Signs and Symbols of Madness Everywhere

Which are Routinely “Overlooked”

Do you ever wonder why interventions are NOT performed on “As Yet To Be Labelled” individuals who seem to think and talk so much like we officially labelled Loons?  Well, me too. Let's all take a closer look here shall we? Conversely, Do Labeled People ever get Better?

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Has been reproduced here with the full Knowledge and permission of Paula J. Caplan, PhD., Now at Harvard

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Relating to the "Begonias"

"Begonia" is a female character name I am giving to a group of females of a certain Splitter type of mentality, designed to portray this type of mentality as accurately as possible from the receiving end of it, and without specifically naming anyone. We all have our "Begonias" involved in our lives and violating our personal boundaries as if they were entitled to do so.

So, if you think I am talking about you, because I am in fact, repeating back everything you have said to others of your like minded group of critics and "story" tellers, don't react in any ways that self identitifies. That would be like confessing, which of course will mean that you won't be able to keep your delusions of concealment intact.

You know just as I do that your Splitter delusions, projected onto me and others whom YOU define as "less than", very much depend upon your deluding yourself that you aren't REALLY seen, heard, or understood by those you like to mock. Remember that your "covert" abuse of others and your character assassinations are what keep you feeling superior and immune, whereas overt abuse puts you in a whole other category and is much harder to maintain, since the "friendly" facade is THEN see as the facade that it obviously is by YOUR group of supporters as well. You sure don't want that.

So remember, for ongoing emotional catharsis based on your "superiority" and "winning" that contest you think you are in, against me and other "inferiors," you must KEEP yourself deluded that your "covert ops" and duplicity is a "secret" kept from us lesser beings.

Atta gal! You can DO it! You always have. So why should you let any inconvenient self awareness change you now.

(Now run and tell a third party who will agree with you, what is wrong with ME for SAYING this. Then make a self promoting statement defined by your comparison to me, with which you can soothe yourself and get that third party to agree with you...to YOUR face anyway, as those who agree, of course, tend to think and act just LIKE you.

There now; duplicitous status maintained.


You COULD just stop the superior/inferior duplicitous thinking and behaviour splitting on which this is all based and self focus for a change; self define, self direct, self control WITH some real boundaries?

For You Observers of the "Begonias"

...and those on the receiving end of their "assessments" and evaluations.-

The Begonias of this world MUST believe they are "hidden" from those they assess, evaluate and malign "secretly." Their overblown egos depend upon it to the point where they just can't HEAR US telling them, "I am aware that who you are to my face, and who you are behind my back, are not even close to being the same thing. I am aware you are talking about me."

For they can't allow THEMSELVES you see, to become SELF aware.

This is why when "we think people we don't even know are talking about us," (those with whom the "Begonias" have all shared their denigrating opinions) THEY can't BE "the people" doing all the talking, for you see they are "hiding" from "inferiors" like us.

So "we" must be just "imagining" it all. The mental illness system agrees with them. For do we not see? "People would have no REASON to act out as "we" claim they do."

And THAT is our point of agreement.ALL sides agree, right there.

It is the step(s) taken AFTER that which defines reality for all.

A. Therefore people do NOT behave this way as there would be no reason in it/for it.


B. Therefore people DO behave this way out of a LACK of reason and self awareness.

The co-operative masses prefer NOT to LOOK WHERE we are pointing. Instead they discuss among themselves, while observing us, the state of our finger and what twisted mental state motivates us to point the finger like that. That's HOW reality gets defined by group consensus. Then, the lack of "reason" , which IS present, gets projected onto those, who try in vain, to point it out and the direction from which it is coming.


Riddle: what's the difference between being in ANY kind of a relationship with someone and being in any kind of a relationship ABOUT someone?

Answer: in the first case you are actually in a relationship and in the second case, you aren't.

To Homewood Staff, Psych Students and ALL of Those Who Follow Wherever They are Led, Without Question
Unlike Myself, Most of You are Very Normal

by Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

One of my readers was telling me that he had been contacted by a professional to participate in a conference about the 'stigma' of mental illness. My reader then discovered that the professional was not really interested in hearing what was being said, just as inside the bio psychiatric system he had not seen any interest in his point of view after the first few minutes when a diagnosis was reached. In part, my answer to his experience included this and I thought I would post it here as I have heard it so frequently.

What 'stigma' means to 'them' and what it means to us is not the same thing. "They" want to get rid of the ''stigma" of 'mental illness' by training the public to become even MORE deaf to what we 'claim' happened to us involving other people, by strenuously promoting the idea that our CLAIMS are just a manifestation of a bio chemical illness 'just like diabetes.'

See the difference? We on
BOTH sides of the meaning admit to the ongoing existence of a 'stigma,' but the understanding of the actual cause of that is completely different. So, while we are using the same WORD, we do not mean the same thing, and 'OUR' side of our own experience is not invited to 'debate' it with the 'experts.' This extreme imbalance (ironically) of POWER and control is what is keeping this going.

It creates a tautological argument that has already been 'won' by the 'experts'
BEFORE our experience of it has even begun. It is also doing a damned fine job of enabling and supporting abusers who want to believe THEY represent all this is 'normal' in the world and they are therefore 'justified' in their abuse of others since we 'others' are 'abnormal.' This is especially true if the abuse is psycho-spiritual/verbal in nature as we can’t parade our 'bruises' or 'injury' in a concrete way.

 It is all about the psycho-politics.