how afraid you are!"

(Let's see how afraid you are when YOU are the one attacked by a group/mob for "no reason," other than because your attacker, with a hidden agenda of power, domination and control wants to delude himself that has is the "winner" in the "game of life." So he just does It because he CAN. That is the only REASON he needs.)

"You may as well," says the guru of self promotion, without specifying what he's referring to there, "you can't change anything anyway."

(So join the assholes who act out "spontaneously," without thinking about it, and with no reason in what they do? Is that like the idea; that if you can't beat them, join them?)

Want to hear a Few MORE "Zen-like" examples of the integration of opposites?

Like, the one in est that goes, "There's Nothing to Get, so you get IT."

est=NOTHING. Est is meaningless apart from any concrete context (or con-text yuk yuk...) with which YOU supply it. Of course he who "created something out of nothing" has supplied it with HIS own context which is???? The "technology" used to keep "recreating" It...which is???? the organization Itself and it's seminars, it's client lists, the information supplied by it's followers, often about other people, and it's continuous, or ongoing, nature, created by the infinite loop upon which IT is based.

Try these ones below to practice "integration":

1. There's Nothing to Say.

(Complete the integration of opposites by making it positive AND negative at the same time.....???

2. There's Nowhere to Go to from here.

3. There's Nothing to Do.

Do you think you know what that means? Are they all negative statements to YOU?

Are they abstract ideas, concrete statements or both?

What does it depend on? Not sure what I mean?

Do you assume that if YOU don't know what they mean then I must be stupid and/or crazy?

If so, why do you think that must be the case?

What is motivating your judgments about it and about what I do, or do not, understand?

OK now listen to me "transform" these statements above, which for SOME of you may seem like an "amazing" revelation.

  1. So I will say it then; "Nothing." There; now I've said it.
  2. There is a new town in Ontario I have just built and named, "Nowhere On." Want to go there with me from here?
  3. That's true. So do you want to do Nothing with me again and have another round of est aimed right at obtaining Nothing, to see if you can get it THIS time?

Est is the image of the dysfunctional group relating bit. THAT is what you are really being enlightened ABOUT according to what I "get" out of It and I DO get OUT of It. Hope you get out of it too and also get IT out of YOU.

This construct conceals itself as part of its own nature. So you have to pay to get It, which most won't see as a stand alone construct, but only as part of their own beliefs and expectations.


If you are a "graduate," and therefore a member of the group, you will be instructed not to reveal the CONTENTS of your training in it to "outsiders" or "non-estians."

Now as we have learned, when information is missing added, or "spun" then the MEANING of what is actually going on changes drastically because of It. That is why there is some truth in the idea that "reality is all a matter of perspective" as was often said about est,

(Well except for the "all" part, which changes the MEANING of the rest of the statement)

As was the statement, "there is no reality; only perception"

(Well except for the "no" part, which does that THERE too)

That is covered in est as "reality is substantial and will knock you on your ass."

Meaning of course your CONCRETE experience, without which abstract ideas are only PART of the story. While standing alone without any context, they are essentially meaningless.

People who want REAL resolution, REVEAL that to others. People who don't really WANT resolution CONCEAL that from others because their POWER is ruined by revelation. People do not pay to "get" something they already HAVE.

So which do YOU represent? Power OR Enlightenment? The guru in this "joke/game" teaches his followers that they should not kid themselves that they can have BOTH.

What do you think the Majority would pick? Do you think most of them would question the instruction ITSELF that they MUST make a "choice" between the two "sides" offered for the "choosing"?

Some of us, but we seem to be few, don't care all that much about "belonging" to a specific group so we tend to focus more on WHAT is being offered and WHY, than on WHO is offering it and who else agrees with It.

Concrete Integration Exercise:

Now let's connect It, just for "fun" to something concrete

Repeating again the estian abstractions just to refresh our memory:

"There is no reality; only perception" and "reality is substantial and will knock you on your ass."

If you aren't sure which is REAL, try changing your perception of being a victim by connecting it to something CONCRETE, like say, being a victim of the Holocaust. Do you think, that had it been you, that changing your perception of It would have caused It to just "disappear"?


If you get shot by an aggressor, might you try changing your perception of the bullet hole so that it might just close right up and cease to exist?

Do the questions sound stupid? I agree.

So which of the estian abstractions might apply in these two examples? Would it be the one that goes,

"There is no reality; only perception"?

OR would it be the one that goes,

"Reality is substantial and will knock you on your ass."

Personally, I think that in relation to these two concrete examples, I would go with number two. But then, I have not been successfully trained to believe that my life, or the lives of others, are just MEANINGLESS. I am an unenlightened idiot who believes that it is this abstract paradigm that is meaningless, except for the fact that It's power comes from the obfuscation used to distract, misdirect and gain control and domination over those who look for reason, where there IS no reason, right from the start of the action by the one who sells people absolutely NOTHING, and calls IT "enlightenment." (Or "education")

In the est training, now known as Landmark Education, they were told they would continue "until finished." "Finished" is defined as "the point where all further search stops."

We have reached that point. So STOP IT.

Now think in terms of forensics investigations; just for fun. Like my old imaginary boyfriend Gil Grissom put it, "When you have a faulty premise, nothing works."

Now, just for fun, HEAR that like the one who says he "created something out of Nothing" just might hear It. Now think of his other statement, "We do it because It works."

What is "It"? It is NOTHING. Might this be a tautological argument which creates a paradox? Well, the only way out of a paradox is to see it for what It is....

Some people, just generally speaking of course, as an abstract idea I have, apart from any concrete specific details, or identities, claim they are enlightening people when what they are actually doing is dragging them deeper into the darkness. Such people often will excuse themselves for it by claiming the others CHOSE to go there of their own free will. Sometimes that is how those dragging others into the darkness justify the chains they use to get the reaction for which they went fission...or is that fishing?...or phishing???

(You know how confused an inferior like myself can get....sigh....)

"The truth is out there."

Fox Mulder, The X-Files

Yes, It is...try to AVOID hearing It now. The switch is now ON.

(You won't take that the wrong way, will you? I sure hope not and I MEAN that sincerely. But then I believe life, and all lives, are meaning-FULL; so what would I know? After all, I think the switch is off, when others know the switch is on...perhaps it should be clarified as to WHICH "switch" we are talking about when we are referring to IT. For as we NOW know, when there is a shortage, or absence, of concrete details to clarify meaning, by supplying It with context, we don't always really know what WORDS mean, do we?)

But then, I am just crazy if I think this thing happened, so what would I know?

Now to close the loop:

estian style disclaimer repeated at my conclusion:

Remember now...don't believe ANYTHING I say. There. Now from this point on, from start to finish, what you choose to believe is all YOUR responsibility isn't it? All I am saying here is what I got. All of you have to get It for yourselves; one way OR another. It's your choice. As for me, I took what I got, which was "handed to me" by an est-ee, and then used It in the way that seems useful to ME; just as the guru instructs everyone to do.

Out Here in the World of Reality

Here is another possibility which you could try opening yourself up to as well.

Perhaps we could try to stop living in a controller's fantasy world in which the only "choices" presented are controlling others, OR being controlled BY others, and get REAL. Anyone who thinks that the only "choice" is to be totally controlled, OR to have total control, is delusional on either, or both, "sides" of that. We all have PARTIAL control over our own lives. PARTIAL, NOT total, to varying degrees, and in relation to specific concrete details and circumstances. THAT is reality.

Believing that our only choice is between "choosing" to be victims, or choosing to be aggressors, IS the problem. It is the "position switching" which goes on generation after generation, in all dysfunctional GROUPS.

CHOOSE to be realistic. CHOOSE to STOP IT. CHOOSE to set your own boundaries and stand inside THAT loop of self defining reality, and choose to know that others can also choose to do the same. You don't have to agree with everyone else's personal choices. You just have to know and accept that others have the SAME right to choose to SELF define as you do, and as long as they stay within their own boundaries, when they do so, and aren't trying to IMPOSE their will on you, or invalidate you, as a human being, nor do you try to impose your will on, or invalidate them, as human beings, we should not need to choose a "side." For then, we are ALL on the SAME side, in the same SPHERE of Being.

Life is not a contest of "winners and losers" and if you think that IT IS, then maybe the only real way for you to "win" in the situation is to stop playing the game and put YOUR focus on the con-test Itself and those who "test" you according to their own UNDER-standing.

Get OUTSIDE of IT. It is doomed to collapse in on ITSELF. Don't "disappear with IT" because you did not see It in time to "let It go," all by Itself and without you participating in IT.

Let It go right back to "The "Source" from which It came. After all as he himself says, IT IS NOTHING. So stop paying for IT.

The price is FAR too high.


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Use of Language

One of the things that the late activist, Judi Chamberlin and I were in agreement on was the idea of taking the languageaway from our controllers/abusers. It is something that comedians use as a tool as well since doing so takes the power away from those who use the language to reduce us to “less than” so that they can delude themselves that they are “more than” and therefore entitled to control us.

That being stated then,' How are all you psychiatrists enjoying my writing behaviours?”


I was so depressed when my marriage broke up that instead of taking an anti depressant as suggested by my doctor, I got a dog instead and named him Paxil. 

I am doing all right now, thanks to Paxil.

You are not really objective observers of inherently defective human beings. That's a delusion.

You are DEFECTIVE observers of equal human beings in distress, caused by events, traumas relationships, drug and alcohol problems, or beliefs and often a combination of some of those things.  To “treat” people like self-contained “disease processes” without relationship to external reality and other people is probably the MOST damaging, isolating thing you could do. So I will ask you from here, so that you can hide and feel safe; WHY are you doing this to “us”?

Collective Pretensions

If you are worrying about how you look and sound to others, as compared to how you actually are, does that not mean that at some level of your being you actually KNOW that you are splitting and operating from behind a facade? Do you think other people don't know that or are you just counting on them joining you in the Pretence so that they too can be popular, like you, for co-operating with the currently promoted, splitting agenda and calling it “normal?”

Guess this is maybe why you folks have turned words like “compliance” into “good” character traits huh? Why....if even YOU high minded folks diagnosing the world are doing it, it MUST be right and normal! 

Seeing Things
Seeing Things
Does This Sound Familiar to Most of You?
Now do you think that is because all of us who say this sort of thing are just out of touch with reality or is it because we are IN touch with it and some
other people are having trouble accepting things at face value?

It's Nameless 

We live in a schizophrenic SOCIETY which has a grocery store brand called “No Name” which is meant to indicate that this is not a brand name and, which is registered AS a brand name, so that “no name” cannot be used by anyone else who wants to claim their generic, non branded product has “no name!”