Signs and Symbols of Madness Everywhere

Which are Routinely “Overlooked”

Do you ever wonder why interventions are NOT performed on “As Yet To Be Labelled” individuals who seem to think and talk so much like we officially labelled Loons?  Well, me too. Let's all take a closer look here shall we? Conversely, Do Labeled People ever get Better?

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Has been reproduced here with the full Knowledge and permission of Paula J. Caplan, PhD., Now at Harvard

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To Understand the “Covert” Controllers and Manipulators

By Patricia Lefave, labeled D.D.P in 11 cost effective minutes in 99

You must understand how THEY think in terms of self promotion and self protection- the more so when they perceive themselves as part of a "superior" group.

"We" can't complain about, nor object to, THEIR "covert" control, manipulative ploys and head games BECAUSE they ARE "covert" in their own minds. Since their act is "covert", then "we," (the inferiors) must be perceived as only SAYING that they are, who they are, (just to seek attention) or else "we" actually BELIEVE what we are saying about those "superior" others. (because we're crazy and seeing things that aren't really there.)

In any case, it WON'T be THEM as the source of the problem because they are the superior ones who are "hidden" from their "inferiors.".

This is also called delusional reversal. Of course who is whom, depends upon from which direction it is running when you see it. It is called this by the same people (in my own case) who are using themselves to demonstrate how"It works"...while remaining "hidden" from themselves of course...

(Don't laugh! The superior people won't understand WHY you are laughing and if THEY don't understand something then there cannot be any reason for it....)

THAT is splitting. It is a splitting of reality itself to accommodate the splitter's SELF delusion. That is why he or she can't actually HEAR the meaning of anything you say about it.. They are deaf to YOU because they are deaf to themselves. They are not really opposites. This creates the infinite loop for those who have to be "always right and never wrong."

It is also why in books, movies,, sci-fi, fantasy etc., the themes are, what they are- mobs, "sides," superior groups, groupthink, doublespeak, doublethink, the hive mind, The Matrix, pack behaviour, The Borg, (You will be assimilated! Resistance is futile!)...and your resistanceTO that assimilation into the hive mind, is most likely to be defined as a "symptom" proving how right The Borg collective really is, about resisters, like YOU ...

In all of this though, it remains true that you are not going to be able to fix a problem that you are not going to be "allowed" to actually identify. That's why we all need to focus on identifying the problem, right out in the open.

This is really not all that complicated. It is MADE complicated by all the endless attempts to run away from the truth of it, and the level of destruction caused by trying to deny it, or ignore it or "normalize" IT. So instead, we get those in control, telling us that we have "unrealistic expectations" if we think that anyone is going to admit to anything, rather than them telling THEMSELVES that THEY are the ones with the unrealistic expectations, for thinking and expecting, that those over whom they want, have, and abuse, control should be willing to co-operate with them and be used BY them,in a way that allows THEM to take care of their OWN interests, at the expense of those who are telling them truths they don't want to hear, or know, or just trying to ask them questions they just don't like. This is how reality itself gets 'transformed' into it's exact opposite and the majority go right along with it and even see it as "normal."

You see, the world's psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists and control freaks KNOW that the majority of people will do this, for "THEY", just like "us" who see them as they really are, even if not seen immediately, are also a little more AWARE than the majority who are followers. It is just that the controllers use the same LEVEL of understanding, as we also have, to make themselves feel "superior" to those to whom they give the UNDER-standing. That's their main goal. That is what gives them their superior "rush."

So if you "normal" people see "no reason" for someone to do that, and therefore deny that the controllers are, who they are, doing what they do, from a lack of "reason" (rationality) yet do it for a "reason"(purpose), then they "win" the game they are playing, because they have successfully conned YOU, proven their superiority to THEMSELVES and fed their own addiction to power, control and the domination of others. That's the point.

In many cases, ONLY the original pair, the controller and the controlled, actually KNOW what IT is all about. Sometimes the controlled one does not know WHO, out of a group of people, actually started it, but only that s/he is the subject of a group behaviour that makes no sense at all, which is based on what the target knows about him or herself, and his or her OWN experience of reality from his/her point of view.

More often than not, when a group gets involved, the controller with the hidden agenda is believed by the group and the controlled target is invalidated, BECAUSE the group looks for reason, where there never WAS any "reason" in the first place AND they also fail to see the REASON the controller is doing what s/he is doing. So instead, they create (or recreate as some express it) an alternate "reality" and call it a perception/reaction problem the aggressor's target is having, which is used to explain it all AWAY and make the group right.

"It's about your righteousness." (estian abstraction0

"It's about your agreements." (estian abstraction)

"For we are as scapegoats..... Unless Godot comes"...

From the book, "Waiting for Godot"


Riddle: what's the difference between being in ANY kind of a relationship with someone and being in any kind of a relationship ABOUT someone?

Answer: in the first case you are actually in a relationship and in the second case, you aren't.

To Homewood Staff, Psych Students and ALL of Those Who Follow Wherever They are Led, Without Question
Unlike Myself, Most of You are Very Normal

by Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

One of my readers was telling me that he had been contacted by a professional to participate in a conference about the 'stigma' of mental illness. My reader then discovered that the professional was not really interested in hearing what was being said, just as inside the bio psychiatric system he had not seen any interest in his point of view after the first few minutes when a diagnosis was reached. In part, my answer to his experience included this and I thought I would post it here as I have heard it so frequently.

What 'stigma' means to 'them' and what it means to us is not the same thing. "They" want to get rid of the ''stigma" of 'mental illness' by training the public to become even MORE deaf to what we 'claim' happened to us involving other people, by strenuously promoting the idea that our CLAIMS are just a manifestation of a bio chemical illness 'just like diabetes.'

See the difference? We on
BOTH sides of the meaning admit to the ongoing existence of a 'stigma,' but the understanding of the actual cause of that is completely different. So, while we are using the same WORD, we do not mean the same thing, and 'OUR' side of our own experience is not invited to 'debate' it with the 'experts.' This extreme imbalance (ironically) of POWER and control is what is keeping this going.

It creates a tautological argument that has already been 'won' by the 'experts'
BEFORE our experience of it has even begun. It is also doing a damned fine job of enabling and supporting abusers who want to believe THEY represent all this is 'normal' in the world and they are therefore 'justified' in their abuse of others since we 'others' are 'abnormal.' This is especially true if the abuse is psycho-spiritual/verbal in nature as we can’t parade our 'bruises' or 'injury' in a concrete way.

 It is all about the psycho-politics.