Signs and Symbols of Madness Everywhere

Which are Routinely “Overlooked”

Do you ever wonder why interventions are NOT performed on “As Yet To Be Labelled” individuals who seem to think and talk so much like we officially labelled Loons?  Well, me too. Let's all take a closer look here shall we? Conversely, Do Labeled People ever get Better?

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Psychosis as Symbolic Meaning

Dreams or nightmares talk to us in a symbolic way often using metaphors to give us new or suppressed information. If you understand it that way, rather than taking ALL as either literal or meaningless, you might understand something new. Psychosis does the same thing except that we are ALSO aware of external reality at the same time. It is not like being stupid or unconscious. It is like being super conscious and in fact getting so MUCH information that we can;t sort it all out. The dividing line between dreaming and waking tends to blur some but it is like one level mirrors the other. It is full of meaning and it is NOT meaningless as most now believe.

For example: What goes on inside my personal mind within the bounds of my own personal identity might be described as my inner space. If that is so, the the alienists (former name for psychiatrists) who are trying to transform my experience of reality into something they dream up FOR me, might seem to ME to be alienists "from outer space." This is also called by some, "external reality."

In any case, what psychiatrists do TO me makes them seem pretty alien and they are occupying my outer space and apparently trying to take over my mindand body. Another way of identifying them in symbolic imagery might be as "Space Invaders."

Now if you don't really understand what is going on with someone who is breaking under pressure, usually GROUP pressure, the imagery will make no sense. But if you KNEW that a large group of people were constantly violating the boundaries (space) of the one complaining about it, then the imagery might not seem to meaningless anymore, would it?

THINK about IT. THINK. About what it might MEAN in reality.


Riddle: what's the difference between being in ANY kind of a relationship with someone and being in any kind of a relationship ABOUT someone?

Answer: in the first case you are actually in a relationship and in the second case, you aren't.

To Homewood Staff, Psych Students and ALL of Those Who Follow Wherever They are Led, Without Question
Unlike Myself, Most of You are Very Normal

by Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

One of my readers was telling me that he had been contacted by a professional to participate in a conference about the 'stigma' of mental illness. My reader then discovered that the professional was not really interested in hearing what was being said, just as inside the bio psychiatric system he had not seen any interest in his point of view after the first few minutes when a diagnosis was reached. In part, my answer to his experience included this and I thought I would post it here as I have heard it so frequently.

What 'stigma' means to 'them' and what it means to us is not the same thing. "They" want to get rid of the ''stigma" of 'mental illness' by training the public to become even MORE deaf to what we 'claim' happened to us involving other people, by strenuously promoting the idea that our CLAIMS are just a manifestation of a bio chemical illness 'just like diabetes.'

See the difference? We on
BOTH sides of the meaning admit to the ongoing existence of a 'stigma,' but the understanding of the actual cause of that is completely different. So, while we are using the same WORD, we do not mean the same thing, and 'OUR' side of our own experience is not invited to 'debate' it with the 'experts.' This extreme imbalance (ironically) of POWER and control is what is keeping this going.

It creates a tautological argument that has already been 'won' by the 'experts'
BEFORE our experience of it has even begun. It is also doing a damned fine job of enabling and supporting abusers who want to believe THEY represent all this is 'normal' in the world and they are therefore 'justified' in their abuse of others since we 'others' are 'abnormal.' This is especially true if the abuse is psycho-spiritual/verbal in nature as we can’t parade our 'bruises' or 'injury' in a concrete way.

 It is all about the psycho-politics.