Signs and Symbols of Madness Everywhere

Which are Routinely “Overlooked”

Do you ever wonder why interventions are NOT performed on “As Yet To Be Labelled” individuals who seem to think and talk so much like we officially labelled Loons?  Well, me too. Let's all take a closer look here shall we? Conversely, Do Labeled People ever get Better?

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Has been reproduced here with the full Knowledge and permission of Paula J. Caplan, PhD., Now at Harvard

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Bully Proofing

The only way we will ever stop or disable bullies is by removing the payoffs they get from doing what they do. The only way to do THAT is by observing and assessing them and announcing every bloody detail of what they do, how they do it, why they do it and what the payoffs are to them for being who they are, doing what they do. The reason we must do this is because though all bullies are certain of their superiority, and their power, they have no idea we see them just as they are because their own arrogance and delusional state is blocking their view of BOTH us and themselves.

Get together with other Bully-proofers and discuss the bully like a specimen, calmly and with complete fascination about how the bullies do not KNOW you can see them and hear them acting out in perfectly obvious ways. Be warned that if you don't make it a dialogue, with another bully observer, many of the bullies will assume you are talking to yourself when you are talking to them, as they are too self deluded to see or hear you, as you are. I know that SOUNDS ridiculous and it is, but ridiculous is what bullies really are; though that is beyond the level of awareness on which they operate. You see it is all about THEM and they treat others like they are nothing but props in their dysfunctional GAME which they are really playing in their own deluded minds as they routinely play BOTH parts. That is why nothing you can do, or say, penetrates that. Just observe them performing their act. It is really just fascinating to watch. When they are acting out for you, give them your full focus.

Then we must do/say something like this:

Look at him smirk as he tries to get a distress reaction out of us...(the payoff for his/her act) He needs that to feel OK about himself. He thinks his life is a contest against any others who threaten him with equality and he has to "win" that. How dumb is that right? It is really crazy and self absorbed but that is the true nature of the bully...oh look... now he is lowering his eyes and talking out of the side of his mouth because he actually BELIEVES that DOING that makes him invisible to us, as his "inferiors"...soon he will need to enlist a group of other "superiors" to harass and insult us all, hoping desperately that he can GET the kind of distress reaction he is after , so that he can feel big and powerful by doing so...and of course, EVER so amused by it all. This is so much better than pulling the wings off flies like when his prey was so much smaller...

Don't ever ask the bully WHY he is doing it to you...he does not understand the question because all he can hear is his own stupidity about his power. He thinks he is proving how stupid YOU are by needing to ASK the question since the answer is "I am doing it to get a distress reaction from you, which is what I am getting, so I can prove how powerful and clever I am, to myself."

Of course he is not going to TELL stupid YOU that, as THAT will ruin his game. But this is also why he doesn't UNDERSTAND the question you are asking. He does not understand that WHAT you are asking him (or her) is WHY are you trying to GET a distress reaction from me and why do you seem to enjoy that, so much, smirking, with amused eyes glowing, as you do it? The bully is a dim bulb with a big delusion. He ''thinks'' you are asking something like, ''why are you harassing and insulting me or why are you telling other people lies, or why are performing like a bullying idiot?''(to get a distress reaction)

He keeps the answer a ''secret'' to himself.

(she doesn't know I am trying to get an distress reaction from her...or trying to make her fight me...etc.)

For the bully you see also see himself as on a higher level of awarenesses than those who threaten him with equality of relating. It does not, and MUST not, occur to him that the one whom he looks down on and ''tests'' is actually the one on the higher level and is puzzled by his utter lack of rationality since it seems so obvious to the one he harasses, insults and'''tests.'' We can't reason with that because reason has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

These are the same idiots who will talk about you in the third person right in front of you and have NO IDEAthey are audible or visible from four feet away, since they have assigned YOU the role of idiot, as compared to THEM. This is also called ''projection.''

They disown any growing awareness about their own idiocy by handing their own traits to you. So if they should "find out" you can see them and hear them, from 1 to 10 feet away, they will get mad at YOU for ''pretending'' to be more stupid than they decided you were, when they targeted you, as otherwise, they would have to know THEY are stupid and they aren't pretending to be stupid either, and that of course, would ruin the whole point of their game and the self serving pay-off they get for ''playing '' it.

So if you are a victim of this, RUIN their pay off. They only way to ''win'' this delusional game is to STOP playing it in terms of logic, and expose the game ITSELF so it will be made useless to all the dim bulbs playing it in order to justify their self delusion by winning their idiots contest.

Con artists always con themselves best of all, even when they don't see it. Make it visible by talking about it all in the kind of pedantic detail that a three year old would have trouble not understanding. Bullies ARE emotional three year olds, often pretending to be highly sophisticated grown ups. They are the pretenders of the world. They ''hide'' behind their pretensions. With them, it is all about how everything looks and sounds and not how it really IS. SHOW them how IT IS. That is the only way to turn it back on them and transform IT into IT IS NOT.


Riddle: what's the difference between being in ANY kind of a relationship with someone and being in any kind of a relationship ABOUT someone?

Answer: in the first case you are actually in a relationship and in the second case, you aren't.

To Homewood Staff, Psych Students and ALL of Those Who Follow Wherever They are Led, Without Question
Unlike Myself, Most of You are Very Normal

by Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

One of my readers was telling me that he had been contacted by a professional to participate in a conference about the 'stigma' of mental illness. My reader then discovered that the professional was not really interested in hearing what was being said, just as inside the bio psychiatric system he had not seen any interest in his point of view after the first few minutes when a diagnosis was reached. In part, my answer to his experience included this and I thought I would post it here as I have heard it so frequently.

What 'stigma' means to 'them' and what it means to us is not the same thing. "They" want to get rid of the ''stigma" of 'mental illness' by training the public to become even MORE deaf to what we 'claim' happened to us involving other people, by strenuously promoting the idea that our CLAIMS are just a manifestation of a bio chemical illness 'just like diabetes.'

See the difference? We on
BOTH sides of the meaning admit to the ongoing existence of a 'stigma,' but the understanding of the actual cause of that is completely different. So, while we are using the same WORD, we do not mean the same thing, and 'OUR' side of our own experience is not invited to 'debate' it with the 'experts.' This extreme imbalance (ironically) of POWER and control is what is keeping this going.

It creates a tautological argument that has already been 'won' by the 'experts'
BEFORE our experience of it has even begun. It is also doing a damned fine job of enabling and supporting abusers who want to believe THEY represent all this is 'normal' in the world and they are therefore 'justified' in their abuse of others since we 'others' are 'abnormal.' This is especially true if the abuse is psycho-spiritual/verbal in nature as we can’t parade our 'bruises' or 'injury' in a concrete way.

 It is all about the psycho-politics.