Signs and Symbols of Madness Everywhere

Which are Routinely “Overlooked”

Do you ever wonder why interventions are NOT performed on “As Yet To Be Labelled” individuals who seem to think and talk so much like we officially labelled Loons?  Well, me too. Let's all take a closer look here shall we? Conversely, Do Labeled People ever get Better?

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Has been reproduced here with the full Knowledge and permission of Paula J. Caplan, PhD., Now at Harvard

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How Does the Psychopath Think That is “Different”?

Cautionary Note here:

Do I think that everyone LABELLED a psychopath or sociopath IS one? No. I don't. I am pretty sure that many of the labeled ones are actually the targets of sociopaths who have played "the game" with them and since "Smiling Psycho" (not his REAL name) no doubt seems really nice, calm, cool, and collected, to "everyone " else, the labeled one was/is not believed and likely being accused of trying to turn around, what was already turned around, in the first place. Perhaps "Smiling Psycho "had one of his supporters for dinner"?...and no one has seen his guest since then. (wink)

Basically though the controller thinks like this; they are telling you some form of truth, albeit ambiguous and malleable, which you then assume you understand. You also assume honesty and good intentions, as most people do. If we did not, we really WOULD have to be paranoid and assume that everyone was out to get us UNTIL they proved otherwise. Sociopaths know that too. Some of them then USE that for their own ends BECAUSE they are sociopaths. Therefore, in the Psycho mindset, since you are so "stupid' that "you don't know what words mean", don't question your own assumptions, think everyone is logical and well intentioned, it follows in psycho's mind that you "deserve" what you are getting since you are "allowing" or even "encouraging" him, to use and abuse you and/or others and are "willingly" supporting him in what he does,

THIS is the magic circle of self delusion, self promotion and self protection which Psycho draws around himself and MOST of the time "It works" as he hands his VICTIMS the "responsibility" for IT, since they "chose" to be victims. Got It? The details change; the Luna's "game" remains the same....as an abstraction APART from concrete, specific details, which the game players are defining for themselves, while "making up the rules as they go along."

If only I could have been with Fenwick, "Leveling at the Luna" (oohhh I just "got" a tic..) Now, you won't take that the wrong way will you? I am certainly not suggesting that I see any lunatics involved in this. She was talking about a restaurant she met a group at called "the Luna" and there they talked about the estian concept called "Leveling," which morons such as myself have trouble understanding, as we know it can mean more than one thing, depending upon the context in which it is used, such as, meaning; "telling the straight truth, OR creating equality OR destroying everything in sight that gets in your way; depending of course on what motivates YOU and how YOU hear IT.

See I am a whack job so that means that I see and hear things that you normal people don't see or hear at all. Poor crazy me huh? I "read too much into things," things into which others read nothing at all. So to me, "leveling'' can mean more than one thing; especially if I am not operating from the same premise as others who are all certain that they know.

There are other phrases like that which mean more than one thing to someone like me, when they are heard apart from an assumed context. Phrases such as; "clearing the planet" for example which COULD mean clarifying things or ideas OR something similar to "leveling," getting rid of people all over the planet who "aren't like us." (whomever "us" might be found to be)

So when you are the target on the RECEIVING end of this, with no one ever talking DIRECTLY to you to clarify meaning, and actually AVOIDING genuine, direct communication as a part of taking care of their OWN interests, as participants, it gets really difficult to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys, especially when NO ONE ever talks to you as an equal, or as if you mattered at all. Very often the group is actually supporting the domination and control "gamer" because he seemed so normal, sincere and really "nice" to THEM.

I mean really...could a whole GROUP of highly educated, sophisticated people just not get It and ONLY the targeted inferior be the one who actually understands IT? Of COURSE NOT! For as normal people all know, reality IS defined by group consensus ad the more so if backed up by authority. That's HOW IT "works."

Hiding in Plain Sight

Do you know what the favourite hiding place is for sociopaths?

It's inside worm cans. You can barely see a snake in the grass when it is among it's cousins, the worms

Do you know why they like to hide inside a disgusting mess? It is because they know the average, normal ones they enlist to help them hide their agendas won't LOOK in there since the close up look at that entangled mess is just to repulsive and the sociopaths know that if the masses just won't LOOK, the sociopaths will never be found in there. That's why they smile so much to themselves. It's about their clever manipulations used to prove their superiority to THEMSELVES. It is always all about THEM. Other people, targets or groups, are just props (things, objects, items) in their performance as actors on the "stage" of life, which THEY see as a "game" of "winners and losers."

Naturally those they target most often, are those who see them, even part of the way, as they really ARE, since these are those who represent a challenge to their "game."

Connect the Two "Sides"

But First Switch the PREMISE from Which You are Judging the Event

Just for more "fun" assume that the one who seems 'really nice and calm is actually the nut and the one who is upset is actually upset for a very good (dare I say It?-) REASON.

Let's take a fresh look at It.

(as they also say inside the est-ee's est training. gotta use the jargon or no one can ever hear me)

One side of the experience (the individual) claims that people they don't even KNOW are talking about them, usually in a way that is about them and their experience but in some warped kind of way, and that many of these people are dishing out verbal abuse.

The other side claims that they, as part of a group, are not doing anything, and they don't know WHAT that loon is even talking about.

(which they then talk over, as a group, often right in the presence of THAT LOON, who "thinks" that people are talking about him/her.)

So how crazy is THAT?

It's pretty damned crazy. I AGREE. It is just that I don't agree to the group definition of "THAT."

Now just for some more "fun" pretend that the individual is actually giving you an ACCURATE report of reality from his/her point of view,


that the group members are DENYING the reality of themselves and what they do, as well as the individual's OBVIOUS perception of THAT.

How does the SAME reality look and sound to you now? You know why this doesn't get resolved, whether it is the generic version of "It" or a named one?

It is because the people play this "game" whether spontaneously, or well planned, don't care about the results to those they con or, they even ENJOY the results they get, the power rush that feeds their insatiable egos. The people they con into participation in It, often including the pillars of their communities, don't, or just won't, admit that they have been conned, that what they have participated in is wrong, that is is harmful, and that they have continued to do more harm BECAUSE they covered it all up.

Doing so of course, also supports and protects the aggressors with the hidden agendas of domination and control. Of course that one KNOWS the group will do this right from the start. That is how one plans to "win FIRST; THEN play "the Game."

It is a lot like trying to stop a relative who spends much time in life running around behind your back denigrating you to others, in "secret" and who tells those others that one of the things that makes you so inferior and such a problem for him/her in need of his/her control, is the fact that you tell people the relative DOES this and the only reason you do so is to "seek attention." Then when you finally give up any hope of resolution and just leave, the relative who does that, runs around behind your back telling still more others, (none of whom can ever be blamed either) that s/he can see YOU are just running away from "something"... doesn't know WHAT it is though, since you don't know a thing about what S/HE is doing to you even though you claim that you do...just to seek attention of course, since you would have no reason to accuse him/ her falsely....would you?

It is the very FEW who ever see that the "choice" being OFFERED is the REAL problem.

In other words the "choice" you are offered is between the proverbial rock and the hard place. They may SOUND like two distinct choices but in REALITY they are the SAME thing being defined with different WORDS. The only real difference is in HOW you look at IT and from WHERE you see the starting point- from inside the choice offered as if there was no other, or from OUTSIDE the system that is OFFERING this kind of a "choice."

Guess what the answer would be for most people given this "choice" to the question, "WHO would you rather be"?

((note the question is focused on WHO (personalities) and not WHAT. (principles)) Which answer would most "choose"? Would it be to be "totally controlled" OR in "total control"?

Here is my answer: Neither one. Both sides of that are delusional and the question ITSELF is irrational. There is no reason in what they do but then as the guru points out, YOU are on the LOWER level because you look for the reason in things and to HIM, LIFE is meaningless, and so that is what he decided to SELL you; "It is" Meaningless and you bought what he sold you and then gave IT whatever MEANING you wanted IT to have. .

You see if something is meaningless by DESIGN, and can mean ANYTHING or EVERTHING, depending upon what the HEARER projects INTO IT, in an effort to make some kind of sense of it, or to look for the reason (logic or purpose) in it, then It's "re-creator" can't be seen as having any INTENT to DO ANYTHING. That is why (Zen-like) "everything and nothing are the same thing." When something can MEAN anything, or everything, IT MEANS NOTHING.

Making the Connection

The only thing making it so difficult for people to connect the two "sides' of the same experience of reality, is the "side" of it that is "at cause," the "superior" side that needs to maintain the delusional belief that I, and those on MY(your) "side" of It cannot really see or hear YOUR (my) side of It. In reality, it is your side of it that cannot see, nor hear, MY side of It, despite the fact that it is perfectly obvious to me and to those like me, who are PUSHED onto the other side of the SAME reality, or sometimes PUSHED right out of IT. "We" are often driven into mental breakdowns and you are the ones "steering your vehicle with your hands firmly planted on your rear view mirror" doing the driving which takes us to our destination, even as we shout at you, "Look out! Look ahead at the road we are on or we are going to crash!" To which you reply, "I am the one with the license here remember....and I don't see a thing. You are just seeing things that aren'treally there."

This "condition" is generated by duplicity. An alternate reality like that in all cults, or cult-like organizations, has been created to control and invalidate those who don't follow the authoritarian leaders without question. So rather than acknowledge that I can see and hear the mob which you have become, as a result of this "recreation," you "transformed" my perception of you and my reactions to the reality in which I ACTUALLY live, into a perception/reaction problem located WITHIN ME that had, and has, NOTHING to do with the est-ee, the group of supporters, the "story" tellers, the group duplicity and "IT'S" self serving, self promoting. self perpetuating agenda of power, control and domination.

This is what the guru demonstrates for his followers, who either get it, or they don't, but all depending upon what each one believes IT IS. They "do it because It works." It "works" much of the time because superior people don't like to be told they are, themselves, being manipulated, directed, controlled and having reality itself, created and defined FOR them by con artists with hidden agendas of DOMINATION..

THAT is what IT is about.


Riddle: what's the difference between being in ANY kind of a relationship with someone and being in any kind of a relationship ABOUT someone?

Answer: in the first case you are actually in a relationship and in the second case, you aren't.

To Homewood Staff, Psych Students and ALL of Those Who Follow Wherever They are Led, Without Question
Unlike Myself, Most of You are Very Normal

by Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

One of my readers was telling me that he had been contacted by a professional to participate in a conference about the 'stigma' of mental illness. My reader then discovered that the professional was not really interested in hearing what was being said, just as inside the bio psychiatric system he had not seen any interest in his point of view after the first few minutes when a diagnosis was reached. In part, my answer to his experience included this and I thought I would post it here as I have heard it so frequently.

What 'stigma' means to 'them' and what it means to us is not the same thing. "They" want to get rid of the ''stigma" of 'mental illness' by training the public to become even MORE deaf to what we 'claim' happened to us involving other people, by strenuously promoting the idea that our CLAIMS are just a manifestation of a bio chemical illness 'just like diabetes.'

See the difference? We on
BOTH sides of the meaning admit to the ongoing existence of a 'stigma,' but the understanding of the actual cause of that is completely different. So, while we are using the same WORD, we do not mean the same thing, and 'OUR' side of our own experience is not invited to 'debate' it with the 'experts.' This extreme imbalance (ironically) of POWER and control is what is keeping this going.

It creates a tautological argument that has already been 'won' by the 'experts'
BEFORE our experience of it has even begun. It is also doing a damned fine job of enabling and supporting abusers who want to believe THEY represent all this is 'normal' in the world and they are therefore 'justified' in their abuse of others since we 'others' are 'abnormal.' This is especially true if the abuse is psycho-spiritual/verbal in nature as we can’t parade our 'bruises' or 'injury' in a concrete way.

 It is all about the psycho-politics.